50 Famous Actors That Every Movie Buff Should Be Able To Name

We're just going to do living actors here. Yes Audrey Hepburn was one heck of an actress but we have many contemporary famous actors as well. And I mean famous famous, like they were in at least two movies that did pretty well in the box office. Also they can't be just background characters; they must be at least secondary characters, if not the leading role. So, do you think you can rattle off who's who in this quiz of popular actors and actresses? Do you consider yourself enough of a movie theater ticket-buying, Blockbuster-renting, Family Video-going aholic to get a perfect score on this quiz? (Yes, I know Blockbuster basically doesn't exist anymore and Family Video is slowing fading away and you probably get movies off the internet or you use your Amazon Fire stick or Roku—just humor me!)

The first ones will be easy peasy but be warned each question will be slightly harder than the last. Also, even though the title of this quiz says "actors" I'm going to ask questions about famous actresses as well so you won't be bombarded with just dudes for the next 10 minutes, which can get old after awhile. Alright so get comfortable and dig into this quiz on famous actors and actresses.

Question 1

Who is she?

She would be my most favorite actress these days. I loved her in Silver Linings Playbook and in Red Sparrow. Now Red Sparrow was a bit confusing to me but her role in it was still very enjoyable. She was this seductive Russian spy who was trying to get money for her ailing mother. I was able to identify with her quite well when she broke her leg which signaled the end of her ballet career. So can you name her?

Question 2

Who is he?

I picked this picture of him because it's kind of funny. No offense to his fangirls but his head looks like a thumb. And he is either blissfully unaware of this fact or he is owning it because he is smiling like he's a million bucks. I would not be happy looking like a thumb but I guess I'm weird. Anyway he is pretty well known and he's been on the movie scene for quite some time. Can you identify him?

Question 3

Who is this guy?

It might be a little hard to tell who he is because I picked a current picture of him. He might not look like it there but he was totally ripped back in the 80s when he was the Terminator. He is starting to look like Tom Hanks, just a little at least. All old white men kind of look the same to me so it's nothing against either of these two men. He is still quite attractive...to older ladies.

Question 4

Who is this?

Okay I will have to admit...this one is still kind of hot. I think he is triple or quadruple my age...he's gotta be like 70 at least. I gotta say he has aged like fine wine. He's a lucky lucky guy. I'm sure other men his age hate him. At least I would if I was a guy. That's just not fair! Anyways you should get this one right. He's been famous for as long as I have been alive.

Question 5

Who is she?

Here's another timeless famous lady. She is still pretty as when she was young, almost at least. I swear some people on TV do not age. Take Judge Judy for instance or Vanna White. I'm seriously confused by this. Are they really wearing that much makeup? Are they robots? I've aged more in 5 years than they have in a decade. It's insane. I'm not even that jealous because it's really weird. Anyways back to this actress, what's her name?

Question 6

Who is this woman?

I did not like this woman when I was really young, like 9 or something. She was the woman that Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for and it really rubbed me the wrong way. Then they proceeded to adopt like ten kids together which further cemented their relationship and infuriated me because it meant that he wasn't going to go back to Jennifer Aniston like I wanted him to. I don't know why I wanted to dictate other people's lives while I was still losing baby teeth.

Question 7

Who is this?

She was my role model growing up. She was my Legally Blonde, my country girl in Sweet Home Alabama and in Walk The Line. I think movie directors caught onto the fact that she could really sound like a girl raised on a farm. And yeah she was really good at that accent. Also she is not a bad singer either. I still listen to the soundtrack to Walk The Line. I'm such a fangirl over this woman. She's awesome!

Question 8

Who is this girl?

Yes I am including all my favorite actors and actresses. They deserve the recognition. This woman will always be Mary Jane Watson. That other girl who played in the new Spiderman movies can go take a hike. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. This lady is not only super beautiful, she is an awesome actress. I don't think she has been in anything recently. I guess she is just living on all the money she made from the Spiderman movies.

Question 9

Who is this dude?

This should be an easy one. He's been in like 5 or 10 movies the past few years. My dad still watches The Hangover like it just came out, even the second one which was basically the first one but in a different location. I mean it's still funny but they should probably just call it Hangover: Thailand Edition. Whatever I'm just being picky. Anyway this guy is pretty hot, but he kind of reminds me of a stuck up popular guy in high school. It's probably just me, though.

Question 10

Who is this gal?

She's pretty cool. She was on like the third or fourth episode of The Office. I remember cringing so badly when Dwight asked her out and she said no. And I remember when Kevin told Pam that she was prettier than her, what a jerk. I would have done something to get back at him. That's pretty dang rude. I'd probably spit in his coffee when he's not looking. Or I'd tell him that everyone in the office is better looking than him. It's true.

Question 11

Who plays Edward?

Remember him? I was so disappointed when this guy was given the role as Edward Cullen. He ain't cute. He's just...I don't know. He's not ugly either. He's whatever. I really really liked the Twilight series. I know a lot of guys made fun of it. I can still hear them say "Still better love story than Twilight"...yeah whatever. I'll go start making fun of Fallout or whatever it is guys like these days. I don't know what the average 25 year old man does with himself in his free time. I really don't.

Question 12

Who plays Bella?

Okay I'm still continuing my little tirade from the last question. I really want to know what the average, single 25-year-old man does with himself. Video games? Oh my gosh they just play video games. That's pretty sad. They don't have any leg to stand on when they make fun of Twilight because they are lame themselves. Okay let me take a jab at them...people who like Counterstrike have rage issues. There! I hope that puts them in their place. By the way, who's this girl?

Question 13

Who is this man?

He's getting old. I know I'm stating the obvious but I just wanted to point it out because I still don't like him after he left Jennifer Aniston. He is pretty good looking though. My mom and both my sisters thought he was the cutest guy ever. I disagree. He's pretty cute but I don't know. I guess I go for the dweeby type more than rugged looking men. Some women like their men tall and lanky. I like mine to be brainiacs. I don't think it's asking too much.

Question 14

Name her!

Some of the first names these celebrities have are really strange, like Reese, Oprah, Channing, Guy (Guy Gordon from my local news station), Adele, the list goes on. You almost don't really notice how bizarre their first names are because they are usually said with their last name so it just sounds natural. But then just consider them on a first name basis and it starts to sound weird. So can you figure out this girl's first and last name?

Question 15

Name this one!

I can't take him seriously anymore because of the internet. Look up a freak-out montage made about him by someone with an amazing sense of humor. I've seen in like four times and I still laugh at it. On another note, he is the only celebrity who I can find that is making a funny face. There used to be this hilarious picture of Beyonce but I guess her public relationships posse paid to have it taken down. I really wish I had saved it.

Question 16

Who is this dork?

Alright this is a bit harder than the last dozen questions. He was in "We're The Millers" with Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, and Jason Sudeikis. I think Jason Sudeikis's character made fun of his eyebrows at some point in the movie. That was the funniest part in the whole movie to me, not sure why. He's been in some more serious roles since then. I think he was in one about Detroit not too long ago. I couldn't take him seriously though.

Question 17

And his name would be?

He looks different these days to me. It's not just that he got fat, it's also his facial hair these days. Maybe he is balding and he wants to grow his beard out so that people notice that instead of his baldness. He should just wear a cute little hat like the rest of us. I guess celebrities only wear hats when they don't want to be noticed. So whenever I wear a baseball cap and my sunglasses I feel like a celebrity.

Question 18

And her name is?

All the guys seem to lose their minds over this one. I'm not sure what it is. Is it because she represents a certain niche where people like a lot of science fiction and fantasy themes? Or it is because they all just think she is ridiculously hot? It's probably because of both reasons. I haven't really seen her in movies recently. She still kind of looks like she is 16 (lucky her), but I guess she's 28 according to the internet.

Question 19

This girl's name is?

Guys seem to go crazy over her as well. I remember her pretty well from her role in (500) Days of Summer. She was really cute in that role, even though she was a heartbreaker. The soundtrack in that movie is pretty stellar, too. She's in a band called She & Him in case you didn't know. She's also the main character in a show called New Girl, which you probably already know about. She's quite the jack of all trades, isn't she?

Question 20

Now what's his name?

He's an interesting looking fellow that's for sure. This must be a recent picture taken of him by a very unflattering camera man. He looks pretty spaced out in this picture like he's on a mind vacation or something. Well, at least we know he's still quite profound even off camera. He looks like a bird to me, too. It's just the hair though. It could use a trim or maybe he should just wear a hat like Leonardo Dicaprio.

Question 21

Do you know his name?

This is a picture from him in Hateful Eight. It's a drama slash comedy about this ranger trying to ride out the storm in a bed and breakfast managed by a woman named Missy. This man's character was able to figure out that Missy and her staff were poisoned but he has to figure out who did it and why. Channing Tatum is in this movie as well. He only makes a brief appearance at the end of the movie.

Question 22

Do you know her name?

Okay so I'm throwing you a curveball, but hopefully the answer choices will make answering this a little bit easier. She's in the movie Bridesmaids and that movie with Sandra Bullock called The Heat. She's not just a comic. She's a fashion designer, writer, and producer. If you haven't seen Bridesmaids then you should definitely go see it. It'll definitely be worth your while. So do you think you can figure out this actress's name from the answer choices below?

Question 23

And what's his name?

Yup this actor was in all three batman movies. The best one to me was the first one, Batman Begins. Seeing how a superhero progresses from a novice to a butt-kicking hero has always enticed me. However, the script in The Dark Knight was pretty good as well, especially the quotes from the Joker. It's crazy how quickly after that movie Heath Ledger died. Pretty tragic considering that movie was a pretty big break for him and many people didn't know about him until that movie.

Question 24

Can you pick out what her name is?

She won me over in the Devil Wears Prada. I loved the interaction between her character and Anne Hathaway's character. The more I think about it, the more I think the title of the movie is pretty interesting. I'm finding more and more that women are being blamed for whatever problems are going on or they are touted secretly as the rulers of the world. Well...there's one thing for sure. Our thoughts aren't constantly consumed by one single thing and I think you know what I mean.

Question 25

Can you pick out what his name is?

He looks like a fossil here, but man back in the day he was an absolute doll. Ugh getting older kind of sucks. Luckily skincare experts around the world are working on a sunscreen product that will prevent signs of aging and maybe even turn back the clocks on wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. It's one the reasons to be glad we are alive in this century. Skincare products have come a long, long way. Keep on the lookout for more sunscreen products to hit the shelves.

Question 26

Can you pick out what her name is?

This should be easy if you're a Notebook fan. She was Allie Hamilton, the young, rich, sassy city girl that Noah Calhoun falls in love with. She's also our Regina George from Mean Girls. I have no idea what she's like off camera. I don't think this girl could ever look ugly even if she tried. Even if she was caught picking her nose or eating something she dropped on the ground she'd probably still look attractive. So do you know her name?

Question 27

Out of the following choices, which is her name?

This might be a hard one. (That's what she said.) She hasn't been in a movie in awhile. The only one I remember her in is How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days with Matthew McConaughey. Well, she sucked at losing him because they ended up together at the end of the movie. They should have casted me as the role. I could do even better. I could lose him a couple days. Anyway I love that yellow dress she wore in that movie.

Question 28

Who's this fella?

I like this actor and his voice, like everybody else on this planet. He's got a lot going for him. But he should not I repeat should not have high definition pictures of him. It's terrifying. He really should have used some sunscreen throughout his lifetime. He looks like he doesn't really give a hoot about his looks, which is great to be honest. There should be more people like that. People who don't get braces, don't wear makeup, and don't paint their nails. I think I only care so much because everyone around me seems to care so much.

Question 29

Which answer choice goes with the picture?

I don't mean to make anyone sad; I really don't. He came to mind just now and thought he deserved a spot on this quiz. He was in Flubber, RV, Jumanji, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, and many more. It's too bad what happened to him. I've been wondering for a long time could have caused it. Apparently he had some form of dementia that his wife said played a role in his suicide. He was only 63 years old.

Question 30

"My name is ________"

Okay so I know a thing or two about this woman and didn't realize it until now. The movie that gave her a lot of fame was the Room. It was written by a woman named Emily Donoghue's novel of the same name. I tried reading that book. I bought it at Target because it was 20 percent off and because the plot summary on the back cover appealed to me. Well, after reading about 50 pages I realized that the entire book was told by a 5 year old which bothered me.

Question 31

True or false: This man's name is Aziz Ansari

I don't really know too much about this dude, except that he is 35 years old. He was voted as one of the top 100 influential people in 2016 and he got his start on the show Parks And Recreation. I guess I know a thing or two. Also according to this website called babe.com he is a terrible date. From how I understood it, he didn't like the girl's personality so he kinda just wanted to bang right after dinner.

Question 32

What's this cutie's name?

Ok, this one is a bit easier than the last couple. Everyone should know who this guy is. He was in The Notebook and he was in La La Land with Emma Stone. He taught himself how to play piano for this role and not to mention all the dancing he had to learn. I just wonder if he can sing. If so then he literally has it all. Well, he could acquire some kind of accent. That'd be cool.

Question 33

And his name would be?

This question should be a bit trickier. He was in Captain America making him one of top 20 actors who made the most money last year. He's also going to be in another superhero movie which should land him another 18 million dollars. I don't even know what I would do with that kind of money. I'd probably just buy a huge yacht and explore the seven seas with it or build a rocket ship like the Enterprise in Star Trek.

Question 34

And her name would be?

Okay so you might recognize this woman from The Office. Her name was Kelly Kapoor and she was the office extrovert who always knew the latest about celebrity gossip and was usually seen fawning over Ryan, the office temp as he was usually called. They are dating or married in real life which is pretty cute since they wrote some of the episodes of The Office together. She was recently in A Wrinkle In Time with Oprah and Reese Witherspoon.

Question 35

Who might this be?

I gotta admit: he's pretty cute, too. I liked his role in Just Friends. He starts out as this huge fat guy who is crushing on his beautiful blonde best friend in high school. Years later, he's a big shot and he lost a ton of weight. Now he's trying to see if he can win back his high school crush despite how much she tries to friend zone him. Oh and there's Deadpool of course. The second one is coming out in May!

Question 36

And who would this be?

She was the starring role in Wonder Woman and as Wonder Woman in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. She was born in Israel and has won many beauty pageants. Yes she is Jewish and she reached American acclaim in the Fast And The Furious movies. This one is a bit tougher so don't worry if you get this one wrong. I'd get it wrong that's for sure. But if you really like superhero movies then you'll probably know this one.

Question 37

Can you name this actor?

I have personally boycotted the "new" Spider-Man movies because I thought they were making new ones way too soon. The director Sam Raimi had just recently adapted Spider-Man in the early 2000s with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Yeah sure they are showing a different time period in Spiderman's life with Spider-Man: Homecoming. That's fine. I did not like the ones with Andrew Garfield, although I do like Andrew Garfield a lot. Like I said though, it was too soon.

Question 38

Can you identify this actor?

He is one of the few Disney stars who has gone on to become a very famous celebrity so he must be pretty driven and talented. He was in the Greatest Showman last year along with Hugh Jackman. Although the movie itself received mixed reviews, it made almost 500 million dollars at the box office. Some critics accused the movie of being shallow and not very inspiring. Well, at least this star was able to land himself a role that did better than Wonder Woman at the box office.

Question 39

Do you know this actor's name?

This guy is also in Ready Player One which is based off a novel, as most movies are these days. Early on in his acting career he's worked alongside Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (not at the same time, that'd be awkward). He was born in Texas and began his acting career in 2011. From the sound of it, he seems like a pretty self-made man. He's got a bunch of acting roles and didn't even go to school for it. Plus he's only 21.

Question 40

Finally what's her name?

She played the role Nakia in the movie Black Panther. According to wikipedia Black Panther is the tenth highest grossing movie of all time. It made 1.3 billion dollars right behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi and right before the movie Frozen. I had no idea that movies could make that kind of money. No wonder there are so many superhero movies these days. I wish we had more fantasy related movies, but I guess that won't happen until we have another J.K Rowling.

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