35 Things Every Fan Of The Office Knows And 15 Only The Diehards Will Get Right

Clearly, there are two types of people in this world. People who love The Office and people who LOOOVE The Office. And what's not to love? We can either find ourselves in one or more of the characters or relate to the characters by knowing the struggle they go through in dealing with the other characters who are similar to people we know—all while laughing until our sides are aching. The aim of this quiz is to see who loves The Office and who LOOOVES The Office. No sweat if someone "only" loves it—the way we see it, that just means that they may be due for a Netflix binge of one of the funniest mockumentary-style show around.

We may not be emotional doppelgängers for Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert or Pam Beesly and we may not even agree with some of the choices they've made on the show but that does not mean that we don't remember (or at least, will try to remember) all of their quirky idiosyncrasies which led to the fun factoids of this comedy casserole that we call The Office.

Clip on a tie, grab those glasses and a coffee mug and let's have some fun!

1Any fan might know this fact!

What was Kevin Malone's nickname when he was in high school? Kevin Malone is a character that we love because of his spot-on comedic timing but that being said, we really don't know that much about him other than he works in accounting, loves to giggle and gets great pleasure from guzzling M&M's. Go Kev! He's also funny, lovable and a pretty decent friend. But what was his name in high school? How in the world are we supposed to know the answer to that question? If only we had been paying attention during that one episode...

2Any fan might know this fact!

Name one of Angela's cats! If there is one thing that we know about Angela Martin, played by Angela Kinsey, it's that this lady loves all things felines. Kitty cats are sweet, cute, playful and loving but that is only one side to these independent animals. They can also be finicky, hold grudges, be discriminatory in certain situations and they can be moody as well! Does that sound like someone familiar? We definitely think so! Maybe it's like the old saying goes... "you are who you surround yourself with."

3Any fan might know this fact!

What was the first line ever in the pilot episode? Oh, to be able to go back to that first ever sweet, sweet moment when we first saw the first-ever released episode of this show. Well, sure, we currently have the technology that will allow us to watch the pilot episode of "The Office" within seconds and with just a few clicks. But, of course, it's never going to be the same as the actual first time. For those who do remember it well, what was the first line ever spoken?

4Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

"Prison Mike" is just one of Michael Scott's many characters that he likes to portray when it suits him... or maybe when he thinks it will suit the gang at the office by means of teaching them a valuable lesson. This was definitely the case for Prison Mike who showed up to teach everyone that prison was, in fact, not more fun than being stuck at work at Dunder Mifflin. What did Prison Mike tell everyone was the hardest part of prison?

5Any fan might know this fact!

On the pilot episode, it was the first day of work for which character? In many ways, the first day of work is like the first day of school. There is a small window of time to accomplish the following: target and identify the cliques and groups and attempt to infiltrate the group of friends that makes for the best fit. When it comes to the characters on "The Office" however, that can be a bit tricky. Do you remember whose first day it was on the pilot episode?

6Any fan might know this fact!

According to Pam, what does Jim occasionally “pass away” of? First of all, don’t worry! Jim Halpert is A-Okay. In TV land, he is doing great and has a clean bill of health. To say that someone will “pass” of something when they really are in perfect health and no physical danger at all may sound pretty extreme but the truth is that saying that someone is “passing” of something such as not being able to find a good parking spot or laughing too hard is extremely common these days. It is easy to remember what Pam once told the cameras that she is responsible for reviving Jim when “X” gets to him.

7Any fan might know this fact!

In Season 1, an attractive girl shows up to “The Office” selling purses and handbags. Jim later dates her. What was her name? Anytime an outsider joins the gang, it could either be trouble or it could be amazing. Joining a group such as this one means that the outsider needs to have a very adaptable personality and be able to tolerate many different styles of human behavior. If the outsider does not adapt well, they could be only partially accepted or not accepted at all. This girl was accepted—at least by one Dunder Mifflin man, Jim Halpert.

8Any fan might know this fact!

Which duo came up with the term "spontaneous dental hydroplosion" together? This is a strange-sounding term and we are feeling 99.9% certain that it is not a real thing, but when considering the comedic teams of two listed below, it is easy to see how something with such a bizarre name could be created. Now, as to why it was created, that is another story. But for this question, all we need to know is the pair who teamed up to bring this term to life.

9Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

What is Gabe's full name? Gabe was an interesting character. He was a bit meek, shy and awkward... that being said, he held an upper-level job at Sabre and managed to be authoritative when needed which was a good thing because poor Gabe did manage to be walked over more than a few times. Imagine if he wasn't authoritative at all! If only Gabe could have managed to lay down the law, perhaps he could have earned the respect of his fellow office workers.

10Any fan might know this fact!

In Season 2, what award is Jim worried that Michael will give to Pam... again? This episode really shows what a good friend Jim is to Pam and how much he truly cares about her feelings because he goes above and beyond the office friend call of duty by remembering how hurt she was with the last award and talks to Michael about giving her a different kind of award this year in order to spare her feelings. So sweet, Jim!

11Any fan might know this fact!

What is the name of Jim and Pam's daughter? As amazing as the couple name Jam (alternatively, Pim) is, we just cannot imagine a girl going through her life as Jam Halpert. Besides, there are so many perfectly sweet and wonderful baby girl names out there in the world! Would Jim and Pam have taken their love for the office where they spent so many of their days into consideration? Angela? Phyllis? Kelly? Erin? Michaela? Dunderia? Mifflynn? Thankfully, no!

12Any fan might know this fact!

What game does Pam tell Jim that she plays when she is bored? There have been many pranks which claimed Dwight Schrute as a victim over the years at the hands of Jim and Pam but during one special episode, Pam tells Jim that when she's bored, she plays a special game that affects Dwight directly but somehow she has been able to keep the game secret all of this time—even from Jim, which is hard to believe since he sits right next to Dwight!

13Any fan might know this fact!

Which character did Darryl Philbin date? At one point, former warehouse worker Darryl Philbin dated one of the office workers and it made for some hilarious love triangles and office romance subplots. Spoiler alert, the romance does not last long for this couple but for their time being, they had their moment in the sun. Most office romances do not work out due to pressure from co-workers and the ever-present office rumor mill. Sadly, this office romance was no different!

14Any fan might know this fact!

Boo! Happy Halloween! Can you name Jim Halpert's "creative" Halloween costume in Season 2? Over the years, Jim has had many Halloween costumes that evoke eye-rolling. His costumes can actually be looked at as creative though he does not seem to have to put as much effort into them as everyone else does. His co-workers, for example, go all out with special effects make-up, wigs, masks and complete ensembles. Jim isn't into all of that but we've got to give him credit where credit is due—some people don't even dress up at all!

15Any fan might know this fact!

In Season 4, it is made known that there is a preferred pizza place in Scranton but it has a similar name to the gross pizza place in town. There is a big argument because Michael tells the staff that he ordered pizza from one of the places but he can't remember the name exactly. Michael asks what the difference is between the two places and Kevin tells Michael that it is a very big deal because one of the two places makes pizza that tastes like a "hot circle of garbage." What is the name of the preferred pizza place?

16Any fan might know this fact!

The commercial building that housed Dunder Mifflin had one person who looked over the safety of all inside and his name was... - Wait! That is for what this question is about. What was the name of the security guard who put up with more than his fair share of Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute's shenanigans? He usually was not very pleased and made his annoyance known but if we had to put up with what he did, we would probably feel the same way.

17Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

What is Darryl Philbin's daughter's name? Former warehouse worker Darryl Philbin only had one child, a girl. Divorced from his ex-wife, Justine, Darryl shared custody of their young daughter who made a handful of appearances on the show, visiting her father at work. On occasions when she wasn't there in person, Darryl often mentioned her and brought her up in conversation. Guess the youngest Philbin's name below and we will provide a big clue. Her name begins with the letter J!

18Any fan might know this fact!

Within a few minutes of getting to know Andy Bernard AKA the "Nard Dog," we had a distinct feeling that he was a musically inclined man. That is probably because he was singing, humming, scatting or at the very least, drumming his fingers to a beat during the time that the camera was on him. Andy loves singing and during his time in college (Cornell, ever heard of it?) he joined an a cappella group. What was the name of that group?

19Any fan might know this fact!

In Season 2, Episode 3, what very specific name is given to the "Office Olympics" sport where racers compete with "box of paper snowshoe racing?" The two brave office athletes who decided to face off in this bizarre paper sport were Kevin and Phyllis. It was a tight race all the way but in the very end, the winner was Phyllis, as Jim said: "by a nose." The sport consisted of sliding one's feet into the yellow plastic straps that are used to keep the box of paper closed tightly and racing toward the finish line!

20Any fan might know this fact!

Where did Michael and Jan go for a not-so-secret vacation? During the early stages of Michael and Jan's relationship, they decided to take a vacation together but agreed that it was best to keep the getaway low key so that their relationship did not become gossip fodder for Dunder Mifflin employees. But Michael being Michael really could not help himself and accidentally spilled the beans that he and Jan took a vacation together not as friends. Naturally, the rumor mill went wild and Jan was not too happy.

21Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

Angela Martin has had so many cats over the years that it can be difficult to keep up with her cat collection in total. Another factor that can make it hard to remember all of the names of her cats is that the names do not have a running theme. They range from human names to food item words to royal titles and just about anything else that someone can dream up. One thing that we cannot question is Angela's love for her feline menagerie.

22Any fan might know this fact!

In Season 8, Darryl Philbin revealed that he had developed an allergy at the age of 35. What was the allergy that he claimed to have? Adults developing allergies at later ages in life is actually a very common occurrence even though it seems so strange that people can survive their entire childhood, teens and young adult life with zero effects from something only to become allergic to it at some point as an adult. Grass, certain food items, dust, you name it!

23Any fan might know this fact!

It was a sad day for all original Dunder Mifflin employees when it was announced that the company was being purchased by a larger company known as Sabre. They say that nothing golden ever lasts and Dunder Mifflin employees found that out firsthand. With the huge change came smaller changes for the company. Even though these changes were smaller, they were still uncomfortable for the employees who had their working worlds turned upside down. Now, what was it that Sabre sold?

24Any fan might know this fact!

Who wore white to Phyllis and Bob's wedding? Wearing white to someone's wedding is not just bad wedding etiquette, it is a personal insult not just to the bride but the bridal party as well. The bride, groom and accompanying bridal party, everyone from the Maid of Honor to flower girl has gone through numerous and painstaking dress fittings only to be upstaged by a guest in a white dress. It's pretty unbelievable that one of Phyllis' co-workers would do this... actually, scratch that. It is completely believable.

25Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

If there is one thing that we know about Michael Scott, it's that he gets cravings for certain kinds of food and sweets. One day, he was seriously craving ice cream only to be disappointed when he found out that there was no ice cream at the office. Being an adaptable man, he was able to find a substitute with other non-ice cream ingredients in the kitchenette at the office. What was it that he used for an ice cream substitute?

26Any fan might know this fact!

What is Roy's brother's name? We only met Roy's brother briefly but Roy actually mentions his brother's name a good handful of times. Roy may not be a peach but once you get to hear about his brother, you start to get the feeling that Roy is the keeper between the two. Once, Roy's brother sold his jetskis for a lower price than he wanted to and was upset when Roy brought him to Poor Richard's to blow off some steam. Roy, upset too, after breaking up with Pam, proceeded to destroy the bar with his brother.

27Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

Who took over for Pam at work while she was on maternity leave? Maternity leave means spending lots of loving time bonding with a new baby, hopefully, some rest and relaxation in between getting adjusted to motherhood and at the end, dealing with the fact that heading back to work will be a reality. But for some, getting back into the swing of things at work is a good thing. Of course, new mothers miss their babies but working can be good for the soul.

28Any fan might know this fact!

Can you name Jan Levinson's baby? Michael seemed to have some confusion over the baby girl's name at first. We can offer a tiny hint, but there is a tiny chance that it will be helpful. The baby's name means "Viking princess." For those who are either name experts or Viking experts, it might be useful information. The only other hint that we can give you is that the baby's name is NOT Jan Jr. and it is not Michaela either.

29Any fan might know this fact!

What did Jim buy for Pam without asking her? Some people love surprises while others cannot stand them. When it comes to the matters between a husband and a wife, they can have big disagreements over surprise purchases or big celebrations. It really just depends! If the couple happens to be financially strapped during the time of the purchase, that might make things more stressful. It also depends on what the purchase will be used for. If it is going to be practical or not, that can weigh heavily on the outcome of the surprise.

30Any fan might know this fact!

What was the name of Michael's immature nephew who briefly worked as an office assistant? Michael's nephew was constantly goofing off and he managed to rub many of the office staff the wrong way when he worked as an office assistant under his uncle. Many members of the staff complained about him and even asked Michael to fire him due to his immaturity. Some were even annoyed at Michael for bringing him into the office in the first place. Name that nephew!

31Any fan might know this fact!

What is the name of the musical that Andy Bernard landed a role in? While working at Dunder Mifflin, Andy "Nard Dog" Bernard, who loves to sing, earned himself a role in a local production of a popular play/musical. The cast members were kind enough to drop by the office in order to add a little fun and drama into the office environment for Andy's co-workers. Andy was overjoyed to be in the musical and was good about staying in character, 100%.

32Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

A doll of a famous cartoon character can often be seen in the background of the office among the cubicles. Who is that cartoon character? Desk toys have been around forever but they are becoming more and more popular. Who wants to sit around at work without something that can bring back fun childhood memories and provide a bit of comfort when things at work get stressful? Desk toys make work a better place and the character who brought this doll into the office obviously understands that.

33Any fan might know this fact!

Name another one of Angela's cats! There are more than one of these questions in this quiz, but that is only because Angela Martin had so many cats! We did not even think to have a question for every cat that Angela had because there wasn't enough room on this quiz! We bet that somewhere, maybe hidden away in a drawer somewhere, Angela had a bumper sticker that said, "Cats are like potato chips. You can't just have one." We're almost sure of it!

34Any fan might know this fact!

On Season 3, who is in charge (per Michael) of teaching customer service skills to the accounting department? There were a total of three employees in Dunder Mifflin's accounting department. One day, tragedy struck Dunder Mifflin when an unfortunate and terribly inappropriate watermark found itself on all of Dunder Mifflin's paper stock and supply. Due to this, extra customer service was needed and so Michael appointed someone in the office to teach the accounting department how to handle customer service skills for a short time.

35Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

In Season 2, we met Dwight Schrute's sensei. As we all know, Dwight is into self-defense techniques so it only stands to reason that he would be involved in martial arts. Throughout the series, many plots and subplots revolved around Dwight and his self-defense/martial arts skills. On one very special episode of Season 2, Dwight brought up his sensei by name and then later on, the entire office staff got to meet Dwight's sensei in person. Name that sensei, please!

36Any fan might know this fact!

Which two words did Michael call Jim? During a performance review for Jim, Michael gives him a critical review. As a boss, Michael took the performance reviews very seriously but probably not in the same way that a truly professional boss would. Michael would let his personal feelings influence the performance reviews in many ways. One time, Michael told a staff member, "Your job is being my friend." That pretty much sums up Michael's way of the working world. Friendship comes first and professionalism comes second, always!

37Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

Who or what does Jo Bennett treasure above all else? Jo Bennett, head honcho of Sabre, ran a tight ship and ruled with an iron fist. But Jo did have a soft spot. Yes, indeed! In fact, she was a big ol' softie when it came to one particular aspect of her life. Some staff members seemed scared of Jo but once they found a way to connect with her, they found she was a genuine person. Just don't cross her!

38Any fan might know this fact!

Which popular dance song did Michael confuse for a Britney Spears song while driving up to the parking lot in his red PT Cruise convertible? Michael often confused things whether it was names of people he has met, famous celebrities, movies and much more so when it comes to songs, it stands to reason that Michael might have trouble keeping popular dance songs straight as well. It was a laughable moment when Michael confused the song that he was listening to for one of Britney's songs.

39Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

What was the catchphrase of the doll that Dwight bought in surplus to sell at Christmastime for a profit to desperate parents? Ever the smart businessman, Dwight saw that a certain doll was going to be the toy of the year so earlier that same year, he bought many of the dolls knowing that some parents wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping and by that time, the doll would likely be sold out. As Dwight says, Fa la la la la, la la ka-ching!

40Any fan might know this fact!

Middle names are actually pretty intimate when you think about. They are certainly not private by any means, but we really don't know the middle names of people unless they are close to us. We know the middle names of our spouses or significant others, close friends and family members but generally speaking, we don't know the middle names of the mailman that we chat with every week or of our child's teacher. But Dwight K. Schrute is not just anyone. What does the K stand for?

41Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

What is the name of the invention that made David Wallace a successful multi-millionaire? David Wallace's finances, as well as his life in general, was a roller coaster there for a while once Dunder Mifflin was in trouble and then sold to Sabre. When it looked like he might lose everything, he came up with an invention that sounded like a pretty wacky idea but ended up making him richer than he ever could have imagined. What is the name of that invention?

42Any fan might know this fact!

Which character actually enjoys receiving performance reviews? For most people, performance reviews are nerve-wracking events at work even for the most diligent and hard-working employee. A bad performance review can have an effect on getting a raise, specifically by not getting a raise, and it can also have an effect on morale within the workplace. No employee knows what their performance review will be, good or bad until the moment of truth is upon them. Which character likes this nail-biting process?

43Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

Which character said, "I really should have a Tweeter account?" Only a small handful of characters from "The Office" were technology-savvy so hearing that a character confuses Twitter with Tweeter is really not surprising especially that the posts on Twitter are called "tweets." Tech-savvy teenagers (what teenagers are not tech-savvy these days?) might laugh at someone calling Twitter Tweeter but we think we can lend some sympathy to this slightly confused character on this issue—whomever that might be!

44Any fan might know this fact!

Name twins! What was the name that was chosen by both Pam Halpert and Angela Martin for their baby boys, who were both born around the same time? Pam and Angela were pregnant at the same time and when it was revealed that they had both chosen the same name for their baby boys, there was some tension in the air. Each felt that they chose the name first and should be the only one to name their child this name— what is the name?

45Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

What did Ryan cook in the kitchenette that started the fire? Remember the song that Dwight sang after he found out that Ryan was the culprit who started the fire? "Ryan started the fire!" Poor Ryan. At that time, he was just known as "the temp" and this was not a good start for him. The Scranton fire department was called out to take care of the problem and it was highly embarrassing for the poor temp! He never lived down the fact that he started a fire with what?

46Any fan might know this fact!

In Season 5, which character drove Michael and Holly to Nashua, New Hampshire? Michael and Holly's romance was such a sweet one that it hurt to see them separated but at the same time, we could see David Wallace's point in having Holly transferred from Scranton to Nashua because, in the past, all of Michael's relationships have been nothing but trouble for the company especially when it comes to Jan. One character was nice enough to offer to drive Holly up there with Michael so he could say goodbye to her.

47Any fan might know this fact!

Which character served time in juvenile detention? Once it was discovered that one staff member had once served time in juvenile detention and certain other staff members set out on a personal mission in order to uncover just what it was that this person had done. The news came as a total shock and soon, the news spread to most of the office and rumors and theories as to what crime their co-worker had committed were flying around. Which coworker was it?

48Diehard fans have a better chance of guessing this one!

What outlet store does Dwight tell Jan to shop at while she waits for him to drive to her location for an impromptu meeting? Dwight calls Jan who had just recently left Scranton for New York City and asked her to pull over at the outlet malls and suggested that she shop at a certain outlet so that he would have time to catch up to her. Dwight's diabolical plan had to do with asking Jan to give him Michael's job. It didn't work, but Jan did get some nice purchases!

49Any fan might know this fact!

Name another one of Angela's cats! This is the last cat that we are asking you to name. Angela was probably the most passionate cat lover in TV character history. She really loves her collection of cats! No matter how much medicine and care they require, Angela is there (as anyone should be) with gusto and happiness to care for her kitties. One of these names below is the correct name for one of Angela's cats. Guess the right Martin cat name!

50Any fan might know this fact!

Which character said the final word on the final episode? This may seem like a sad question to ask but it is actually fitting since this is the final question of this quiz. The character that said the final line is pictured here but which one is it? Saying the final line in a sitcom seems like such a great honor that we can't help but wonder what the process is like for the writers, directors, and producers to go about choosing who gets the high (but sad) honor!

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