35 Questions Every Makeup Junkie Should Be Able To Answer

Every woman knows that when it comes time to face the world - it's so much easier to do it if you feel good about yourself. That means that you feel presentable; neatly styled and colored hair, smart on-trend clothes and accessories, and of course, a flawless face.

But just like no-one is born with the perfect body, no woman has the perfect face either but luckily we have tons of products to help us enhance our very best features and cover up those little imperfections. Makeup can help us feel more confident about ourselves because when you look great, it's just so much easier to interact with other people!

Most women use makeup; some use it sparingly and sometimes not even every day, and then there are the ladies who turn their cosmetics into a serious hobby. These are the women we turn to when we want to know about the latest techniques and styles. We call them the gurus, the experts, the true make-up junkies.

Is your affair with makeup only fleeting, extending mainly to lip gloss and mascara or are you a fully-fledged makeup junkie? Take this quiz now to find out and don't forget to share the results with your friends!

Question 1

Which of these products will help even out your skin texture?

There is no-one who has flawless skin - not even those celebrities who always look so amazing. But there are things you can do to help even out your skin tone. Using the right facial cleansing products and moisturizers can go along way, as can drinking enough water. And then there are also cosmetic products which can help to give your skin a more even appearance. Which of these products should you be using on your face before you apply anything else?

Question 2

How often should you replace your mascara?

There are some makeup products that are nice to have and others that are simply essential. For example - if you really have to, you can go without items such as brow powder or blush, right? But right at the top at the list of essential items, the one thing you never want to find yourself without is mascara. In just a few short sweeps mascara will accentuate your eyes, giving you defined and longer eyelashes. But how often should you be replacing this product?

Question 3

What is this?

Have you ever had your boyfriend or husband snoop through your cosmetics and stare at amazement at all the strange things he finds? We'll be the first to admit that some makeup and beauty tools do look a little scary - like this thing! But rest assured boys, this is not a torture device that we are planning to use, it's really just a simple tool that we use to enhance our natural beauty. What is this item used for?

Question 4

What is this process called?

If you're not sure what makeup process is being shown in this image, you might be a little out of date. Makeup is no longer just about putting on foundation and face powder, these days we have a way to create shadows and light areas in order to give our faces a better shape. And every girl wants to have more defined features, doesn't she? Do you know this one? If not it might be time for a few makeup tutorials on Youtube!

Question 5

What is banana powder used for?

Banana powder is made from, yes you guessed it, dried bananas! Until now this powder has been used in milkshakes and baby foods but more recently, it's become one of the main ingredients in a sought-after makeup powder. Do you have any idea what this yellow-tinted finely milled translucent powder is used for in the makeup world or does it sound like something we just made up? Only a true makeup junkie will get this one right! Tell us what you think the answer is.

Question 6

What kind of brush is this?

Just like artists need all types of different tools to create different effects on their canvas, makeup junkies need a wide range of brushes in order to get their look flawless. You've just got to have the right brush for the job, otherwise, you're wasting your time. It's no good spending a ton of cash buying the most expensive cosmetics and then not having the right tools to use them, is it? Do you know what this type of brush this is?

Question 7

What is this?

Some folks might look at a box of makeup brushes and wonder if it's really necessary to have so many different tools - especially when some of them seem to be so similar. Yes, to the untrained eye, it might seem silly, but a makeup expert knows that it's the small things that really do make a difference. Take this brush for example - it doesn't seem very special but it will help create a flawless finish. Do you know what it's called?

Question 8

Which actress owns The Honest Company makeup range?

You don't want to put makeup on your face that's been tested on animals, do you? Of course not! You also don't want to wear cosmetics with weird chemicals and additives, but how can you be sure of exactly what is going into your products? Well, you could try this range from The Honest Company. According to reviews, this all natural makeup is long-lasting and easy on the skin. Which American actress is the brains behind this range of beauty products and cosmetics?

Question 9

What is the best way to deal with clumpy eyelashes?

When it comes to makeup, accidents are bound to happen, even to makeup gurus! And one of the most common problems is clumpy mascara that leaves you with ugly black marks all around your eyes. This can happen if you apply too much or if your product is old. Whatever the reason, clumpy smudged eye makeup is not a good look for anyone so it's best to try and clean it up. What's the best way to deal with this situation?

Question 10

How often should you replace foam blending sponges?

There are few things that will ruin your look faster than foundation that has not been properly blended. You know what we are talking about right? Those ladies who walk around with a clear foundation line that ends just under their chin or midway down their necks. That's where these little blending sponges come in so handy! But of course, they do get dirty very quickly and should be washed and replaced on a regular basis. How often should you replace them with new ones?

Question 11

True or False: Primer makes your makeup last longer

So you spend at least an hour getting ready in the morning right? Taking a shower, doing your hair, choosing the right clothes, shoes, and jewelry, putting on your face; getting ready to face the world and put your best foot forward. And once you get started you don't want to have to take breaks every few hours to retouch your makeup right? You want your look to last and to look freshly applied all day. Will using primer help your makeup last longer?

Question 12

What is this?

What is this strangely shaped brush used for? Well, this is a tool that actually has multiple uses! You can use it to sweep away fallen eyeshadow from under your eyes without making a smeared mess or you could use it for contouring or highlighting. It also comes in handy for apply face masks without getting your hands dirty or for applying tinted moisturizer or powder foundation. But do you know what this type of brush is called? If you know, then choose the right answer!

Question 13

What is this?

Having a tool for every little makeup job is great, but you know what's even better? Tools that double up! Not only does this save on space, but it also saves time, and as any woman knows, you can also use a few more minutes. That extra time might be just what you need to complete the perfect look or fix any small errors. But do you have any idea what this multitasking tool is called? This is a super easy one for any makeup guru!

Question 14

What lipstick shades work best for discolored teeth?

You've heard it before and we're going to tell you again: no-one in this world is born with perfect looks. Some of us have big noses, some of us have crooked noses and some of us have teeth that are discolored. And not everyone has money to go and have their smile corrected, so they turn to makeup to try and help them feel better about themselves. And there's no shame in that! Which of these lip colors work best if your teeth are less than pearly white?

Question 15

How often should you be washing your makeup brushes?

So what will really happen if you never wash your makeup brushes? Well, think about it for a moment, those brushes are coming into contact with all types of nasties every day and if they never get cleaned, you run the risk of transferring all that dirt and bacteria onto your face. Eew! So yes, you should be washing your makeup brushes on a regular basis and we hope you are doing so! But are you doing it often enough? How often should you be cleaning your brushes?

Question 16

What does bronzer do?

Between concealers, powders, and highlighters, it's easy to become confused about which products should be used when. Take blush for example - is it still ok to use blush to give you a healthy outdoors shine or has contouring replaced this product? It's important to stay on top of new makeup trends because this will save you from buying products that you don't actually need. And what about bronzer? Is it a must-have or just a nice to have? What does it do?

Question 17

What should you use to remove colorstay lipstick?

Lipstick is one of those essential items that few women can go without. We love to look vibrant and there's nothing like a sexy shade of lipstick to make us feel like a million bucks! But between eating and drinking lipstick does have a tendency to fade and some brands require constant reapplication which can be a pain. But you won't have that problem if you choose a colorstay lipstick because it's designed to stay put. How would you remove it at the end of the day?

Question 18

How often should you replace lipstick?

How long does a lipstick usually last? Well, that all depends on how much you use it! If you're a makeup addict you probably have dozens (if not hundreds) of different lipsticks so you don't use the same ones all the time. But if you find a shade that you really like, you might wear it a little more often. But how long can you keep lipstick for? When should you be tossing lipstick out and replacing it with new ones?

Question 19

What is this?

What are you using to apply your foundation? Are you using one of these or are you still using your fingers? This tool can help give you a flawless, streak-free finish way better than you could ever hope to achieve just using your fingers. These little guys can be purchased just about anywhere and they are cheap, so you won't feel bad when it comes time to throw them away. But do you know what they are called? This one is almost too easy!

Question 20

What does the CC mean in CC creams?

There are so many different creams out there that it's easy to feel overwhelmed. What do you really need and what is just a nice to have? When it comes to foundations the choices can be just as daunting; should you be using a full coverage foundation, and what is better - cream, liquid or powder? Or do you need something a little lighter such as a BB or CC cream that comes with built-in beauty addictives such as SPF? What does the CC in CC cream stand for?

Question 21

True or False: A stippling brush can be used apply foundation, blush, bronzer, powder and highlighters?

When it comes to makeup brushes - some of them are pretty self-explanatory. A blush brush, for example, is used to apply blush and a lip brush is used to apply lipstick. But it's not so easy to work out what some other brushes should be used for. They have strange names that don't hint towards their use at all! Luckily there are thousands of makeup articles and tutorials online to help us get acquainted with these different tools! Can a stippling brush be used to apply foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, and highlighters?

Question 22

What is this?

There are some tools that are designed to be used before your makeup goes on. Take for example an eyelash curler. This is something that you would use before you applied your eye makeup in order to make your lashes appear longer and open up your eyes. Now, this funny looking little tool is also designed to be used before the makeup goes on. Have you ever seen one of these before? And if you had one, what would you use it for?

Question 23

Which actress is behind the Walmart makeup brand Flower?

There's a very special place in our hearts for this fun-loving actress. She might have been a little bit of a wild child growing up but she's certainly found her place in the world. When she's not starring or producing films she has her hands in a number of different ventures - including the Walmart makeup brand Flower. This range is not only high quality but it also won't cost you an arm and a leg. Now that's what we need!

Question 24

How often should you replace cream eye shadows?

What are the advantages of using cream eyeshadows over powder ones? Well if you have dry skin then cream is always a better choice as powders have the tendency to look flaky. This type of shadow usually has a shimmery base and unlike its powder counterparts, it can be used without a primer. It doesn't crease or fall under your eyes and you can even apply it with your finger. It's a winner all round! How often should you be replacing cream eyeshadows?

Question 25

How often should you be replacing liquid eyeliners?

Some girls are nervous when it comes to using liquid eyeliners and honestly who can blame them? If you've ever got that stuff in your eyes, you'll know just how horrible it can be and if you make a mistake it can take quite some time to correct. You need to be confident and have a steady hand when it comes to this product that's for sure. But there's nothing quite like it for creating those winged eyeliner looks! How often should you replace this product?

Question 26

Who is this Youtube beauty vlogger?

Whether you're a complete newbie in need of basic advice or a self-proclaimed makeup junkie, this is one beauty blogger you don't want to miss out on. She's a makeup artist who got her big break when ELLE Magazine booked her to work with Cindy Crawford and she's been on the rise ever since, even acting as creative director for a number of cosmetic companies. Are you one of her 1.7 million Youtube subscribers? Do you know who she is?

Question 27

Should lip liner match your lipstick or your lips?

Should you be using lipliner? The answer is yes, but in order to maximize its effectiveness, you need to know how to use it properly. Lipliner can increase the wear of your favorite lipstick and prevent the color from bleeding or feathering. When applied correctly (just outside of the natural lip line) it can also help add definition to your lips and even enhance them. But should your lipliner match your lips or the lipstick you are wearing? What do you think?

Question 28

What is this product called?

This type of product is created using ground-up mica and other shiny types of minerals. This mineral dust refracts light so when you apply it to your skin it helps to highlight places where the light touches. It can help soften out problem areas as well, making skin look dewy and healthy but it should be used sparingly. It shouldn't be applied around the eyes if you have mature skin because it can highlight wrinkles. It can, however, be applied to the bridge of the nose, the chin, cheeks and the top of the forehead.

Question 29

Who is this Youtube beauty vlogger?

This mom of four created her own beauty channel on Youtube back in 2009 and has since become a sensation. She's known for her viral YouTube transformation tutorials and she's even made waves in the entertainment world - appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden and being the voice of 'Mandy Sparkledust' in the Dreamworks movie Trolls (2016). Her talents when it comes to makeup are out of this world and she can transform herself into just about anyone. Are you one of her 3.9 million subscribers? Who is she?

Question 30

Where is the best place to test foundation?

Every woman knows that a gorgeous face starts with a good foundation. And if you don't have the right foundation, well, you're not going to be able to get the flawless finish you want. So you head off to the beauty counter, on the prowl, looking for a new foundation. You see a brand that you like but now you need to make sure you buy the right shade. What do you do now? Where is the best place to test foundation?

Question 31

What is this?

If you don't know what this is then you haven't used one yet and wow, you are missing out! Once you have the right foundation you need to apply it to your face and this handy little item will help you achieve that flawless finish that you really want! All you need to do is bounce it across your face, you don't even need to press hard as it's designed to do all the work for you. What is this?

Question 32

What was this makeup trend called?

Do you try to keep up with the latest makeup trends or do you judge each one differently? No-one should just be a slave to fashion, but if you see a look that you love you should go for it - regardless of whether or not it's in style. This eye makeup trend is from a few years ago and it's a little tricky to do but as you can see the effect is striking. Do you remember what this trend was called?

Question 33

What usually goes on first? Concealer or foundation?

It seems like everyone has a different opinion when it comes to this age-old makeup question: what should be applied first; concealer or foundation? Well, believe it or not, there is actually a right and a wrong way to go about applying these products. If you want a smooth finish, it's best to know what order your makeup should be applied in. A true guru knows that simple mistakes can make or break a look. According to the pros, which should go on first?

Question 34

What is this?

This YoungBlood makeup product has multiple uses which makes it even more desirable. Because which girl doesn't like products that multitask, right? It can be used as an eyeshadow, bronzer, or to highlight and contour, or to give your cheeks a hint of natural-looking color. You can even use it as a lip tint - now is that value for money or what? Do you know what this is? A real makeup guru would have this in their collection for sure!

Question 35

What is this?

When unicorns and rainbows were all the rage, this stuff was simply flying off the shelves. 2016 had a few off the wall makeup trends but this was one of the better products to make its way onto the scene. Everyone was obsessed with this product but do you remember what it was for? Well, you could use it on your cheeks but also on your eyes (after you primed them, of course). If you never miss a trend, you'll easily know what this is.

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