50 Common Sense Questions Everyone Should Be Able To Answer

Someone can be the best student in the world, have as much "book smarts" as possible, and they could still fail this quiz if you don't have any common sense. This quiz won't test whether anybody is a grade A student or whether they just got 100% on that math test. It will test readers to see if they have what really matters - common sense. You know, that innate knowledge that some people are born with and others... Well, not so much. It's the logical thought that enters your brain and tells you to look both ways before crossing the road. It's what makes people less gullible, and less susceptible to getting scammed. And if you don't have it? Well, life is pretty hard.

This quiz will do its best to test people to see just how well they do with common sense. Are we all filled with "useless" information like equations, historical facts, and other "book smarts?" Is it filled with cobwebs? Or are our brains honed, powerful tools of logic which contain all the valuable lessons we've learned from life? Let's just say that in order to pass this quiz, a person really has to have been paying attention!

Question 1

How Long Is A Fortnight?

Fortnite is one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) game in the world right now, and it's caught a lot of people off guard. The game is pretty simple, in fact it's almost an exact copy of a pre-existing game. But have you ever thought much about the name of the game? Fortnite... That's a stylized version of the word Fortnight, which is a real word in fact. But do you know how long a fortnight actually is?

Question 2

What Would You Use To Unclog A Toilet?

Unclogging a toilet is one of those tasks that no one enjoys doing. Well, maybe if you're super weird, you would enjoy unclogging a toilet... Anyway, the fact of the matter is that one of these days, you're probably going to have to roll up your sleeves and unclog your toilet. It's just one of those things that everyone knows how to do - except for those with no common sense. But what would you use to unclog a toilet?

Question 3

True Or False, Wikipedia Is Written Only By Qualified Professionals

Wikipedia is one of the most trusted places to go when it comes to information on the internet. If you want to look something up, chances are you're going to click on the Wikipedia page. It's just so convenient, and more often than not the quality of the information you will find is very good. We live in great times to have all this information at our fingertips. But who writes it? Is it true that it is written by qualified professionals?

Question 4

Which Of These Things CAN Disinfect A Wound?

You should really know how to disinfect a wound. I mean, it's just common sense. And it's probably going to come in handy one day. Hell, it might even save your life - or at least save one of your limbs from getting amputated. Because as we all know (or should know), not properly disinfecting a wound can lead to infection, which can rapidly get way out of control before you know it. But what CAN actually disinfect a wound?

Question 5

Which Word In The Dictionary Is Spelled “Incorrectly?”

These days, hardly anyone actually reads the dictionary. Hell, most of us don't even have a paper copy at home that we can refer to. And why would we? After all, we can just google everything we need to, and the dictionary is constantly changing. Instead of relying on some outdated book, we get the updated version on the web. Dictionary sales must have plummeted in recent years. But do you know which word is spelled incorrectly in the dictionary?

Question 6

Which Of These Things Can You Use To Change A Tire?

Changing a tire is definitely one of those tasks that takes just a little bit of common sense. It's really not hard, but if you've never done it before, it can be a little daunting. But hey, wouldn't you rather not pay for some mechanic to do it for you when you can just do it yourself in a few minutes? If you have any common sense, you'd answer yes. But wait. Which of these things do you need to change a tire?

Question 7

Around How Long Should You Boil A Hard-Boiled Egg?

Hard-boiled eggs are one of those simple, understated pleasures in life that make you smile. And if you don't like hard-boiled eggs? Well then you're just missing out. Seriously. They are awesome, and if you don't know how to make them, then you really need to examine yourself deeply and ask yourself what you're even doing with your life. Most people know how to cook a boiled egg. But do you know how long to cook one for, approximately speaking?

Question 8

What Does CPR Stand For?

CPR is another one of those things that can really help you out, and it's something that a lot of people learn how to do in life. A lot of it is just common sense, but there are some interesting techniques that you can master. These techniques seem to be constantly changing, but it's always good to know them as best you can. CPR is of course a medical term. But wait. Do you actually know what CPR stands for?

Question 9

A Broken Clock Is Still Right _______ A Day

Seriously? You've never heard this term? Okay, let's assume for a second that you really are completely ignorant to what this term means. Even though you must have been living on Mars to never hear this in your life, you can still figure out what it means... It doesn't take a genius to fill in the blanks. In fact, all it takes is just an ounce of common sense... But you have that... Don't you? Can you complete the sentence?

Question 10

What Is The Heimlich Maneuver?

The Heimlich Maneuver is another interesting term that most of you have probably heard of... In fact, some of you might have had your lives saved by this ingenious little trick. This is definitely something that has really helped a lot of people, and like CPR, it comes from a medical standpoint. The movement isn't hard, and most people should know how to do it. But even if you don't know how to do it, you should at least know what it is...

Question 11

What Should You Do Before Giving A Toast?

Giving a toast is another one of those skills that everyone should be able to do, and although it's a pretty simple thing to do, it also does take a little bit of skill. After all, giving a toast is just like giving a speech, and that can take many years to master. People comfortable with public speaking are obviously going to be good at this. But there's something you should do before you give the toast. What is it?

Question 12

What Is One Thing People Do When They’re Lying?

This is another one of those skills that takes an ample amount of common sense. You can be a rocket scientist, you can be a quantum physicist, but if you don't know when people are lying to you, you're just as unintelligent as the next person. It takes real skill to tell if people are lying, especially given the fact that some people are very good at lying. But there are some simple rules. What do people do when lying?

Question 13

Which Invention Allows A Person To Look Right Through A Wall?

We've all seen plenty of superhero movies and science fiction shows where people can see right through walls. So-called "X-Ray vision" is a fantasy that a lot of us have, and it would probably come in useful quite often. It would definitely give you an edge in combat, and it would also be pretty entertaining in other scenarios. But wait a second. It turns out that we have a device that can allow you to see through walls right now. What is it?

Question 14

When Buying Stocks, You Should Buy Low And Sell ______

Buying stocks is another thing that can make even the most ill-educated, hapless individual rich. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the general aim of trading and buying stocks, although there are certainly some interesting complexities when it comes to this unique and interesting income method. Many people buy and sell stocks, and everyone is always looking for that one thing that will make them rich. But can you complete this simple sentence about buying and selling stocks?

Question 15

What Does The Odometer Measure?

An Odometer might seem like a pretty useless meter, until you really need it. Many people don't even really pay attention to the odometer. For those who don't know, the odometer is found usually on a car, and it comes in very handy when you're selling or buying a car. Obviously, you want to pay close attention to whatever is on that odometer if you're buying a car. But you already knew that... Right? What does the odometer actually measure?

Question 16

What Do You Have To Do Before Switching Gears On A Manual Transmission Car?

Staying on the topic of cars, let's now examine something that many people don't bother with - manual transmission. Yes, that's the time of transmission that is NOT automatic, meaning you have to switch gears yourself. It's not hard, but it does take a certain amount of... common sense. For instance, the process of shifting the gears... something very important must occur before the gears can be allowed to shift. But do you know what this initial step actually is?

Question 17

True Or False, Nothing Rhymes With Silver

Silver is one of those rare things on our planet that actually has value. Our money is actually digital, and debt-based, meaning it has no value. But silver does have value because it's a tangible object that you can see and hold. That's why a lot of people invest their money by buying precious metals such as silver or gold. But wait... Does anything actually rhyme with the word silver? Is it actually true that there is no word that rhymes with silver?

Question 18

What Kind Of Parking Is This?

If you know how to drive, you know that parking is one of the most tiresome things that you'll ever attempt. In the busy cities especially, it can seem like parking is harder than actually driving the car itself! But it's something that you must master, because no one likes a person who can't park perfectly. It takes a lot of common sense, and it really isn't that hard when you think about it. But what kind of parking is this?

Question 19

What Does A Barometer Measure?

A Barometer is a very important type of meter, and it can prove very useful if you know how to read it... Or what it even does! Many people rely on Barometers to get reliable scientific information, and if you know what you're doing, you can use the barometer to predict the weather and do all kinds of other amazing things. But it's completely useless if you don't even know what it does... Do you know what a barometer measures?

Question 20

What Do You Need To Jump Start A Car?

Jump starting a car is another very important skill, and anyone with even an ounce of common sense should know how to do it. It's something that can really help you out in certain desperate situations as well. And who knows, you might even be the person who comes along and help other people in need. Having a dead battery can really put a damper in your day. But do you know what you would actually need to jump start a car?

Question 21

Where Does Solar Energy Come From?

There are many new sources of energy cropping up, and it's a good thing too. This is of course because some of the types of energy we've been relying on for so long are proving to be quite unrealistic going into the future. This is because of resource scarcity, as well as disasters involving nuclear power. But the most important thing is that we create clean energy. One example of this is solar energy. But where does solar energy come from?

Question 22

Name This Tool

Sometimes, common sense means just being able to name some of the most common tools available to mankind. It would take someone very distant and isolated indeed NOT to be able to name this simple tool. It's hardly advanced or expensive, in fact it's been around since long before the age of powertools and expensive gadgets. And yet, it's stood the test of tome, remaining one of the most trusted tools in a handyman's tool box. But can you name it?

Question 23

What Is The Name For Smaller Pieces Of Wood Needed To Start A Fire?

Everyone should know how to start a fire. You never know when you might be stranded in the woods. And spoiler alert, it gets cold in the woods at night. You would be much more comfortable if you knew how to start a fire, and there are many ways to do this. But of course, before you even think about starting a fire, you're going to need fuel. The easiest fuel is wood. But do you know what the small pieces of wood are called?

Question 24

Which Of These Is Used To Start A Fire?

Speaking of fire, there are many methods for starting one. Almost every primitive culture in the world had a different method of starting a fire, and each was very useful and interesting. Of course, fire has so many uses. You can use it to cook food. You can use it to scare off dangerous, large animals who want to eat you. And you can also use fire to keep warm at night. But which of these things is used to start a fire?

Question 25

“Kiwi” Is A Slang Term For Which Nationality?

Almost every single nationality on Earth has a slang term that others refer to them as. Sometimes this word can be cute. Sometimes it can be offensive. And sometimes it can be just plain weird. But most of the time, there is a good story behind the choice of wording, and it usually roots from some interesting facts. Take the term Kiwi for example. Definitely a weird word, and also the name for a fruit. But do you know which nationality this refers to?

Question 26

What Five Letter Word Becomes Shorter When You ADD Two Letters?

The English language is a very strange thing. For those who learn this language, they are often confronted with many things that make absolutely no sense. It's not that they're having trouble learning the language, it's that English is genuinely a language that seems intentionally confusing. There are many intricacies and things which native English speakers take for granted, but can really throw a lot of people off. For example, do you know which word becomes shorter when you add two letters?

Question 27

Exposure In Photography Refers To What?

These days, almost everyone considers themselves an amateur photographer. Why? Because everyone now has access to incredibly powerful and sophisticated cameras in their pockets. Camera Phones have now advanced to the point where they are on par with some of the best dedicated cameras in the world, and now everyone is learning more and more about the art of photography. Words like exposure which were previously unknown to us are now common. But do you know what exposure refers to?

Question 28

What Tool Do You Need To Fix A Leaky Faucet?

Fixing a leaky faucet is another one of those common household tasks that everyone needs to master, although few do. But it can really save you a lot of stress. Imagine hiring a plumber to do a five minute job that you could have learned how to do on YouTube. That's exactly what happens in the case of a leaky faucet. It doesn't take much to fix, in any case. But do you know what tool you need to do it?

Question 29

What Insects Can Chew Through Wood And Destroy Your Home?

When it comes to wood, there is one insect that is more feared that perhaps any other. These little guys with actually eat right through your wooden walls, laying waste to your home and completely ruining your house. These guys have existed long before we started building houses, and they must be pretty happy about all the new sources of food we keep building for them. Of course, there is a way to get rid of them. But do you know what they're called?

Question 30

True Or False, Reindeer Are Actually Just Mythical Christmas Beasts

Reindeer are some of the most wonderful creatures in our favorite Christmas stories. We all know the story of Rudolph, Prancer and Dancer and so on, and they all famously guide Santa's sleigh as he flies through the air on Christmas night, delivering presents to all the good little boys and girls. There are even entire legends dedicated solely to Reindeer and their awesome stories. But wait a second. Is it true that Reindeer are actually just mythical Christmas beasts?

Question 31

What Type Of Cheese Is Actually Made Backwards?

There are many types of cheese, and the history of cheese making is almost as old as humanity itself. Cheese is a popular food all around the world, and there are cheese factories in almost every single country. There are also different types of cheese, and each type of cheese has slightly different manufacturing process. In fact, one type of cheese is even made backwards. This is a very interesting and tasty type of cheese, but do you know what it is?

Question 32

What Should You Avoid When Giving A Handshake?

Giving a good handshake is another important life skill that most people know how to do. It's an art, and you can either make a really good impression or a really bad one, based just on how you hold someone's hand. It's a really odd ritual if you think about it. But like it or not, it's part of human culture, and you need to learn how to master it. But do you know what you should avoid when giving a handshake?

Question 33

How Many Days Are In February During A Leap Year?

February is one of the best months of the year, and sometimes it's filled with beautiful weather like snow and ice. Although this weather can be harsh, it's also a wonderful part of the year that coincides with later winter. It's also an interesting month, because this is the month that is effected by the leap year. During this year, the number of days in the month are actually changed. But do you know how many days are in February during a leap year?

Question 34

Prunes Were Once Which Kind Of Fruit?

There are many different types of food that were originally fruit. The classic example is a raisin, which of course used to be a grape. But there are many other examples that follow this logic. These foods are also one of the tastiest and healthiest types of food available, and many people appreciate them. Prunes are one example of these types of foods, and they are some of the most tasty. But do you know what fruits Prunes once were?

Question 35

Why Can’t A Man Marry His Widow’s Cousin In America?

The rule of law is a strange thing sometimes, and the craziest thing of all is that it varies from country to country. Of course, different nations and cultures have very different rules, so that means you always have to be aware when traveling of the local expectations. There are a lot of laws surrounding marriage. Some have been controversial, while others are simply confusing. America is no exception. Do you know why can't a man in America marry his cousin's widow?

Question 36

Where Did The Word “Breakfast” Come From?

We all know that the English language is filled with all kinds of weird and confusing words. But there are also some words which reveal a lot about our history, and if you look close enough, you can discover some interesting lessons. Sometimes, the roots of words are lying under our very noses, and yet we never really pieced it together. One example is the word Breakfast, a common word. But do you know where this word actually came from?

Question 37

True Or False, The Woodchuck And Groundhog Are Two Different Animals

Both the woodchuck and the groundhog are two animals that you've probably heard of before. Both are involved in their own legends and songs. Of course, the woodchuck is involved in the famous tongue twister, "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" The groundhog is also part of the famous groundhog day, where the groundhog is used to "determine" whether or not the winter will finish early or late. But hold on - are these two creatures actually separate creatures?

Question 38

What Is This Type Of “Carry” Called?

You've probably seen this type of carry before in your life. It's pretty common, and you might have seen it in your favorite war movies. It's also used in real life, in situations like search and rescue or disaster response. Most professionals like paramedics and police officers know how to perform this carry, and it's considered the best and most efficient. You have to be strong to carry it out, but it's the best one. Can you name this carry?

Question 39

What Is The Singular Word For “Sheep?”

Sheep are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Today, sheep are used across the world by farmers, and they are sometimes brought together in huge herds. They are allowed to roam free over the green hills, where they can graze and hang out to their heart's content. They are used mostly for their wool, but sometimes they are slaughtered for lamb meat. They are often herded by sheep dogs. But do you know the word for a singular, lone one of these animals?

Question 40

What Is Paper Made From?

Paper is something we rely on heavily these days, although perhaps not as much as we used to. Back in the day, everything was written down in books and on paper, although now we of course have the internet to record information. Nonetheless, paper is essential not only to writing, but also to things like art. Drawings and paintings must use paper, but it's also used for many other art forms, such as origami. But do you know what paper is made from?

Question 41

“Yankee” Is A Slang Term For Which Nationality?

Yankee is a word you've probably heard before, and as you might be aware, it's actually a slang term used to refer to people of a specific nationality. Sometimes, the word is shortened to simply "Yank," and this word was used to refer to the people during the World Wars, usually by the country's allies. It has roots back many centuries, to the birth of the nation as we know it today. But do you know which nationality it refers to?

Question 42

“Canuck” Is A Slang Term For Which Nationality?

Another term that is thrown around when we talk about people of different nationalities is "Canuck." This word is another slang term used to describe people of a specific nationality, and it's also used for things like sports teams and other brand names. The term is pretty straight forward in meaning, and people within that country seem to be pretty proud of their status as a "Canuck." It's a funny word - but do you know which nationality it refers to?

Question 43

Where Is The Language Afrikaans Spoken?

Afrikaans is a language that isn't too common, and you could probably go your entire life without ever hearing it spoken. But travel to one particular nation, and you'll probably hear this being spoken at least once. The name of the language is the same name as the people who speak it, and these people have long been a minority within their respective nation, which also uses many other languages. But do you know which country uses this interesting language?

Question 44

What Do You Need To Do Before Driving In The Snow?

Driving in the snow is always a challenge, and this can prove quite dangerous for people who don't know what they're doing. Of course, you can always tell which people don't know how to drive in the snow, as these are the people who are sliding all over the road uncontrollably, proving to be a danger to themselves and all those around them. Driving on the snow requires a pretty simple first step. But do you know what this is?

Question 45

Muscovites Are People From…

Another interesting word you might have heard before is "Muscovite." Well, actually, it's not really the kind of word you hear every day. In fact, it has to be one of the most unique words ever made by man. But it is in fact a word used to describe a specific type of people, and these people are from a very specific place. You've probably heard this word if you've ever visited this city. But do you know where we're talking about?

Question 46

Which Of These Animals Doesn’t Produce Milk Consumed By Humans?

Milk has been consumed by humans for quite some time. If you think about it, it's kind of weird though. After all, humans were only meant to be drinking milk when they're a baby, so why do we continue to drink milk throughout adulthood? Some say it's actually bad for you, but others insist that milk is a great source of calcium, which is great for your bones. There are many animals that we use to produce milk. Which of these is not one of them?

Question 47

What Is It Called When A Steak Is So Rare It’s Practically Raw?

If you haven't been a vegan or a vegetarian your whole life, chances are you've had the pleasure of biting into a steak. And you probably know that steaks can be cooked in a wide range of different ways. It's all down to personal preference, and many people choose to have their steaks either very cooked or not very cooked at all. There is actually one type of steak that is cooked almost not at all, to the point where it's practically raw. What is this called?

Question 48

What Are Tourniquets Used For?

You may have also heard the word "tourniquet' before. Pictured here is a medical grade tourniquet, although you can make your own tourniquet just by ripping a strip of fabric off a shirt or some other thing. These simple devices are used in things like war and disasters, and they have a strong medical use. For many years, tourniquets were discouraged, as medical response time wasn't quick enough. But do you know what function tourniquets actually serve out there in the real world?

Question 49

Which Of These Things Can Help You Purify Water?

Imagine society suddenly gets thrown into the dark ages. It could be an earthquake, meteor impact, or war. But suddenly, infrastructure grinds to a halt, and you find that your taps no longer have running water. Everything has been shut down. Soon, you will have to find your own water. Luckily, you know where there is nearby river, and you get some water. But wait. You need to purify that water before you drink it. How do you do it?

Question 50

How Do You Spell The More Technical Term For “Holographic” Rainbow Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are advancing extremely fast these days, and girls have access to some of the most amazing products on the market. There's an entire industry out there of all kinds of different products. Just like the fashion industry, cosmetics frequently experiences trends and new styles coming up, and one of the big thing right now is "holographic" cosmetic products. These products shine like the rainbow, and often glimmer in amazing ways. But do you know the technical term for "holographic?"

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