40 Twilight Questions Even Diehard Fans Can’t Get Right

Attention all Twihards! The time has come to come together once again and celebrate in everything that is Twilight! It may have been a few years since we were last gifted with a new Twilight movie, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten all the important information about the old ones. Or, does it? Now is the chance to see whether or not all that Twilight knowledge has withstood the test of time and find out if the original Twihards can still remember everything there is to know about these classic movies!

What began as a rather modest four-part book series quickly grew into the incredible film franchise and cultural phenomenon that we know it as today. According to IMDB, the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part Two, was released in 2012. In that time, many of us have grown past our pre-teen and teenage years of sticking Edward posters on our bedroom walls and having heated debates at school about whether someone should be Team Edward or Team Jacob. While we may be older and maybe even a bit wiser, we still remember the movies that helped shape us and turn us all into vampire and werewolf fanatics!

We encourage everyone to take this quiz and find out if they can still call themselves a diehard Twilight fan! It won't be easy, but definitely still give it a shot!

Question 1

What does it mean when the Cullen family says they are "vegetarians"?

When it comes to the Cullen family, they definitely seem quite different from traditional vampires that we might see in other forms in different shows and movies. For instance, this beautiful family doesn’t spend their evenings sleeping in coffins – in fact, they don’t sleep at all! There is also zero indication that they transform into anything resembling bats, and we know for a fact that none of them are particularly inclined to wearing a cape. As far as vampires go, these guys are pretty ordinary. In Twilight, Edward explains to Bella that he and the rest of his family differ from other vampires because they are so-called “vegetarians”, but what does this mean?

Question 2

What happens to vampires when they step into the sunlight?

As previously mentioned, the Cullen family is pretty special, but this particular fact is true for all vampires in the Twilight universe. In the very first Twilight film, Edward reveals to Bella that he is a vampire while the two are alone in the woods and then proceeds to demonstrate all of his inhuman abilities to her. While doing so, he decides he can further his point by unbuttoning his shirt and stepping out into the sunlight to show her just what exactly happens to his kind when they come in contact with the sun’s rays. But what is it that happens to them?

Question 3

Which sport does the Cullen family like to play during a thunderstorm?

Perhaps a little unsurprisingly, being a vampire can get pretty boring. After all, these creatures can live for eternity, so it definitely takes a lot to keep them entertained. For the Cullen family, entertainment can be drawn from any number of sources. They read a lot, some play instruments, and they seem to enjoy simply lounging around and basking in each other’s company. But, when all of that gets a bit repetitive, they need something more to do. A thunderstorm rolling through Forks happens to offer the perfect opportunity for this clan to go outside and play a friendly (or, sometimes, not-so-friendly) game together. But what do they play?

Question 4

In which class did Bella first meet Edward Cullen?

In the very first Twilight movie, Bella is a new student who is rather uncertain of herself and is wary of the popularity being so new has warranted her. It seems she can’t turn a corner without running into someone new who wants to be her friend. However, not everyone at school is as particularly taken with her. In one class, she finds herself seated next to the handsome Edward Cullen. When she walks into the room, a fan blows her scent towards him which proves much too strong for Edward to handle. He then spends the rest of the class struggling to stay seated next to her. Definitely not the greatest first meeting in history.

Question 5

Where did Bella move from at the beginning of Twilight?

When Bella arrives in Forks, she remarks that she hasn’t actually been back there in years. During that time, she has been living with her mom and step-dad somewhere else, somewhere a bit sunnier, and with a lot less drama. But, with her step-dad traveling around playing baseball, Bella decided she wanted something a bit more permanent, at least for the time being, and moved to rainy, gloomy Forks to live with her dad. Everyone at her new school pointed out just how pale Bella is, which is pretty remarkable considering where she moved from. But where did she leave to move to Forks?

Question 6

What does Carlisle Cullen do for work?

As the patriarch of the family, Carlisle Cullen takes it upon himself to provide for his wife and five adopted children. Considering their lavish home and supply of expensive luxury cars, we think it’s fairly safe to say Carlisle does an excellent job at providing for everyone. This handsome father and husband also maintains his job because it lets him help people, which he sees as a way of somewhat cleansing his past of all his wrongdoings. While he can’t make up for every mistake he’s made in his several hundred years of living, he can try and make his present self as good as possible, and his job is one way to do that!

Question 7

What color are a vampire's eyes when they are hungry?

After her first day at school and her not-so-great first meeting with Edward, Bella came to school the next day thinking she would have to see him again. However, Edward wasn’t there, nor was he there the day after that. When he finally showed up again, Bella remarked on how different his eyes looked this time around. Although Edward insists it’s because of the lighting in the school, we later learn it’s because his eyes were one color one day to signify how hungry he was, and then a completely different color days later after he had hunted. Vampires eyes change colors depending on their satiation, so what color were his eyes when he was hungry?

Question 8

What is Edward's special power?

One thing we learn about vampires in the Twilight universe is that they have some pretty incredible abilities. They’re super strong, super fast, and all of their senses are significantly heightened. However, there are some vampires whose abilities go beyond those that the rest already have. Some vampires, like Edward, were turned and somehow developed incredible powers. In the final Breaking Dawn film, we meet a lot more vampires from different covens, many of whom have their own unique powers, like the ability to control nature. But, when it comes to Edward Cullen, what is his special ability that definitely comes in handy as a vampire?

Question 9

What is the name of this character?

While the Cullen family were enjoying their baseball game, a group of three vampires heard the commotion and came wandering to see what was going on. As it just so happens, these are the same vampires who have been tormenting the people of Forks and confusing the police – how can these be animal attacks if there are only human footprints? One of these three vampires was this guy – a handsome blond man with incredible tracking abilities and a passion for the hunt. When he got a whiff of Bella, the hunt was definitely on, leading to the climactic fight at the end of Twilight between him and Edward.

Question 10

Who turned Edward into a vampire?

When Bella first discovers that Edward is a vampire, she asks him a fairly important question – how old is he? When he simply responds, “Seventeen”, she asks how long he’s been that age, to which he replies, “Awhile.” As it turns out, Edward was actually changed into a vampire in 1918 while he was living in Chicago. During this time, he had already lost his mother to the Spanish influenza and was currently sick with it himself. When all hope seemed lost for this young man, someone took it upon themselves to give him new life and turn him into a vampire. But who was it?

Question 11

What did Edward do that accidentally revealed to Bella that he was inhuman?

One of the greatest scenes from Twilight is when Edward inadvertently reveals that he is inhuman to Bella. After barely saying anything to each other, these two had been starting to make some pretty good progress towards being friends. They had shared in casual conversation in their last biology class, revealing bits and pieces of their lives (although, more so Bella’s life), and they had parted ways quite amicably. However, after Edward accidentally revealed his incredible abilities to Bella, he shut down significantly and tried to avoid her all over again. Of course, we all know how well that turned out!

Question 12

What does Bella's father Charlie do for work?

At first glance, there really isn’t much to know about Charlie. When Bella first moves in with Charlie in the Twilight film, she remarks about how great it is that he doesn’t like to linger. We also learn that this stoic man enjoys eating steak and cobbler at the diner, drinking beer, and hunting. But what is it that Charlie Swan does for work? He is a fairly well-respected man around Forks and people seem to turn to him when they need serious answers. So what is it that he does that makes him such a voice for their little rainy town?

Question 13

What instrument does Edward play for Bella in the first Twilight movie?

When Bella pays a visit to the Cullen house in the first Twilight movie, she is quite surprised to find that this family of vampires lives pretty much just like any other family might. The only difference she finds is in Edward’s room where there is no bed, largely because he doesn’t sleep. The rest of the visit consists of these two climbing trees in the woods and overlooking the incredible views together, and then later Bella sits and listens as Edward plays her a sweet song on an instrument. But which instrument does the talented Edward Cullen play for her?

Question 14

What compelled Jasper Cullen to attack Bella in New Moon?

As far as the Cullen family is concerned, Jasper is a bit of an outlier. After all, he was the last one to join the family and is consistently the one that the rest worry most about. He’s also still pretty new to the whole “vegetarian” lifestyle thing this family has going on, making him fairly susceptible to any humans who might smell particularly good. Enter: Bella. For the most part, he’s shown that he can curb his appetite, so to speak, fairly well. That is, until Bella’s birthday party at the beginning of New Moon when he randomly attacks her. But what compelled him to do so?

Question 15

Why did Edward decide to leave Bella and move away from Forks in New Moon?

One of the most emotional moments in the entire Twilight series is in New Moon when Edward informs Bella that he and his family are moving far away from Forks and he bids her goodbye in the woods. After his departure, Bella just couldn’t seem to find her footing again. She lapsed into a rather sorry state, holing herself up in her bedroom and refusing to see any of her old friends. For her, life without Edward was no life at all. Thankfully, these two would later be reunited once again, but what reason did Edward give for leaving her in the first place?

Question 16

What did Bella discover she could do in order to feel closer to an absent Edward?

As previously stated, Bella had virtually no life after Edward left Forks. She found herself feeling rather lonely and refused to see any of her old friends or even leave the house. It is safe to say she didn’t feel like doing much of anything without Edward around. However, throughout New Moon, Bella comes to discover a way to be able to feel closer to Edward, even going so far as to hearing his voice in her head and feeling like he was standing right beside her. Of course, this was all her imagination, but what was she doing that made her feel like he was there again?

Question 17

Which friend joined Bella and Jacob at the movie theatre?

With Edward gone, Bella had a void to fill, and Jacob Black was more than happy to step into that role for her. The two began quite platonically hanging out together and restoring old motorcycles. Rather, Bella would watch and keep Jacob entertained while he restored the motorcycles. As they continued to hang out together, it became pretty clear that Jacob was falling for Bella. These two even went to go see a movie together, although Bella did her best to make sure it was as platonic of an outing as possible. There was even a third person there to act as a sort of buffer, although this person couldn’t exactly handle the movie very well.

Question 18

What is the name of this character?

In the very first Twilight movie, James and two other vampires crashed the Cullen family’s baseball game. However, when the meeting turned sour and James began hunting Bella, it was one of his companions, this man pictured here, who helped the Cullens learn more about who they were up against. So, this vampire seemed like a fairly trustworthy guy. However, in New Moon, he returned to Forks and found Bella all alone without any vampires to keep her safe. Now he appeared significantly less trustworthy and was nearly ready to complete what James had been unable to do himself. That is, until a werewolf stepped in and saved the day!

Question 19

Where did Bella find Edward at the end of New Moon?

Throughout the entirety of New Moon, Bella had been operating under the assumption that Edward and the rest of the Cullen clan were happily living their lives away from her somewhere else. However, as we learn near the end of the movie, this really wasn’t the case. A surprise visit from Alice leads to Bella finding out that Edward is actually in serious danger, after having falsely believed Bella had jumped from a cliff. He was preparing to sacrifice himself to the group of vampires who rule over all others, but thankfully Bella was able to find him and convince him she was alive after all before he could make such a big mistake!

Question 20

What is the name of the group who presides over all vampires?

As previously stated, when Edward believed Bella was gone forever, he was ready to give himself over to the vampires who presided over all other vampires. His plan was essentially to reveal his vampire state to a huge crowd of humans, thus ensuring the presiding group would need to eliminate him as a threat to their kind. However, just before Edward could step into the sunlight, as he had planned to do so, a very-much alive and well Bella stopped him. However, this would ultimately lead to them both having to venture into the presiding vampires’ lair and face them head on!

Question 21

Which members of the Cullen family does Aro want to recruit to the Volturi?

As the leader of the Volturi, Aro definitely has an eye out for special vampires he could recruit to his team. After all, these are the vampires who preside over all others – they need to be an impressive, unstoppable force. Already a part of the Volturi are such vampires as Jane and Alec who both come with some impressive abilities that make them virtually unbeatable against any other vampires. However great his team is, Aro is always on the lookout for more recruits. As we see at the end of New Moon, he especially has his eye on two members of the Cullen clan, but which two are they?

Question 22

What was Edward's one condition for turning Bella into a vampire?

Ever since the very first Twilight movie, Bella has made her intentions very clear: she wants to spend the rest of her life with Edward, and wants to be a vampire. For her, the choice is simple. She wants to be a vampire, even if it means giving up her regular life and abandoning her family. That’s how much she loves Edward. He, on the other hand, isn’t so excited about the idea of Bella giving up everything just to be with him. However, at the end of New Moon, he finally agrees that he will be the one to turn Bella into a vampire, but only on one condition.

Question 23

What is the name of this character?

In addition to James and Laurent, there was one more member of the trio of vampires who crashed the Cullen family baseball game way back in the very first Twilight movie. This fiery redhead was James’ mate and vowed to take revenge on the Cullen clan after they eliminated him. In Eclipse, she put together an army of newborn vampires to go battle it out with the Cullens, all for the sake of avenging James. According to IMDB, between New Moon and Eclipse there was a change in actress for this character, with Bryce Dallas Howard taking over for Rachelle Lefevre.

Question 24

Who was the valedictorian at Bella's high school graduation?

In the third Twilight movie Eclipse, Bella (along with Edward, Jasper, and Alice) all graduated from high school together. It was a pretty big moment for Bella, although another high school graduation was pretty much just old hat for the Cullen clan by this point. At any rate, the ceremony was a huge success, particularly because of the valedictorian speech. In the speech, the presenter talked about their fellow graduates perhaps not knowing what they want to do in life and this being okay because this is the time to make mistakes. Who was the person behind this fantastic valedictorian speech?

Question 25

What is Alice's special ability?

As discussed previously, some vampires are gifted with truly incredible abilities. For Edward, that means being able to read virtually anyone’s mind – anyone, that is, except for Bella’s. While Jasper has a more subdued power of being able to control people’s emotions, his mate Alice’s ability is much more appealing, particularly to the Volturi. This is the reason that Aro wants her recruited to their group so badly, but Alice has no intentions of ever leaving her beloved Cullen family to go work for such harsh leaders. Instead, she happily uses her powers for good and helps out her family.

Question 26

What is the name of this character?

At the very beginning of Eclipse, we learn that a teenage boy has gone missing from Portland. One scene actually reveals he was really turned into a vampire by Victoria who was looking for both protection from the Cullen’s and someone to start an army for her. Now a newborn himself, this character follows Victoria’s leadership and changes other humans into vampires, successfully creating an army of incredibly strong and ruthless newborns to take on the Cullen clan. Unfortunately for this character, the climactic battle against the Cullen’s and the werewolves doesn’t go exactly as planned, and they ultimately lose.

Question 27

Which war did Jasper fight in before he was turned into a vampire?

Throughout the entirety of the Twilight series, we get to find out much more about the Cullen clan and learn more about each specific member. For Jasper, the impending newborn battle in Eclipse leads to him taking charge and training both his family and the werewolves to take on these newborns, as he has had experience with them before. We learn through a series of flashbacks that Jasper once served in an army and fought in war before being turned into a vampire and being forced to train newborns. Although his introduction into the life of a vampire wasn’t ideal, it would eventually lead him to Alice, so we’d like to think it was all worth it.

Question 28

What did Bella do when Jacob kissed her?

After their back-and-forth relationship in New Moon, Bella and Jacob come to pretty civil terms during Eclipse. While they aren’t exactly the good friends they once were, they can at least civilly hang out together, especially when the Cullen’s become concerned for Bella’s safety. In order to keep her safe while they are out hunting, they hand her off to Jacob who in turn spends the day with her and keeps her protected. During one such outing, Jacob admitted his feelings for Bella and tried to convince her to be with him instead of Edward. He sealed the speech with a kiss, but Bella’s response wasn’t exactly what he had imagined.

Question 29

Why did Jacob sleep in a tent with Bella and Edward in Eclipse?

While the impending battle drew nearer and the Cullen’s prepared to fight the newborn army, Edward decided the best way to keep Bella safe from the action (and from Victoria) was to hide her away atop a snowy mountain. This way, she could be as far away from the battle as possible and also have the added protection of Edward by her side. The plan was to sleep in a tent, just the two of them, but somehow Jacob Black ended up inside the tent, too. More than that, he ended up inside of Bella’s sleeping bag, much to Edward’s chagrin. But why was Jacob in the tent in the first place?

Question 30

What did Bella do to try and convince Jacob not to fight in the climactic battle in Eclipse?

After their night in the tent together, Jacob was feeling pretty good about things with Bella. However, he overheard a conversation between Bella and Edward in which they were discussing their marriage and her eventual turn into vampirism. Feeling deeply hurt and betrayed, Jacob stormed off, determined to join the fight down below and perhaps even sacrifice himself to the ravenous newborns. Bella most certainly did not want this and so she tried to plead with Jacob to stop from going to fight. No matter what she said, he wouldn’t listen. Ultimately, Bella knew she would need to do or say something big in order to convince him to stay.

Question 31

What reason did Rosalie give for not liking Bella?

It was definitely no secret that Rosalie did not like Bella. It seemed from the very first moment she even met Bella, she had already decided that she didn’t like her and made her feelings quite clear. Even during the baseball game in the very first Twilight movie, Rosalie throws some pretty haughty looks at Bella, and later refuses to help Bella when James begins to pursue her. It isn’t until the third Twilight movie, Eclipse, that we actually find out why exactly Rosalie has been so cold towards Bella and we must admit her reason makes a lot of sense.

Question 32

Which of his adoptive children did Carlisle NOT turn into a vampire himself?

We already know that Carlisle was the one behind Edward becoming a vampire. As his doctor, he simply couldn’t stand by and let Edward succumb to the Spanish influenza, especially not after promising his mother he would do everything he could to save him. Later, Carlisle turned his wife Esme into a vampire after meeting her in the hospital as well. Each time he has turned someone into a vampire, he’s had to battle his own inner turmoil, but it’s all been for the best in the end. However, it turns out he didn’t actually turn all of his adopted children into vampires himself.

Question 33

Where did Bella and Edward vacation for their honeymoon?

Finally, after overcoming so many hurdles in their relationship, the first Breaking Dawn movie sees Bella and Edward finally get married. It is quite the momentous occasion and was celebrated by their closest friends and family, even if not everyone agreed with them tying the knot at such a young age. Despite any qualms, Edward and Bella still managed to have a beautiful wedding which they then capped off with an equally beautiful honeymoon vacation. Although the ending was a bit more sour tasting than the beginning, we can all definitely appreciate their idyllic dream honeymoon and the romance that surrounded them there.

Question 34

What game did Bella and Edward often play during their honeymoon?

Honeymooning at such a remote location definitely has it perks, as we saw in Breaking Dawn Part One. As they vacationed alone on Isle Esme, Edward and Bella were able to play every part the loved up honeymooners as they swam and hiked and explored every inch that beautiful island had to offer. Of course, not every day could be filled up with gorgeous excursions. Sometimes these newlyweds just wanted to stay at their beautiful home and enjoy each other’s company. In the movie, we see them do this a few times and spend the day seated together playing a friendly game.

Question 35

Which two names did Bella and Edward combine to name their daughter?

In perhaps one of the most surprising twists in the history of Twilight, Bella and Edward were able to conceive a child together while Bella was still human. But, this was no human pregnancy. The baby that Bella carried grew so rapidly that her pregnancy lasted nearly a quarter of the length as the average human woman’s pregnancy. Not to mention her cravings were a bit more…vampire inclined than the average woman’s, too. Eventually, Bella and Edward were able to meet their beautiful new baby, and they gifted her with a beautiful name they created by combining two names to make one unique title.

Question 36

What is Bella's special power as a vampire?

As previously mentioned, some vampires get to enjoy powers that go beyond regular vampire abilities. Edward can read minds, Alice can see into the future, and Jasper can expertly manipulate people’s emotions. The final Breaking Dawn movie also demonstrated even more incredible powers held by vampires from different covens, like Zafrina who can create powerful illusions into people’s minds and make them see whatever she wants. The vampire Kate can create an electric current over her skin and electrocute anyone who stands in her way, or dares to touch her without being invited to. As it just so happens, Bella was given one of these incredible powers when she turned into a vampire, but just what exactly was her unique ability?

Question 37

What is Renesmee's power?

Renesmee is quite the unique child. Not only is the hybrid daughter of a human and a vampire, but she also has all the same incredible abilities that a vampire has while still being able to age like a human – even faster than a human. While she is definitely blessed with the best of both worlds, so to speak, she also has a power that is unique to only her, much like her mother, father, and members of her family. She demonstrates this power in Breaking Dawn while different covens of vampires are being rallied to face the Volturi on her behalf.

Question 38

What does it mean if a werewolf "imprints"?

One of the most interesting terms to come out of the Twilight franchise is “imprinting”. This is a sort of process that all werewolves go through at some point in their lives, whether they want to or not. As Jacob describes it to Bella, it’s pretty much out of the werewolf’s control. There’s basically no warning for when it’s going to happen and there’s no turning back once it has happened. The wolf must simply adapt to this new way of life and carry on with these new and perhaps unwanted circumstances. But what exactly does it mean when a werewolf “imprints”?

Question 39

What is the name of this character pictured with Jacob?

This is one unique Twilight character. In New Moon, we meet the group of guys who make up Jacob’s wolfpack – all rowdy teenage boys who need guidance as much as they need to carb-load to satisfy their intense appetite. However, it turns out this pack isn’t just for boys. This character happens to be the only known female werewolf in the history of the Quileute people. She once was in a relationship with pack leader Sam before he imprinted another girl, Emily, and left his old flame behind. Since then, she has appeared as a fairly standoffish character to most people, but she is still a force to be reckoned with when she’s a wolf!

Question 40

What is the name of the Cullen family's coven?

As it turns out, the Cullen family isn’t the only group of vampires out there in the world. In fact, there are a lot of them! In Breaking Dawn, Carlisle begins hastily inviting every coven of vampires he knows of who he believes will support his family as they stand off against the Volturi. The Volturi believed Renesmee was a threat to vampires, so it was going to take some convincing to prove to them that she was anything but. The covens that Carlisle invited into his home came from all over the world and many had their own unique coven names, but what is the name of Carlisle’s own coven?

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