40 Famous Cars Only A True Gearhead Will Be Able To Name

To a certain type of audience member watching the right media, human characters and their journeys could pale in comparison to the vehicles in which they travel. Obviously, this mostly applies to movies, TV shows, and video games about racing, yet even a more pedestrian topic can include some pretty amazing automobiles if the characters are bold enough to drive them. After all, everyone needs to get from point A to point B, and doing so quickly isn’t the only reason certain cars are considered extremely cool.

Given how much certain people obsess over their vehicles, it’s even possible that a particularly smooth looking sports car is all they need to put it high atop their “must see” list. In a similar manner, it’s also entirely possible that the car driven by the main characters will be so darn awesome that even people who don’t care about automobiles in the first place will suddenly realize what it is that makes them so popular.

Naturally, the car gurus are going to be the ones who can best differentiate one classic car from the other, unless of course they happen to have especially cool names coined from memorable puns. Whether an expert or just someone with an interest in all things pop culture, keep reading for a quiz about 40 famous fictional cars that only a total gearhead could pass.

Question 1

What does Batman call his primary method of transportation?

Even someone who never read a comic book or watched any of the many movies about the Dark Knight knows one thing for certain about Batman: the dude drives an awesome car. More than that, he also pilots a helicopter, rides a motorcycle, and sometimes even captains a pretty cool speedboat. It’s the car that’s most iconic of all though, mostly because the Caped Crusader has been taking it on his missions for the longest time, using it to battle The Joker, Two-Face, and the rest of his Rogue’s Gallery in epic fashion.

Question 2

What talking car was seen on Knight Rider?

Regardless of what it looked like or how cheesy the show in which it appeared was at time, everyone with an interest in cars is familiar with the one Michael Knight drives in Knight Rider. The reason is quite simple—it’s the only car on this entire quiz that not only has a mind of its own, but also is fully capable of holding intelligent conversations with his passengers. On top of the extremely cool vocal features, the vehicle also gives Knight a direct line of communication with his superiors at FLAG.

Question 3

Which type of vehicle did Marty McFly take Back to the Future?

In the immortal words of Doc Brown, if a man is “going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?” Ultimately, it’s Doc’s assistant and friend Marty McFly who does most of the traveling, but that just means the kid benefits from his mentor’s brilliant thinking, shooting through history from 1885 all the way to the “distant future” of 2015. Of course, there are some mild flaws, like the fact it requires 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to get going, which isn’t all that easy to come in earlier timelines.

Question 4

What did The Dukes of Hazzard call their classic ride?

Looks like them Duke boys are at it again. Quite frankly, there are some issues with this car in the modern era, namely the giant Confederate flag on top of it, but that doesn’t change the huge impact it had on pop culture and car enthusiasts in general. Bo and Luke didn’t necessarily see it as a racial thing, anyway, with the flag and everything else about the car simply representing their rebellious Southern attitudes as they perpetually fled from Boss Hogg and Sherriff Rosco.

Question 5

What type of car titled a 2008 Clint Eastwood movie?

No matter how old Clint Eastwood gets, it’s probably better that youngsters leave the man be. Even when an entire gang attempts to steal his character Walt Kowalski’s car then trespass on his property, the aged outlaw shows no fear when telling them to get off his lawn. Surprisingly, Kowalski also shows a soft spot for the first kid to try and steal his prized automobile, ultimately leaving it to the boy and his girlfriend in his will rather than bequeath the ride to his own ungrateful family.

Question 6

Who drove the Mach 5?

When drag racing is pretty much all a character ever does, they better have a pretty cool car in which to do it. That’s definitely the case with this iconic Japanese cartoon, with the Mach 5 arguably more important to the appeal than the kid behind the wheel. Crafted by his father, this specialized dragster not only goes extremely fast, but it also has a customized steering wheel that looks like a video game controller, with seven easily accessible buttons to keep him safe, while causing a major threat to his opponents. Well, except Racer X. That guy’s just unbeatable.

Question 7

Which type of car did Ferris Bueller steal from Cameron’s father?

A consummate conman who puts fun adventures above literally everything else, Ferris Bueller didn’t necessarily need a cool car to win the hearts of ‘80s kids everywhere. That said, such is his nature that once Ferris saw his best friend Cameron’s father’s car, he just couldn’t stop himself from taking it on a lengthy joyride. Unfortunately, it would appear some parking garage attendants felt the same way, using the kids’ day off as an excuse to go on a high speed romp through town. The car almost survives, until Cameron notices the odometer and freaks out.

Question 8

What do the Ghostbusters call their crime fighting machine?

Technically a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor, this stylish vehicle has been known by a different name ever since Ray Stantz spray painted his supernatural investigation company’s logo on the side. As the primary method to quickly get the Ghostbusters around New York City, it’s also arguably even more important to their mission to free the Big Apple from poltergeists than the Proton Packs and various other electronic doohickeys it holds. That said, considering the dangerous antics with which the Ghostbusters involve themselves, it should be no surprise this vehicle occasionally requires some serious repairs.

Question 9

Which type of car does James Bond drive in Goldfinger and many other films?

Chances are that no one man ever has or ever will drive the same number of amazingly cool cars as the world’s greatest spy, Bond. James Bond. As the star of some 26 movies at this point, Agent 007 has clearly driven his fair share of finely tuned automobiles over the years. Of course, to many fans, the first will always be the most iconic, especially considering Bond has driven it more times than any other vehicle. The trend started in Goldfinger, lasting all the way to Spectre, undergoing some serious modifications along the way.

Question 10

Who drives this foot-powered automobile?

Essential as cars are today, it’s a valid question whether or not automobiles would still hold their mass appeal if people had to power them by foot. That was the case with the vehicle driven (pushed?) by this modern Stone Age family from the town of Bedrock, essentially serving as an extremely heavy tool with no brakes that they nonetheless took with them during every trip to the movie theaters. Throw in the fact few of them wore shoes and it almost looks like torture to ride, but back in the day, they didn’t have any other options.

Question 11

What does Lloyd Christmas call Harry’s car in Dumb and Dumber?

Fitting the movie title and its two main characters personalities, the van Harry and Lloyd drive throughout the first half of Dumb and Dumber is, well, pretty stupid. Of course, that’s more or less the point, and people who particularly like dogs might find reasons to enjoy it anyway simply on principal. The fact dog-lovers can enjoy it doesn’t change how impractical and silly it is, though. Originally part of Harry’s grooming business Mutts Cuts, chances are fans will quicker remember the nickname Lloyd gives it when they first set off on their trip.

Question 12

For whom did Herb Powell create this highly unique car?

Before Herb Powell learned about the rest of his cartoon family, he was a pretty successful car designer. Unfortunately, it was meeting his half-brother that spoiled Herb’s doom, as he gave his long-lost sibling free reign to design his very own car. This leads to an outrageously gaudy vehicle with giant cup holders, two bubble domes to keep the front seat separate from the back, and three loud horns that all annoying play “La Cucaracha” whenever the driver “gets mad” and pounds on one of them. Unsurprisingly, it immediately tanks Herb’s business and leaves the poor guy penniless.

Question 13

What crime fighting unit drives this van?

Having been getting framed for a crime they didn’t commit, four extremely talented former soldiers decide to become vigilantes, with the caveat they’d understandably like to get paid for their efforts. Considering secrecy is now a key part of their existence, the unit including Murdock, B.A. Baracus, Hannibal, and Faceman chose a nondescript black van to do their bidding, only designing it with a single red stripe for ultimate cool points. Intense as their missions could get, the vehicle itself remained relatively low key, only used for storing their considerable wealth of disguises and weaponry.

Question 14

In which car does the Scooby-Doo crew go on their adventures?

Children of the ‘60s in every way, the first thing people notice about Scooby-Doo and his friends’ van are the bright colors. Considering these paranormal investigators do the vast majority of their work after dark, it makes sense they’d want to stick out on the road. Aside from the dog himself and his best friend Shaggy, the rest of the gang is also fearless, bravely tackling bad guys head on and exposing their schemes like the meddling kids they are. Of course, the villains should’ve seen them coming, as this automobile is as iconic as anyone inside of it.

Question 15

Who pilots the Invisible Jet?

Okay, so jet planes aren’t cars, but as an invisible mode of transportation, it’s not like any can really tell what this heroine is flying around on, anyway. As one of a few comic book characters who couldn’t fly, she also needed some way to keep up with Superman and the like, so giving her a floating vehicle was pretty much the only option. Semantics aside, the stealth option was a brilliant move, making her undetectable by enemies as she flew through the sky, a stark contrast to how everyone seems to notice the Man of Steel right away.

Question 16

What family is known for driving this flying car?

Back in the 1960s, the cartoonists at Hanna-Barbera had a vision of the future, and for better or worse, it hasn’t quite come true just yet. While not everything about George and his family’s life was necessarily idyllic, one area in which they hugely benefitted from updated technology was their incredible hover cars. Of course, this was absolutely a necessity in their world, as the very houses and buildings in which they lived and worked were also thousands of feet up in the sky, so plain old automobiles were pretty much useless.

Question 17

Which rookie racer turns into a pro throughout Pixar’s Cars franchise?

Like many rookie sensations, the lead character of Cars is as sleek and stylish as he is cocky and arrogant. The mere fact he’s won a few races instantly makes him think he’s the coolest ride in town, quickly causing the guy to lose friends, winding up lost and alone. Of course, this is a Pixar film we’re talking about, so he inevitably learns his lesson, going on to become a seven-time Piston Cup champion by his third film. At that point, things go full circle, and he starts mentoring the next rising athlete to follow his lead.

Question 18

What name was given to Disney’s famous Love Bug?

Cruise control is nice and all, but the true dream for many car aficionado’s is a self-driving vehicle with a mind of its own. Believe it or not, it was the folks at Disney who came up with exactly such a vehicle back in the 1960s, turning a ’63 Volkswagen Beetle into an adorable and friendly “Love Bug.” Unsurprisingly for a sentient car, this vehicle immediately tires its hand (wheel?) at racing, earning considerable success. That’s good news for his driver, who was down on his luck before this magic auto turned things around.

Question 19

Which vehicle goes on a crime spree in a Stephen King novel?

Leave it to Stephen King to come up with a vehicle even the consummate gear head would never dare drive, let alone gaze eyes upon. That fear exists because a vindictive, vicious monster apparently possesses this particular ’58 Plymouth Fury, and it will stop at nothing to ruin anyone who tries to drive her. Once someone finally shows the vehicle love, things arguably get even worse, as she starts eliminating those around her and inadvertently (or not) framing her owner for the crimes. Clearly, the only recourse is to destroy it, but even that might not work.

Question 20

What car does a T. rex destroy in Jurassic Park?

Let’s face it—there’s pretty much no vehicle short of an army tank that could actually withstand a full day at Jurassic Park. That said, it makes sense John Hammond and the brave souls who first visited his “amusement park” would think this big, bulky vehicle would somehow manage to survive a world of Triceratops, raptors, and scariest of all, the giant T. rex. It doesn’t, of course, even with the self-navigation system that’s specifically meant to protect people from the prehistoric threat that brought them to the island.

Question 21

What does MI6 name the car that turns into a submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me?

Okay, so the Aston Martin may be the most iconic car James Bond ever drove, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was the coolest. 007’s gadget master Q seriously outdid himself in The Spy Who Loved Me, creating an automobile capable of converting into a miniature submarine with the press of just a few buttons. In fact, this car was so special it became the first Bond car to earn a special nickname, even though it was only used once before the secret agent permanently put it to rest.

Question 22

What does Needles Kane call his ice cream truck in Twisted Metal?

Being a battle royale where a few dozen drivers enter and only one leaves alive, it should go without saying that everyone willing to participate in Calypso’s Twisted Metal tournament is at least a little bit violent. That said, there’s little question that Marcus “Needles” Kane is by far the maddest of all, having been a serial criminal before the competition began, and showing no signs of slowing down once it’s over and he’s the inevitable winner. Somehow, this backstory makes the fact he’s behind the wheels of an ice cream truck all the more terrifying.

Question 23

What magical flying car is the focus of a classic children’s film?

From the very beginning, it’s clear the car Caractacus Potts and his children so adore is very special, but they don’t even know the half of it until outside parties start showing a similar interest. At first, it seems like the off-kilter inventor Potts won’t be able to afford it in a rising automobile market, causing great concern to his family. Even after he buys it legitimately, people keep trying to steal it, so Potts uses his skills to convert the car into a boat, plane, and just about anything else they need to evade potential thieves.

Question 24

Which type of car plays an integral role for the thieves of The Italian Job?

For a movie all about cars and how valuable they are, the opening scene of The Italian Job is borderline torture for the serious gear head. Before audiences really even know what’s happening, a Lamborghini Miura gets pushed off a cliff, and both an Aston Martin and Jaguar face similar fates as it continues. On the plus side, the thieves getaway cars somehow survive a raucous chase through the country, flying past the public and even down a flight of city stairs in their very stylish automobiles.

Question 25

What Southern-friend truck from Cars does Larry the Cable Guy voice?

As the title would imply, Pixar’s Cars series is mostly about regular old cars, which happened to find great success in the field of professional racing. Of course, with a need for speed comes the danger of crashing, and that’s where a tow truck comes in. Perhaps due to his profession, this Southern automobile is one of the friendliest vehicles Lightning McQueen meets on his journey, and the two quickly become best friends. He also happens to be the “world’s best backwards driver,” a seemingly tenuous skill that actually comes in pretty handy during a key race.

Question 26

Which Transformer leads the Autobots and doubles as a semi-truck?

Robots in disguise, virtually every one of the Transformers can go from gigantic heroes to fast-paced, finely tuned automobiles. While it’s their true form that does all the fighting to protect Earth against Decepticons, one can never underestimate the appeal the Transformers have when turning into vehicles. To this day, one would be hard pressed to find a gear head who didn’t wish they had the skills required to make their vehicle grow to a massive size and save the world. Naturally, they’d probably design their cyborg after the leader of them all when doing so.

Question 27

What bulky SUV does Krusty the Clown endorse on The Simpsons?

Intended as the biggest, bulkiest, most ridiculous road hog one could ever imagine, The Simpsons truly hit it out of the park with their parody of massive trucks. As the song goes, it smells like steak, seats 35, and at two lanes wide, it was ruled unsafe for any sort of driving by the Federal Highway Commission before even getting released. Of course, none of this in any way deters Krusty the Clown from selling out and promoting the vehicle, nor does it stop Marge Simpson herself from driving one.

Question 28

Who drives the Koach hearse in a 1960s sitcom?

When a family drives around town in a custom made hearse, it’s pretty clear they’re an unusual bunch. Then again, all one needs to do to recognize this is gaze upon the strange Frankenstein’s monster-esque creature behind the wheel to figure this out, not to mention his vampiric bride and stepfather, or their werewolf son. Macabre as it all is, this crew was really no different from the average sitcom family, aside from the obvious aesthetic issues making it feel like Halloween in their household (and driveway) all year round.

Question 29

Which is the updated Batmobile called in Batman Begins?

Part of what made Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy amongst the most beloved comic book films in history is the way they blended classic Batman traditions with updated technologies and realistic storytelling. Even the fact he decided to eschew the classic Batmobile wasn’t that big of an issue, considering it was updated with a new military vehicle Wayne Enterprises had originally designed for the military. Naturally, once the billionaire took up the cape, he commandeered the prototype for himself. Unfortunately for him, Bane later had a similar idea, stealing quite a few of them to wreck havoc over Gotham.

Question 30

Which nerdy Family Matters character drove a BMW Isetta?

By and large, this list has focused on the coolest cars in pop culture, yet sometimes a totally bizarre design can be just as memorable when driven by the right person. Immediately upon first glance, it’s clear the BMW Isetta is unlike most cars, taking the term “compact” to its furthest logical conclusion and barely fitting a single passenger along with the driver. The fact the lone door is in front of the vehicle is also striking, but the guy driving it doesn’t care that his car is quirky; he’s just happy to have wheels.

Question 31

What type of car do the Griswolds take to Walley World?

Of all the disastrous road trips throughout history, none have ever gone quite as terribly as Clark Griswold’s attempt to drive his family from Chicago to Walley World. In many respects, the trouble all begins with the car they take, as Clark most certainly didn’t intend to take this ugly green station wagon on the journey. Unfortunately, the sleazy car salesman he ordered a presumably better car from came up with a bunch of excuses at the last minute, essentially forcing the Griswolds to take off in this total lemon, setting the tone for their trip.

Question 32

Who is the star racer of the F-Zero series?

At this point, more people probably know the hero of F-Zero more for his accolades on the Super Smash Bros. arena than his time on the race track. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the sort of gamers who will always considering racing games the greatest of all, in which case his original appearance is still hard to beat more than 20 years after it was released. Part of its appeal is the futuristic vibe, which includes cars moving faster than the speed of light across highly complex tracks.

Question 33

Which type of car does Dominic Torreto inherit from his father in the Fast & Furious franchise?

Every automobile owner on this list (not to mention most of them in real life) has great pride in their vehicles, sometimes even seeing them as friends, which is how so many movie and TV cars end up with names. Slightly subverting the trope, the guys and gals in The Fast & The Furious franchise are so in love with their finely tuned automobiles that they would never dare sully them with nicknames. In fact, Dominic Torreto is so in love with the car his father gave him that he’s afraid to even ride it.

Question 34

What vehicle is the UNSC’s main form of transportation in Halo?

When fighting aliens on international terrain for the future of all mankind, it's important to have the proper mode of transportation. Master Chief and the rest of his squadron definitely use (and destroy) their fare share of these tanks during the fight against the Flood, at times relying on this vehicle to make a hasty escape from highly precarious situations. Naturally, it’s decked out with all sorts of defensive gear that allows for travel in all sorts of uncertain environments, which must be why the UNSC finds it so valuable.

Question 35

What car does Mad Max drive throughout dystopian Australia?

Even in a dystopian environment where gasoline, or guzzoline, is in severe shortage, people need a way to travel from one place to another quickly. More importantly, they need something that will help them get around safely, something not even “Mad” Max Rockatansky is able to do when simply on foot. Authorities are well aware of this, offering Max the so-called Last of the V8 Interceptors to convince him he should stay on the force when contemplating retirement. It doesn’t work, but he does take the ride with him to settle a few personal grudges.

Question 36

What cyborg jet bike does Crono race in Chrono Trigger?

While by no means a racing game, part of what makes Chrono Trigger such an iconic title for gamers everywhere is the fact almost every facet of video game culture is represented somewhere in the RPG. There’s even one scene where the hero hops on a jet bike to race some sort of strange cyborg in the year 2300AD, solely to get past his gang without much of a fight. It’s a testament to this robot’s charisma and memorability that he become an iconic part of the story despite appearing in only one short scene.

Question 37

Which type of car does the Bandit drive in Smokey and the Bandit?

All one needs to hear to fully understand the character of one Bo Darville is his nickname, “The Bandit,” a title he takes extremely seriously. Initially a truck rodeo driver, the outlaw sees no reason to immediately accept a deal to help smuggle some libations across the Mason-Dixon line at a time it wasn’t legal to do so, gleefully tackling the challenge of evading Buford T. Justice. And why wouldn’t he? The Bandit has one of the fastest and coolest cars on the road, making every dash from justice a thrill to experience.

Question 38

What car do Starsky and Hutch drive?

Regardless of the type of car they drove, chances are the most iconic thing about Starsky & Hutch when the hit the road is how the two detectives would smoothly slide across the hood when preparing for a high speed chase. That said, it’s definitely relevant they continued to travel in style with this Ford Gran Torino once it was time to hit pedal to the metal, as it contributed to their status as two of the coolest cops of the 1970s. Particularly big car enthusiasts may even feel the same way about the remake.

Question 39

What name is given to the Ford Mustang from Gone in 60 Seconds?

Plenty of people name an individual car to signify their close connection with the automobile. It’s something else entirely for a person to give a moniker to a more general make and model, but Gone in 60 Seconds nonetheless justifies the move through Maindrian Pace’s obsession with stealing as many of them as possible. This particular vehicle is also noteworthy as the only car in history to receive star billing during the opening and closing credits. Not even the Nicholas Cage remake would be so bold, though it did name a whole lot more cars.

Question 40

Which company does Ricky Bobby represent throughout Talladega Nights?

It may not have won the Academy Award for best movie ever made, but Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby still contains plenty to love for the average gear head (or general comedy fan). Boisterous, cocky, and always ready with a ridiculous one-liner for any situation, Bobby is the consummate race car driver, proudly representing his sponsor by winning race after race. Even so, they immediately drop him when things go south, forcing the guy to sponsor himself with a “ME” car at the film’s conclusion.

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