50% Of Vampires Diaries Fans Can’t Name All These Characters

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural series that aired on The CW from 2009 to 2017. The series is based on a book series by the same name, which had been written by L.J Smith, and follows the life of a high school student named Elena Gilbert. When the series begins, Elena is dealing with the loss of both her parents and has recently had her aunt move in with her and her younger brother in order to become their legal guardian and take care of the two of them. As the school year begins, Elena meets a mysterious new student who recently moved to the town of Mystic Falls where she grew up. As the series goes on, she gets feelings for him and the two of them start to date before Elena learns that he's secretly a vampire and that there are supernatural creatures roaming the historic town of Mystic Falls.

Even though The Vampire Diaries focuses mainly on Elena, her friends, and the pair of vampire brothers she's torn between, they're definitely not the only characters in the show. Anyone who has seen The Vampire Diaries will know there are a lot of different characters! So many that it can get pretty tough to keep them all straight.

Who thinks they can name all these characters? Take this quiz to prove it!

Question 1

Which of Elena's best friends is this?

This character is one of the main characters in the series and is one of the best friends of the main character, Elena Gilbert. She is the daughter of the sheriff of Mystic Falls and as such, she's a pretty popular person in her school and around Mystic Falls in general. This character was turned into a vampire early in the series after being injured in an accident. Damon Salvatore turned her into a vampire in order to save her after it happened and, after this, she became close to his brother Stefan who became her vampire mentor. Who is this?

Question 2

Name this vampire:

This vampire is one of the main characters and a recurring antagonist in the series who began appearing in the fifth season of the series and then appeared throughout the sixth and the seventh seasons. After he was captured, he became the cellmate of Damon Salvatore in the 1950s and eventually got the nickname of the Augustine Vampire because of where he spent his time during this period. During the sixth season, when Damon and Bonnie were trapped in an alternate universe, this character worked with Caroline to try to help save the two of them. Who knows the name of the Augustine Vampire?

Question 3

Name this witch:

This character is a witch and one of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries. She's introduced as the best friend of Elena and, early on in the series, she starts realizing that she has some strange and confusing powers. She turns to her grandma to ask about exactly what's going on with her and finds out that she comes from a long line of powerful witches and that she's one herself! Whoa, that would be a huge surprise! This character uses her powers throughout the series several times to help out Elena and the rest of their friends in Mystic Falls.

Question 4

Which doppelgänger is this?

Anyone who is a fan of The Vampire Diaries will definitely be familiar with the doppelgängers on the show. On the series, there are two main doppelgänger lines: the doppelgänger lines of Silas and Amara. Silas' doppelgänger descendants are Tom Avery and Stefan while the doppelgängers from Amara's line are Katherine, Tatia, and Elena. When The Vampire Diaries begins, Stefan is drawn to Elena and everyone around him immediately notices her resemblance to Katherine, something that they find unusual. This doppelgänger is one that looks just like Elena and is introduced early in the series when she pretends to be Elena at a few different times.

Question 5

Is this Katherine or Elena?

Katherine or Elena? A question that characters like the Salvatore brothers found themselves asking more times than they would probably like to admit. We all know that Katherine and Elena are doppelgängers, meaning that they're not related but look identical, and are part of Amara's doppelgänger line. Even though they may look the same, they act very differently and Katherine has quite an attitude that she's built up over hundreds of years of being a vampire. There are definitely some things that set their appearances apart. One of them is the fact that they wear very different hairstyles. Does Elena wear hers straight or does Katherine?

Question 6

Who is this witch?

This character was born in the 10th century and was not only known as The Original Witch but also as one of the most powerful witches in the supernatural world. This witch made her debut on The Vampire Diaries in the third season of this series and was a member of the Mikaelson family. She was the witch that cast the immortality spell on the Mikaelson family and turned them into the Original Vampires. In the third season, Bonnie and Abby brought this character back by reviving her so that she could try to come take the lives of the Original Vampires.

Question 7

Who can name this Original Vampire?

As any fan of The Vampire Diaries will remember, every vampire in the world has descended from a single family of vampires known as the Original Vampires. These vampires are featured within the series at different points and are even the focus of a spin-off series all about them, called The Originals. This vampire is one of the Original Vampires and is over a thousand years old. Throughout her long life, this vampire has struggled a lot with the fact that she's a vampire due to the fact that she desires so strongly to be a normal human. Who is this?

Question 8

Name this former history teacher:

This character is one of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries who was introduced in the first season of the series. He's introduced as the history teacher at the high school in Mystic Falls that many of the characters, including Elena and Stefan, attend. This character also worked as a Vampire Hunter at one point in the series. This character became a vampire before being purified and was known as an Enhanced Original because of the fact that he was turned into a vampire after Esther cast the same spell on him that she cast on the Mikaelson family.

Question 9

Who is this werewolf?

This character is played by Phoebe Tonkin and is a werewolf who was introduced in the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries. She was one of the central characters in The Vampire Diaries and then became one of the main characters in the spin-off series, The Originals, after she became pregnant with Klaus' child. She traveled to Mystic Falls in the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries in order to try to find Tyler Lockwood, another werewolf, whose help she needed in order to break the Sire Bonds of the werewolves that Klaus had attempted to turn into hybrids. What is this character's name?

Question 10

Which Original Vampire is this?

This character isn't just one of the Original Vampires, he's also the Original Hybrid. Being a hybrid means that he's not just a vampire but he's also a werewolf at the same time. Being half-vampire, half-werewolf is some pretty intense stuff. This is even more intense for people who are around him and have to deal with the fact that this character seems determined to find werewolves and create even more hybrids. Considering this character's major attitude problem, it was obvious from the start that he was up to no good with his mission to create more hybrids. Who is this Original Vampire?

Question 11

Name this news reporter:

This character is one that had dated Elena's aunt in the past, something that caused Jenna to leave Mystic Falls entirely for some time until she came back to take care of Elena and Jeremy. This character lived and worked in Mystic Falls as a news reporter and was introduced during the first season of The Vampire Diaries when he bumped into Jenna at the Founders' Party and tried to strike up a conversation with her again in order to try to gain access to Johnathan Gilbert's watch for The Town Council because of the fact that the watch could find vampires.

Question 12

Who is this former vampire?

This character was introduced as a vampire but ended the series as a spirit after finding peace. She was introduced as a really close friend to Stefan Salvatore and, after finding peace and transitioning to The Bright World, this character was shown to be watching over Stefan. What a cute friendship! This character was born and turned into a vampire in the 1600s and is introduced in the first season when she comes to Mystic Falls to celebrate the 162nd birthday of her best friend, Stefan Salvatore. She is one of the first people to mention how similar to Katherine that Elena looks.

Question 13

Name this parental figure:

This parental figure is one of the central characters in the first four seasons of The Vampire Diaries. This character is the Mayor of Mystic Falls and is the mother of one of the central characters in the series. As viewers find out as the series goes on, this family has some pretty big secrets. In fact, the secrets of this family and those of the entire town of Mystic Falls were ones that not even this character seemed to know about! Even though the werewolf gene runs in this family and her son turns into one, she seemed to have no idea about the supernatural creatures in Mystic Falls.

Question 14

Name this villain:

This character is a main character toward the end of the series and the main villain of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries. This character was born to a family of witches but, as he grew up, it became more and more evident to his family that instead of being a witch himself, he was actually a Siphoner. A Siphoner is a type of witch that cannot generate their own magic and have to take it from others. Most Siphoners are cast off away from their family and this villain was no exception. This villain is first seen trapped in an alternate world with Damon and Bonnie.

Question 15

Who is this vampire?

This vampire is one of the main ones in the series. When the series begins, Elena Gilbert is just getting over the loss of her parents and goes to school where she meets a mysterious new student. That new student is this vampire! Elena is instantly drawn to this new student who just moved to Mystic Falls. Little does anyone there know, this student has actually been in Mystic Falls for over 150 years with his brother, who claims now to be his uncle, because of the fact that he's a vampire. He's also drawn to Elena because of her resemblance to his ex, Katherine.

Question 16

Who can name this character?

This character is the sister of Elena's ex-boyfriend and one of the main characters in the first series of The Vampire Diaries. She appears later in the other seasons as well but isn't quite as central of a character as the series goes on. Even though this character appeared less and less as the series went on, we can't deny that this character is unforgettable because of the fact that she was the very first character to be turned into a vampire by one of the Salvatore brothers when Damon turned her in the first season. Who recalls who this is?

Question 17

Name this character:

This vampire is one that was born in the 1400s and has quite a history with the other characters in The Vampire Diaries. This character is portrayed by Lauren Cohan and first met Katherine Pierce way back in the 15th century when she still went by the name of Katerina Petrova. When Katerina was on the run, trying to hide from Klaus Mikaelson, she met this character's best vampire buddy, Trevor. Trevor sent Katerina to this character in order to get help and this character was tricked into feeding Katerina, which turned her into the vampire we know Katherine as in the series.

Question 18

Name this Siphoner:

Although most witches are able to create their own magic and don't have to rely on the magic of other characters, Siphoners are different. A Siphoner is someone who is born as a witch except that they can't create their own magic, they have to get it from someone else. Most Siphoners are cast out from their covens and this one, who was once a member of the Gemini Coven, is no different. She was cast out of the coven after being revealed to be a Siphoner. This character is introduced during the sixth season as a member of the Heretics.

Question 19

What is Elena's brother's name?

Much of the focus of The Vampire Diaries is definitely on Elena, but a lot of the story is also about her friends and family members, as well as the supernatural creatures that becoming close to Stefan and Damon has brought into her life. One of the main characters that fall into the category of being related to Elena is her younger brother. Her brother lives with Elena and their aunt early in the series after losing their parents. He eventually becomes a member of The Five and, through it, becomes a Vampire Hunter by profession. What is Elena's younger brother's name?

Question 20

Name this character:

This vampire was introduced in the first season of The Vampire Diaries. This character was the ex-wife of Alaric Saltzman and, as it is revealed while this character is on the show, the biological mother of Elena Gilbert, something that Elena had no idea about! This character was born near Mystic Falls and met Elena's father, John Gilbert, as a teenager. She learned about the existence of vampires and other supernatural creatures from John Gilbert shortly after the two of them began a relationship. She gave birth to Elena and gave her up for adoption to the couple that Elena believed to be her parents.

Question 21

Name this hybrid:

In The Vampire Diaries, becoming a werewolf is different than in other works of supernatural fiction. Instead of turning after being attacked by a werewolf, people become werewolves through an inherited gene that is passed down by their parents. This character is one that was introduced in the very first season of The Vampire Diaries as the son of the Mayor and a werewolf. He was the very first werewolf that Klaus Mikaelson managed to successfully turn into a hybrid but, after losing his life, he was resurrected as a human with the werewolf gene that hadn't been tapped into just yet.

Question 22

Who remembers Sheriff Forbes' first name?

Sheriff Forbes was one of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries and the mother of Caroline Forbes. Like the other members of the Founding Family, Sheriff Forbes was aware of the fact that vampires exist and live in Mystic Falls. She believed that the town was free of vampires at the start of the series but was under the same belief as the other members of the Founding Families that they might still return at any point and feed on the citizens. Her relationship with her daughter was initially strained when Caroline became a vampire but she eventually accepted it.

Question 23

Who is this?

This character was born in the 15th century. Before Katherine became Katherine Pierce and the sassy vampire we all know her as during the series, she was a young woman named Katerina. Katerina was exiled away from her family after she gave birth to a daughter who she was forced to give up for adoption. When this character is introduced into The Vampire Diaries, it is revealed that she's the daughter of Katerina and a vampire herself. She reveals shortly after being introduced in the fifth season of the show that she spent hundreds of years trying to track down her mother.

Question 24

What is Elena's aunt's name?

When the series begins, Elena Gilbert is a high school student who recently lost her parents in an accident. Because of this, her aunt moves back to Mystic Falls in order to become the legal guardian of Elena and her younger brother, Jeremy. Their aunt moves in with the two of them in order to take care of them after living away from Mystic Falls for some time. She became aware of the supernatural events in Mystic Falls fairly early in the series. She was used as part of the ritual that Klaus had to perform in order to become a hybrid.

Question 25

Name this witch:

This witch is the grandmother of Bonnie Bennett, one of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries and the best friend of Elena Gilbert. Many people have a family member that they turn to when things in their life aren't going quite as planned and for Bonnie Bennet, this character is definitely that family member. She is the person that Bonnie turned to when she started to notice her supernatural powers as a witch coming out because she knew her grandmother would have answers. And she definitely did! This witch is the person that explained their family lineage as witches to Bonnie.

Question 26

Name this main character:

This character is one of the main characters from The Vampire Diaries and the ex-boyfriend of Elena Gilbert prior to the series starting. Even though Elena broke up with this character after losing her parents, the two of them remained close friends and he was still one of the central characters in the series because of the fact that he was so close to Elena and her other friends. This character eventually became the sheriff of Mystic Falls at the end of the series after a long battle with the supernatural creatures that live in the town. Who is this character?

Question 27

Name this vampire:

This vampire is one of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries. He's introduced in the first season and is the older brother of Stefan Salvatore, but he introduces himself to people initially as Stefan's uncle who is his legal guardian when the two of them move back to Mystic Falls. Initially, this character is something of a villain in the series and had only come back to Mystic Falls in order to free Katherine from the tomb he believed she, along with several other vampires, was sealed in. As his feelings for Elena grew, his reasons for staying in Mystic Falls changed.

Question 28

Which human character is this?

This human character was introduced in the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries when her father, a Vampire Hunter, was introduced. This character was born and raised in Mystic Falls but moved away for some time after the loss of her mother when her father enrolled her in a boarding school out of the city. That definitely sounds like a safe place for the daughter of a Vampire Hunter to be! After returning to Mystic Falls, she became intertwined with the supernatural trouble in Mystic Falls and found herself torn between a vampire and a member of The Five. Who is this?

Question 29

Name this Vampire Hunter:

This character is one who was introduced in season three of The Vampire Diaries. When this character was introduced, she was a doctor who was caring for Alaric Saltzman and became intrigued by the fact that he was healing in such an unusual way and started to get closer and closer to him to try to learn the answers to how he was healing this way. As the two of them started to grow closer, her feelings for him also began to grow. As a member of one of the founding families, this doctor is also a member of the Town Council and a Vampire Hunter.

Question 30

Name this vampire:

This character was introduced in the second season, mostly as one of the villains of the season, but returned in later seasons as one of the recurring characters. Like his family members, this character was also one of the main characters on the spin-off series, The Originals. This character was originally introduced after two vampires named Rose and Trevor called on him to come to Mystic Falls in the hopes that he would pardon them in order to get his brother and fellow Original Vampire, Klaus, to stop tracking them. Who can remember the name of this spooky vampire character?

Question 31

Who can name this witch?

This witch is a character who was born in the 1860s and was a member of the Gemini Coven until she left due to the fact that it was revealed that she was a Siphoner, meaning she was unable to create magic through her own powers and was only able to take magic from other witches. This character eventually became a hybrid, half-witch, and half-vampire, after meeting Lilian Salvatore who turned her. This character was introduced in the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries when Damon is searching for his mother and ends up trapped with Bonnie in an alternate universe.

Question 32

What was Bonnie's mother's name?

This character is the mother of Bonnie Bennett and the daughter of Sheila Bennett. Each of the two of them are witches that appear in The Vampire Diaries and this character is a witch herself. This character doesn't appear super early in the series because of the fact that she left Bonnie in the care of her grandmother, Sheila, in order to go try to stop Mikael, father of the Original Vampires and Original Vampire himself. While trying to do this, her magic was weakened and eventually, she found herself unable to use her powers. She was eventually turned into a vampire.

Question 33

Name this vampire:

This vampire is one that appeared in the first season of The Vampire Diaries. She was born sometime in the 15th century and was turned into a vampire sometime as a teenager by Katerina Petrova. This vampire lived in the area that is now Mystic Falls in the 1600s, before Mystic Falls was even founded, and was one of the people who the Mystic Falls Town Council hunted after they learned about the vampires that lived in the town. This character dated Jeremy Gilbert when she was on the show until she lost her life, at which point she came back for some time as a ghost.

Question 34

Name this villain:

This villain is a psychic who is over 2,000 years old by the time that she's introduced into The Vampire Diaries in season eight. When she was young, she was outcast from her small village because of the fact that she possessed psychic abilities which the people who lived in their village were definitely not interested in being around. She lived, totally isolated, on an island by herself until she met another girl, a character named Sybil, who washed up on the shore and had the same abilities. This character is introduced as Josie and Lizzie's nanny and things get really weird for Caroline really fast.

Question 35

Name this Mystic Falls High student:

This minor character is one who appeared during a few episodes in the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries. This character was a member of one of the founding families in Mystic Falls which means that even though she was only a minor character that didn't have much time in the episodes she appeared in, she's still one that many fans of The Vampire Diaries will definitely remember the name of! This character was sirened by Sybil and was eventually turned into a vampire, something that she blamed entirely on Stefan who she argued with about what had happened to her.

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