35 Simple Questions People Can’t Get Right

Most people love the idea of trivia nights or pub quizzes, thinking that they'll be able to answer most, if not all, of the questions asked. Of course, in reality, trivia nights are anything but easy and more often than not result in us leaving the pub embarrassed as opposed to euphoric.

Still, there's almost always that one person in our group who seems to know all of the answers. Whether they have exceptional memory or whether they are simply all-knowing, we'll never know. What we do know however is that we all want to be like them. We all want to know a little bit about everything so that we can impress our partners, family members, and friends.

The key to winning a pub quiz is of course to read as much as possible about as many things as possible. Think topics such as history, geography, popular culture, philosophy, and even psychology.

Those taking this quiz probably think that they have what it takes to ace it. But is everyone as prepared - and knowledgeable - as they really think they are? Go ahead and find out by taking the trivia quiz below. We start off easy but we do move on to more difficult questions towards the end!

Question 1

Raisins are made by drying which fruit?

Some people love raisins. Others can't stand them. If you fall into the former category then you probably don't mind them mixed into oatmeal or granola and you might even sprinkle them on top of your salads! Raisins are rather sweet and as such make for an excellent sweet treat. Still, it's worth keeping in mind that they are not as low-sugar or as low-calorie as people think, so keep an eye on how many raisins exactly you indulge in on a daily basis. Apart from containing high amounts of sugar and calories, raisins are full of fiber, iron, calcium and antioxidants (Health Line).

Question 2

Which of the below fictional cities is Batman’s home?

Are you into superheroes? If so, then you should have no trouble answering this question seeing how Batman is one of the most popular superheroes out there. According to Batman Wikia, Batman’s place of residence was first identified more than 50 years ago, all the way back in 1940 in Batman Issue 4. In general, it is said that Batman’s home city is located in New Jersey. The way that the city looks and feels has been greatly influenced by such large and diverse cities as New York and Chicago. Think you know which of the above four answers is correct? Go ahead and prove it!

Question 3

How many colors does a rainbow have?

Let’s be honest – we're always pretty excited to see a rainbow. We don’t ever expect one so when we spot it, it feels truly magical, especially if it is vibrant. Sometimes we might get lucky and see two rainbows at the same time! Rainbows have obviously been around for quite some time (literally since the beginning of time). According to Tree Hugger, the ancient Greeks and Romans thought that a rainbow was a path created by Iris, the goddess of rainbows, and that it linked the mortals to the immortals. In addition, the Greek poet Homer believed that the rainbow was made up of only one color: purple. Of course, that is not actually true. But how many colors exactly do rainbows have?

Question 4

Who gifted the statue of liberty to the U.S.?

The Statue of Liberty has long been associated with freedom and has welcomed immigrants to the U.S. for years, ever since it was opened in 1886. Of course, countless visitors visit it each year, even if they do have to climb as many as 354 stairs to reach the very top of the statue (the crown). Still, few of us know all that much about it. For example, who knows the name of the country that gifted the statue of liberty – which is said to represent the Roman goddess of freedom known as Libertas - to the U.S. all the way back in the 19th century?

Question 5

What is the title of this movie?

Released three years ago, in 2016, this movie was a huge hit. Indeed, it was not only a success at the box office but was also praised by film critics all over the world. This movie starred Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone as the lead actors. John Legend and Rosemarie DeWitt, as well as a number of other talented actors, were cast in supporting roles. The plot of this film centers on an aspiring actress and a struggling jazz pianist who, upon meeting, can't help but fall in love. Still, their professional ambitions win in the end and the couple separates to pursue their passions (IMDb).

Question 6

Name this dog breed.

The world is divided into two types of people: those who love cats and those who love dogs. People who are energetic and love the outdoors tend to gravitate towards dogs whereas people who lead a busy lifestyle or people who want a pet that is as independent as they tend to go for cats. Which are you? Are you a dog person? Or are you a cat person? If you’re a dog person you should have no excuse for not knowing the answer to the question above. Nonetheless, this dog breed is rather popular so even those who prefer cats might just get it right!

Question 7

What is the name of the eccentric candy factory owner in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is arguably one of the best children books ever written. Even if you haven’t read the book (which was written by the talented English author Roald Dahl all the way back in the 60’s) you have probably seen the movie. As such, both bookworms and film addicts have an equal chance of answering this question correctly. As most can probably recall, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory focuses on a young boy named Charlie who, along with four other kids, wins a Golden Ticket that allows him to go on a tour of a magical candy factory that belongs to a mysterious man.

Question 8

Which two rivers are said to be the two largest rivers in the world?

Originally we were going to ask you to name the largest river in the world. However since the phrase “largest river” is somewhat subjective it means that the answer to this question will depend on who you ask and on how the rivers are measured. As such, we figured we might as well ask you to name the two largest rivers in the world. According to Science Trends, one of them is the largest river in the world in terms of its length whereas the other is the largest river in the world in terms of the amount of water that it discharges per second.

Question 9

In ancient times, a Pharaoh was a ruler of which ancient civilization?

This question is rather simple (we learned this stuff in grade school) so we expect everyone to ace it! Curiously enough, before the word Pharaoh was used to refer to a specific country's ruler, it actually referred to the ruler's house (usually a palace). It was not until 1450 BCE, according to IP Factly, that people began using the word Pharaoh when discussing the King. Also, initially, only males were to be given the title of Pharaoh but then one female ruler went ahead and declared herself Pharaoh anyways, even ordering statues and paintings of herself as a male to defend her legitimacy.

Question 10

Who said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!"?

The world stood still when a famous astronaut took the first few steps on the moon’s surface and uttered the above line which with time ended up becoming one of the most famous quotes in the world. And for good reason. The moon landing was a significant event and one that most people watched with bated breath. Even today, 50 years after the moon landing took place, we still consider it as one of the most groundbreaking events in history. But who was it that said the above quote? In other words, what was the name of the astronaut responsible for uttering one of the most famous quotes in recent history?

Question 11

What is the name of this fruit?

Know the name of this exotic fruit? Just because it is not as common as bananas or apples does not mean that you won’t be able to purchase it in your local grocery store (although to be fair you might have to visit a few grocery stores if you are looking to pick up this unusual fruit). Like most fruits, this fruit is incredibly good for one’s health. It is full of minerals, vitamins and various plant compounds. Rich in vitamin C, it will help your body absorb iron more easily. Apart from vitamin C, this fruit also contains copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium (Health Line).

Question 12

Which of the below is the fastest land animal?

Who knows which of the above is the fastest land animal out there? This particular animal can reach speeds of up to 113km/h. Furthermore, this animal can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in only 3 seconds! This animal can also turn in mid-air while still sprinting, which, you have to admit, is pretty impressive! The animal in question would probably be nowhere near as fast without its tail. Indeed, its tail acts a little like a rudder on a boat and helps the animal with balance and steering. According to One Kind Planet, nowadays this animal tends to reside in Sub-Saharan Africa, and to be more specific, in natural reserves and parks that are located in Sub-Sahara.

Question 13

What is a group of cows called?

Cows are not exactly exotic. They can be found in pretty much every country around the world. They are usually farmed for their milk and for their meat. However, don’t be fooled by these seemingly simple animals! Cows are much more complex than you might think. For example, few people know that cows are red-green colorblind. They are also very social animals. They tend to form groups naturally and just like people they tend to prefer certain group members over others. But who knows what a group of cows is called? Know the answer? Then go ahead and select it!

Question 14

Who played Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film series?

The Harry Potter novel series is probably one of the most popular book series out there. According to Info Please, J. K. Rowling first came up with the idea for the books back in 1990 when she was on a train from Manchester to London (Wikipedia). Seven years later, in 1997, after many rejections, she released her first book titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The book was a huge hit and so naturally the novel series was swiftly turned into a film series. We were introduced to most major characters - including the protagonist of the series, Harry Potter - in the very first movie. But who was it that played the role of Harry?

Question 15

Which country does Parmesan cheese come from?

Parmesan cheese is certainly not for everyone in that it is an acquired taste. Most of us probably didn’t like it the first time that we tried it but then slowly, mysteriously it grew on us. Parmesan cheese is a hard cheese that is made from unpasteurized milk. However, what really sets it apart is its aging process. Parmesan cheese has to be aged for at least 12 months (basically a year)! Interestingly enough, back in the 50’s Parmesan was declared PDO ("protected designation of origin") which means that it needs to be made in a specific country or else it can’t be called Parmesan (The Cheese Society).

Question 16

What is the most common human eye color?

What color are your eyes? And what color are the eyes of your family members and friends? The answers that you give to these two questions might help you answer the question above – what is the most common human eye color? As most are probably well aware, all Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes. However, as babies grow older their eye color usually changes. And, contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t just inherit the eye color of one’s parents or grandparents. Indeed, it is not at all uncommon to see two blue-eyed parents with a brown eyed child.

Question 17

The slogan “Just Do It” belongs to which well known brand?

You don’t have to take a marketing class to know that brand slogans are important. After all, according to Ad Cheetah, brand slogans not only aid with brand promotion and recognition, they also build relations with customers and make one’s product that much more desirable. Take the slogan above – “Just Do It” – as an example. Whenever we hear it we instantly associate it with a very specific brand. Indeed, the slogan above is probably one of the most recognizable brand slogans out there. Countless brands have tried to come up with something as catchy and trendy, but to no avail.

Question 18

Who wrote War and Peace?

War and Peace is one of those classic books that everyone has heard of but also one of those classic books that no one has actually read. It's more than a 1,000 pages long and as such has to be one of the thickest books out there. It'd take most of us months - if not years - to actually get through it, at least if we were to read every single word of it. Perhaps that's the reason why so many people opt to skip the boring parts when they read this book. Still, War and Peace is considered to be one of the best books ever written so even if we haven't read it we should all know who wrote it!

Question 19

Where do dates grow?

As most people will probably agree, dates are a delicious fruit. They are sweet, chewy, and filling. Best of all they are incredibly healthy which means that you can indulge in as many as you want without feeling the slightest bit of guilt. They grow in tropical regions around the world and are usually sold dried although one can also purchase them fresh. According to Healthline, we should all be eating dates on a regular basis. Not only are they incredibly nutritious, they are also high in fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants. They may also promote brain health and natural labor.

Question 20

According to an old proverb, all roads lead to which European city?

There is an old phrase that says that all roads lead to a specific European city. Who knows which of the above four European cities do all roads supposedly lead to? According to Vice, the phrase in question has been around ever since the Middle Ages. It apparently referred to the fact that a specific Empire’s roads radiated out from its capital city. That might have been the case centuries ago, but is it still the case today? Apparently it is. It turns out that pretty much all – if not all – roads in Europe do indeed lead to the specific city mentioned in the phrase above.

Question 21

According to Greek mythology the name of the first woman on earth who opened a box full of vile things was...?

In Greek mythology, Prometheus, the creator of man from clay, and his brother Epimetheus, were Titans, the creators of gods and a race of gods themselves. Apparently, it wasn’t long before Prometheus and Epimetheus came into conflict with Zeus, the most powerful of Gods. Zeus was supposedly so upset by the fact that Prometheus taught men how to trick Gods that he decided to take away fire from mankind. He eventually gave back the fire but chained Prometheus to a stone and sent eagles to peck at his liver. As if that wasn’t enough he also decided to create the first woman on earth, hoping that she would bring nothing but trouble with her, thus punishing not only Prometheus but also the rest of humankind too (Trip Savvy).

Question 22

Which planet is the closest to the sun?

How is your astronomy? Not bad? Then you shouldn’t have any trouble answering this particular question. If on the other hand you are not quite sure as to which one of the above four answers is correct, you might want to keep reading. The planet that is the closest to the sun is hardly ever seen, except during twilight. According to Space Facts, this particular planet can be seen traveling across the face of the sun as many as 13 times a century. This event is known as a transit. The next transit will occur on the 11th of November later this year. Fun fact: A year on this planet lasts only 88 days long.

Question 23

Name this animal.

Who knows the name of this animal? According to Hava Hart they are found in a wide variety of habitats. However, since they need to keep a watchful eye on their predators they tend to prefer places that have enough ground cover. Some of these animals live in abandoned burrows, others reside in tree cavities and still others might decide to sneak into your house. Because these animals have an extremely high metabolism they need to eat every few hours. They don’t mind snacking on snails, beetles, grasshoppers, nuts, seeds and even mice! There are various species of this animal out there. Two species are actually venomous!

Question 24

What is the capital of Sweden?

Regardless of whether you have ever been to Sweden or not you should really know the name of its capital city. Sweden has to be one of the most multicultural countries out there. According to Study in Sweden as many as 15 percent of Swedes were actually born in another country. Furthermore, one in every five children in Sweden has roots in a different country. Sweden’s capital city is the largest city in the country and has close to a million people living in it. There’s plenty to see and do there. For example, it is in Sweden’s capital city that you can find a museum dedicated to the once very popular band Abba (Planet Ware).

Question 25

What is stollen?

If you’re a foodie then you should have no trouble acing this particular question. If on the other hand you have little or no interest in food then you might find this question somewhat challenging. But don’t worry! We’ll do our best to help you even though there is not much we can say without giving away the answer. Still, you might be interested to know that stollen is not something that everyone enjoys. While some people think stollen delicious, others simply can’t stand it. Furthermore, it is not something that you’d eat every single day. Rather, it is reserved for special occasions.

Question 26

Which artist cut off his ear?

Some artists are known for their masterpieces that continue to astound us to this day. Others are known for their wild and turbulent lives. Still others are known for both. The artist who one day seemingly out of the blue decided to cut off his own ear was an amazing artist but he also had a troublesome personal life. No one knows a hundred percent as to why he did what he did. It must have been a traumatic experience. After he cut off his ear he apparently gifted it to a random woman and was promptly admitted to a hospital. His mental health did not get any better however and next year he took his own life (Google Arts and Culture).

Question 27

Which country does this flag represent?

Who thinks that they know the name of the country that this particular flag represents? As is probably quite obvious, this flag consists of three horizontal bands. The top band is of the color red, the center band is of the color white and the bottom band is of the color red once again. This flag was adopted more than 100 years ago, all the way back in 1918. However, it is generally believed that it actually traces back to at least the 13th century for it is said to have been based on the coat of arms of a noble dynasty known as the Babenberg dynasty (Wikipedia).

Question 28

Do camels store water in their humps?

There are two types of camels out there – dromedary camels which have only one hump and Bactrian camels which have two humps. The two types of camels live in two very different parts of the world. Nonetheless, all camels tend to prefer desert, steppe or prairie environments (so if you’re on the hunt for camels, you know where to look!) Camels have a rather unusual appearance. They have a humped back, long legs and a big-lipped snout. Because camels live in desert environments they will eat pretty much anything they come across, including thorny plants. They will of course also stock up on water when it is available. But will they store the water in their humps or is that nothing more than a myth?

Question 29

What is the name of this plant?

Who knows the name of this succulent plant? This plant is without doubt one of the most popular plants out there and can be found in almost every home around the world. Not only does it look nice, it also comes with plenty of benefits! For example, according to Everyday Health, the leaves of this plant are filled with a clear gel which is often used to treat burns as well as other skin conditions. In addition, the leaves of this plant – or rather, the outer parts of the leaves - contain yellow pulp which can apparently be taken orally to help with indigestion or constipation.

Question 30

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is the real name of which of the below singers?

While some celebrities are blessed with names that are easy to remember, most change their names to something a little more memorable as soon as they realize that they are on their path to stardom. Indeed, countless of actors and musicians perform under names that they themselves have chosen. More often than not we are totally oblivious to this (unless of course the names that celebrities choose are very strange). So, who knows which of the above singers was actually called Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta at birth? This name is quite a handful – it’s no wonder she changed it!

Question 31

Which of the below is the biggest country in the world in terms of area size?

Who knows which one of the above countries is the biggest country in the world in terms of its area size? This country is rather popular and one that most of us wouldn’t mind visiting. Still, we’d want to plan our trip carefully – the country is so big that we could easily get lost in it. To truly see it one would have to spend months if not years there and unfortunately, most of us don’t ever get such long holidays! Indeed, according to Escape Here, the total area of this country is 17,075,400 square kilometers. It actually completely covers more than a ninth of the Earth’ s land area!

Question 32

What is the name of this actor who played Tony Soprano in The Sopranos?

The Sopranos is without a doubt one of the best – if not the best – crime drama TV shows ever made. It was created by David Chase and it starred countless talented actors, including the actor who played the lead role of Tony Soprano. Tony is a mobster with Italian roots who lives in New Jersey. At the start of season one he unexpectedly becomes the leader of a criminal organization that he belongs to. Tony might seem tough from the outside but beneath it all he finds it difficult to balance his family life with his professional life and ends up seeing a therapist.

Question 33

The smallest ocean in the world is the...?

Most people probably know the name of the largest ocean in the world (and if you don’t – it’s the Pacific Ocean, which covers more than one third of the Earth’s surface and almost half of Earth’s water surface according to Wave City) but who knows the name of the smallest ocean in the world? Know the answer? Then go ahead and select it above. Not quite sure? Then let us give you a few more hints. This ocean is not only the smallest ocean in the world but, according to Just Fun Facts, also the shallowest ocean in the world.

Question 34

What is the largest snake in the world?

Some animals are adorable. Others on the other hand are intimidating. Cats, dogs and even lions fall into the former category. Snakes fall into the latter. There is something about snakes that inspires apprehension and dread. Perhaps it’s their creepy appearance (their legless bodies are certainly a bit freaky) or perhaps it’s the fact that quite a few species of snakes are venomous and in consequence, very dangerous to people. Still, the largest snake in the world is not actually venomous, which is a bit of a relief. However, while it might not poison you it could still inflict serious pain it if feels threatened.

Question 35

Apart from fingers and toes, what other human body part has unique prints?

If you’re a fan of real crime investigation shows or crime movies (or both) then you are probably well aware that as human we all have unique fingerprints (and toes). Indeed, according to Science ABC, our fingerprints are set in stone by the time we are 17 week old fetuses. The pattern of our fingerprints is said to depend on two things: genetic factors and physical conditions. As such, no two people – not even identical twins – will have the same fingerprints. Apparently, even the length of one’s umbilical cord can influence the pattern of one’s fingerprints! But fingerprints are not the only human body part that sets us apart from others!

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