35 Original Pokemon Everyone Remembers And 15 Everyone Forgets

Today, the world of Pokemon has grown to include a little over 800 cute and dangerous creatures. There have been seven generations, each of which has brought in new monsters for fans to get excited about. But for many players who grew up playing with the first generation on the original Game Boy, they believe that the initial 151 can never and will never be topped.

With Pokemon Red and Blue in 1996, Nintendo and Game Freak created a franchise that would go on to form an empire. And the creatures that could be captured and trained through battles were only made more popular by the anime series, manga, trading cards, and various other toys. There is no doubt that the original generation of Pokemon is indeed special.

But that doesn't mean that every creature's design was memorable. Some of them certainly hold legacies among fans and have been featured in various other formats. But there are others whose appearances may ring a bell, but whose names are often forgotten. They can't all be winners after all.

For Pokemon fanatics, naming all 50 of these Pokemon should be no problem. But for others, they may find themselves straining to remember some members of what is often regarded as the best generation of Pokemon.

Question 1

What is the name of the Pokemon mascot?

There are many Pokemon that are instantly recognizable to fans, some even to those who have never played one of the games. But this adorable Electric-type is hands down the most famous. He's been the mascot of the entire franchise ever since Ash Ketchum began his journey to be a Pokemon master in the anime series in 1997. Through the show's popularity, a special edition of the original games was released where players got to have him as their starter. He would also go on to appear in every entry of Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros." series. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 2

What is the name of the Grass starter?

"Pokemon Red" and "Blue" set the precedent for how each subsequent game in the series would operate. One aspect that has never changed is choosing a starter Pokemon for players to begin their quest with. They have always been the same three types: Grass, Water, and Fire. This little guy is the Grass-type choice. He can learn helpful attacks like Vine Whip, Leech Seed, and Razor Leaf. Much like flowers, the bulb on this Pokemon's back flourishes as the Pokemon evolves further. But it can also store energy for the Pokemon to use later. What is the name of the original Grass-type starter?

Question 3

What is the name of the Water starter?

Though players may not have been aware of it upon their first play of the original games, choosing this Water-type as their starter would have been strategic. The journey takes the player through eight gyms whose leaders focus on a certain type of Pokemon. The very first gym is run by Brock who uses Rock-type Pokemon. Water is strong against these types, so this Pokemon would be an excellent choice to get over that first hurdle. In the anime, this Pokemon was shown to use its durable shell to hide in when things got too tough. What is the name of this Water-type?

Question 4

What is the name of the Fire starter?

It could be argued that the Fire-type starter of the original games is the most beloved, though it's easy to see why given the beast it can evolve into. But it also made a memorable inclusion in the anime series. Ash and his friends first stumbled upon this Pokemon during a rain storm after it had been abandoned by its trainer. In order to save its life, Ash carried it as he rushed to the nearest Pokemon center. And afterwards, the Pokemon became part of his team. It is said that the size of the flame on its tail represents the Pokemon's strength. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 5

What is the name of this mysterious Pokemon?

The majority of Pokemon are fairly easy to find if one knows where to look. But each generation has included what are known as legendary Pokemon, which are some of the most powerful and mythical Pokemon in the series. The original games had a total of 150 Pokemon players could find. One of them was a clone of this Psychic-type Pokemon and it would eventually be included as the 151st Pokemon. The first movie would focus on the relationship between this Pokemon and its clone. It doesn't like to show itself to many people and some don't believe it exists. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 6

What is the name of this Bug-type?

One of the types that Ash would encounter in multitude early on in his journey mirrored what players experienced early on in their own. While in the Viridian Forest, players could find all matter of Bug-type Pokemon. And while Ash never got one of these on his team, players would have been wise to capture one due to how effective its Poison-type attacks could be. In the show, they were shown to be most problematic in a swarm. In fact, the inexperienced Ash was terrified to come across a group of them for the first time. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 7

What is the commonly-found Flying-type?

There is a handful of Pokemon that all trainers undoubtedly captured early on in their journey due to how easy it was to find them. And as building up a team was crucial to continuing the journey, this Flying-type was probably added onto many teams. These are usually pretty peaceful unless provoked. Flying-types can be useful in battle with attacks like Whirlwind, Gust, and Sand Attack. But they would also go on to be extremely helpful in the overworld. Teaching them the move Fly could help players fast travel to the various towns they had already visited. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 8

In the anime, what Pokemon can speak like a human?

In the games, every Pokemon has a certain call or sound it emits. In the anime series, Pokemon can only say their name. But this clever Pokemon proves that they can learn how to speak the human language. As a member of the villainous Team Rocket, this Pokemon is always trying to help his human partners steal Ash's Pikachu. But learning how to speak meant he gave up other useful traits of this Pokemon, like the move Payday. This Pokemon is naturally attracted to anything shiny and its Pokedex entry states they like to wander the streets in search of lost change. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 9

What Pokemon can evolve into multiple types?

Most Pokemon evolve and keep the same classification type they started with. Others may take on a new one in addition to their original type, such as when Poliwhirl goes from being solely a Water-type to a Water and Fighting-type when it evolves into Poliwrath. This Pokemon, however, is a special case. It's a Normal-type but can evolve into an Electric, Fire, or Water-type in the original games. Later installments would introduce even more types for it to evolve into. In 2018, it became one of two mascots for "Pokemon Let's Go!" on Nintendo Switch, along with Pikachu. What is the name of this Normal-type?

Question 10

Who is this Pokemon that likes to sing?

Several Pokemon were made much more popular due to their appearances in the anime series, and this is definitely one of them. This Pokemon loves to sing, and in the game it serves as an attack to put its opponents to sleep. It can be very useful during a battle, but in the series, this Pokemon wanted nothing more than to gain praise for its singing abilities. Unfortunately, it would always put people to sleep and get insulted when they didn't hear her whole song. It became a running joke in the show and led to her becoming a fighter in "Super Smash Bros." What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 11

What is Bulbasaur's final form?

Each of the original three starter Pokemon would eventually evolve into a third and final form. And each of them would be fine additions to any trainer's team due to the powerful attacks they could learn. Bulbasaur's final form saw it grow immensely in size and the bulb on its back in full bloom. Some higher level attacks it could learn are Solar Beam, which has 100% accuracy, and Sleep Powder. The flower on its back can absorb sunlight and convert it into energy, which it can use in battle but also means it isn't as strong during night. What is the name of Bulbasaur's final evolution?

Question 12

What is Squirtle's final form?

Each final form of the three starters sees definite upgrades and add-ons when it comes to their appearance. Where Venusaur's flower is in full bloom, the final form of Squirtle sprouts two massive cannons from its back. These cannons are incredibly powerful, spraying huge blasts of water at its opponents. It may seem like this final form trades in speed for power, but it can always retreat into its shell, spin quickly, and shoot itself at an enemy. The Pokedex entry from "Pokemon Yellow" states its cannons use more force than fire hoses. What is the name of Squirtle's final evolution?

Question 13

What is Charmander's final form?

Given that this fire-breathing Pokemon grows wings to make it resemble a dragon, it has become one of the most popular in any generation. It was also seen in the anime series when Ash's Charmander kept evolving faster than any other. Unfortunately, though similar to the games, this high-level Pokemon didn't respect the inexperienced trainer and wouldn't often listen to him. But what it craved more than anything was a challenge. If it saw a Pokemon it knew would put up a good fight, it immediately went after it. This Pokemon has also been included in "Super Smash Bros." What is its name?

Question 14

What is the name of this legendary Ice-type?

Mew and Mewtwo weren't the only legendary Pokemon to be found in the first generation of Pokemon. There were also three majestic bird Pokemon that players could find. This legendary Ice and Flying-type could only be found at the Seafoam Islands in the original games and if players missed the opportunity to catch it, it wouldn't appear again. The Pokedex entry from the original games states that this Pokemon takes pity on those lost on icy mountains and helps them to safety. The ice attacks it can learn are incredibly powerful, especially to Dragon-types. What is the name of this legendary Pokemon?

Question 15

What is the name of this legendary Electric-type?

This Pokemon is one of the first legendary Pokemon players could find in the original games. And while Electric-types are strong against Flying-types, this Pokemon has the luxury of being both. It could be found in the Power Plant after players had battled their way through to the end. Unlike the helpful Articuno, this Pokemon loves the power it holds and can appear from giant clouds, creating lighting storms simply by flapping its wings. The level of its Special Attack is a bit higher than Articuno's given how strong its Electric attacks are. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 16

What is the name of this legendary Fire-type?

The third legendary bird Pokemon players could find in the original games was this Fire/Flying-type. But it was also one of the last legendary Pokemon players could find. It could only be found on Victory Road which led to the final conflict with the Elite Four. This left trainers little time to train with it if they wanted it on their team, unless they backtracked and went through areas they had already completed. Its wings are said to burn so brightly that they could illuminate the night sky. In later generations, this Pokemon could surprisingly learn the Grass-type attack Solar Beam. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 17

Which Pokemon can transform into another?

For players who liked to have a little more variety on their team, this Pokemon would make a great addition. The only move it knows is Transform, but this can be used to become a copy of any Pokemon it is battling. It obtains that Pokemon's types and all of their attacks, meaning the player wouldn't be caught off guard battling a Pokemon who had a type advantage. The only downside was that each attack could only be used five times within that battle. It is said that when this Pokemon sleeps, it transforms into a rock so as not to be disturbed. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 18

What is the name of this powerful Pokemon?

Dragon-types wouldn't appear too often within the first generation of Pokemon. Which is a good thing, given how overpowered they can be. Their attacks are immensely powerful and they aren't weak against many things, though Ice attacks work best. In the newest games, a new type called Fairy was introduced to balance out the Dragon-types. Even Pokemon that resemble dragons like Charizard or Gyarados weren't classified as Dragon-types. This Pokemon was one of few that could be found in the original games and could only be acquired if its previous form reached a very high level. What is the name of this Dragon-type?

Question 19

What is the name of this Rock-type?

One of the earlier Pokemon that Ash would have to battle against in the anime was owned by Brock, the Rock-type trainer who owned the Pewter City gym. Unfortunately for him, Pikachu's Electric-type attacks did little to this Pokemon's tough skin. Fortunately for him, the electricity triggered the sprinkling system, which hurt the Pokemon immensely and helped Ash become victorious. In the games, choosing Squirtle as the starter Pokemon would help greatly when it came time to battle Brock. As this Pokemon grows stronger and levels up, the rocks that make up its body become harder. The second generation of Pokemon gave it an evolved form whose body was made of pure steel. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 20

What is the name of this sleepy Pokemon?

One of the most memorable instances in the original games came when players stumbled upon this snoozing Pokemon blocking a road. There was no way to wake it up or trigger a battle until much later in the game after obtaining the Poke Flute. But having its nap interrupted could make this Pokemon very angry. Though it may not look it, this Normal-type is extremely strong. And given that it's a Normal-type, it can be taught all manner of attacks like Bubblebeam, Solar Beam, and Thunder. Trainers would be smart to add this Pokemon to their team. What is its name?

Question 21

What is this the name of this Water-type?

With every generation of Pokemon, there are several monsters that many players may have questioned what the developers were thinking. In the first generation, players could catch this Pokemon after obtaining a fishing rod. Though, as the only attack it knows is the useless Splash, many may not have wanted to. This was played up in the anime series as well when Team Rocket member James was conned into buying one. However, the fact that it can evolve into the aggressively powerful Gyarados is reason enough to add this to one's Pokemon team. What is the name of this Water-type Pokemon?

Question 22

What is the name of this helpful Pokemon?

In the anime, this Pokemon proved how useful it could be when Ash added one to his team. When traveling across vast bodies of water, this large Pokemon was more than happy to let him and his companions ride on its back. But it can also be a fierce fighter. It can learn a number of Ice-type attacks which, in the games, would come in handy when facing Elite Four member Lance, who had several Dragonites on his team. However, it is normally one of the most peaceful Pokemon in existence. What is the name of this helpful Water/Ice-type Pokemon?

Question 23

What is the name of this Psychic-type?

Not too many Pokemon resemble humans, but this Psychic-type is one of the few. Resembling real-life mimes, this Pokemon can create actual invisible walls instead of just pretending they exist. This can help protect from many attacks and its Special Defense level is rather high. But it can also deal out strong slaps and learn powerful Psychic-type attacks like Confusion, Teleport, and Psychic. This Pokemon was seen in the anime when Ash's mom acquired one to help her around the house and it will also be seen in the upcoming live-action movie, "Detective Pikachu." What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 24

What is the name of this Water-type?

This Pokemon's mood is probably one of the hardest to read given that it doesn't have an actual face. But it still made memorable appearances in the anime as the Water-type trainer Misty had one on her team. It is also one of the more resilient Pokemon around as it can regrow any appendage that gets cut off while battling. The center of its body is clearly the most vulnerable spot, but as it spins and moves around so fast, this can be rather difficult to hit and its base speed stat is its highest. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 25

What Pokemon does Pikachu evolve into?

While Ash's Pikachu never wanted to evolve and lose its sense of self, any other Pikachu in the game would be happy to evolve for its trainer. Several Pokemon wouldn't evolve by leveling up. Instead, one would have to obtain a special stone to get them to their next form. For Pikachu to evolve, one would need a Thunder Stone. Tying in with the anime, however, the Pikachu in "Pokemon Yellow" would refuse to evolve and this form could only be acquired by trading with another player. It was recently added as one of the Pokemon that could appear from a Pokeball in "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate." What Pokemon does Pikachu evolve into?

Question 26

What is the name of this healing Pokemon?

There are some Pokemon that are naturally aggressive and there are others who can't stop themselves from helping others. This Pokemon resides in the latter category and it's why they can be seen in every single Pokemon Center as players journey into new towns. Outside of these instances, they aren't found too commonly in the wild. But if it does happen to come across an injured Pokemon outside of a Pokemon center, it will share its egg with it, which has powerful healing properties. This Pokemon has also been featured in every "Super Smash Bros." game and serves to heal any fighters that can pick up its eggs. What is its name?

Question 27

What is this commonly-found Normal-type?

Other than Pidgey, one of the first Pokemon that players would run into, and often, on their quest was this Normal-type. It could easily be found in almost all high patches of grass because, just like real-life mice, it can nest comfortably in any location. Its giant teeth are its greatest defense against other Pokemon and it can move incredibly quickly. These are always found in packs rather than alone. That means when trainers find one, they better be ready to come across a whole lot more. This Pokemon can only evolve once. What is the name of this Normal-type?

Question 28

What Pokemon resembles a Pokeball?

While some Pokemon feature elaborate and unique designs, there are many others that are remarkably simple. Later generations would include a Pokemon that resembles a ring of keys and one that looks like an ice-cream cone. In the first generation, there was one who resembled a Pokeball. This may have tricked unknowing trainers into approaching them, but this Pokemon is anything but friendly. It can deal out heavy doses of electricity and has a habit of self-destructing. It can evolve once, growing larger and reversing its colors. It is used by many members of Team Rocket. What is the name of this Electric-type that looks like a Pokeball?

Question 29

What is the name of this popular Ghost-type?

Much like Dragon-types, Ghost-types were not featured as heavily as others in the original generation. And acquiring the final form of Ghastly was a bit trickier than others. While players could evolve it once, doing so again required a link cable. If someone traded it after evolving once, it would evolve a second time for the trainer it was traded to. And as Ghost-types are incredibly effective over the otherwise intimidating Psychic-types, this Pokemon was probably desired by many players. Its Pokedex entry states that it sucks the heat from its surroundings. What is the name of this Ghost-type Pokemon?

Question 30

What Pokemon always has a headache?

There were several Pokemon that lent themselves well to jokes in the anime series such as the angry Jigglypuff. Another was a Pokemon accidentally acquired by Misty that constantly had a headache. Due to the fact that it was constantly keeping a migraine at bay, many thought it simple-minded. In the show, the strength of the headache could cause the Pokemon to unleash dangerous psychic abilities, making it surprisingly strong. Upon evolution, this Pokemon would become a much more adept fighter and swimmer and would lose its ability to let out bursts of psychic waves. What is the name of this Water-type?

Question 31

What is the name of this Ground-type?

No one knows what the rest of this Pokemon's body looks like as it is always buried underground. Even to the trainers that own one, its body is always buried underneath the ground. These small mole-like Pokemon can be very helpful to farmers. They dig through shallow earth and raise ground slightly wherever they dig, which makes the ground much easier to plant in. Normally, these Pokemon reside in dark places like caves because they don't like sunlight as it makes them weak. It can be evolved once, tripling its number of heads. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 32

What is the name of this Bug Pokemon?

After acquiring Pikachu, one of the first Pokemon that Ash was able to capture was the Bug-type Caterpie. And it was one of the friendliest Pokemon he would ever have on his team. In the games, obtaining this final form is rather easy as it evolves from the second form only at level 10. This lets players experience evolution and obtain a slightly stronger Pokemon early on. This Pokemon can learn many helpful moves that affect statuses of opponents like Stun Spore, Poison Powder, and Sleep Powder. It can usually cause these effects by flapping its massive wings quickly. What is its name?

Question 33

What is the name of this Poison-type?

Jesse, James, and Meowth were constant thorns in the sides of Ash and his friends as members of Team Rocket. And while they were often defeated and made fun of, the two of them actually owned some dangerous Poison-types. Jesse owns this ruthless Pokemon, which can be highly protective of its territory when found in the wild. Poison-type attacks can have serious status effects that can continue causing damage after they've already hit. Players would do well to keep Antidotes well-stocked when dealing with Team Rocket, or else their Pokemon will surely faint. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 34

What is the name of this other Poison-type?

Where Jesse owned the ferocious Arbok, James owned this other Poison-type. While its constantly frowning faces may make it seem like it isn't all that dangerous, it has a skull and crossbones design on its body for a reason. This Pokemon has the ability to spray toxic gas from its body. Not only does this gas smell painfully bad, but it can also be extremely detrimental to other living creatures. It naturally likes to be around trash and toxic waste as absorbing germs can make it stronger. It appears from a Pokeball in "Super Smash Bros." What is its name?

Question 35

What Pokemon can be found easily in caves?

When venturing into caves, players better be prepared to deal with an army of these Pokemon. As it doesn't have any eyes, this Pokemon uses sound waves to navigate similar to real bats. This helps it see where it's going as it flies but also if there are threats around. In addition to being a Flying-type, this commonly-found Pokemon is also a Poison-type. Each one knows Leech Life, a useful move that can drain health from enemy Pokemon to heal itself. Upon evolution at Level 22, it will grow eyes. In the second generation, it was given a third and final form to evolve into. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 36

What is the name of this Fighting-type?

Though they may not be as flashy or visually impressive as other types, Fighting-type Pokemon can be rather dangerous when they get in close. Literally classified as the Kicking Pokemon, this Fighting-type can deliver aggressive attacks in quick succession. Unlike most other Pokemon, it can increase the size of its body parts. Its coiled legs can extend so to reach its opponents and help it move faster. In the second generation, it was given a pre-evolved form that could either turn into this Pokemon or two others. It is named after a famous martial artist, but what is its name?

Question 37

What Pokemon does Butterfree evolve from?

Many may have forgotten the second form of Caterpie for a variety of reasons. For one, it doesn't stay in this form for very long before it evolves into Butterfree. And for another, it can't do much other than serving as a protective shell for the Pokemon to grow inside the same way that cocoons operate in the real world. It loses the few moves that Caterpie knows upon evolving and only knows one itself: Harden. This move protects its body from prey until Butterfree is ready to emerge. Despite only knowing one move, Ash still used his in a battle against an opposing trainer's in the series. What is its name?

Question 38

What is the name of this Grass-type?

The majority of Pokemon from the first generation can evolve into something stronger, though this Grass-type couldn't. However, it would be given one in the fourth generation. This Pokemon's entire body is covered by blue vines and two big eyes are all anyone sees of the body underneath. The vines are said to be constantly growing, curling around the Pokemon's body. It can learn a number of useful Grass and Normal-type attacks like Constrict, Absorb, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, and Slam. Though it isn't necessarily rare, it could only be found on Route 21 in the original games. What is the name of this Grass-type?

Question 39

What is the name of this bull Pokemon?

Another Pokemon that resembles something found in real life is this bull-like Normal-type Pokemon. It's known to be rather rambunctious and likes to charge any creature it comes across, whether they be human or Pokemon. In the games, they could only be found in the optional Safari Zone, making them slightly rare. It is one of the few Pokemon that never received a higher form to evolve into or a pre-evolved form in later generations. In the series, Ash was able to acquire a whole herd of these, though he sent most of them to live with Professor Oak. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 40

What is the name of this Bug Pokemon?

Far from the cutest or most cuddly Pokemon, Bug-types can be excellent fighters given the amount of moves that can cause status effects. Though many of them aren't the most durable, this particular Pokemon can withstand most things due to its hard shell. Its defense and attack levels are actually its highest. The giant horns on its head are its most useful attribute in battle as it likes to catch prey in them and crush them with intense force. Along with Tauros, this Pokemon could only be found in the Safari Zone. What is the name of this Bug-type Pokemon?

Question 41

What is the name of this bird Pokemon?

This Pokemon's first form is rather small with a short beak and wings. So the fact that it evolves into this giant bird with an intimidating beak and a giant wingspan is quite the improvement. And it can evolve fairly early on at Level 20. As one could guess, it can learn all manner of Flying and Normal-type attacks like Razor Wing, Fury Attack, and Hyper Beam. However, it can also be taught several Psychic attacks through TMs like Reflect and Rest and even the Poison-type Toxic. Just keep it out of reach from any Electric-types. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 42

What is the name of this Grass/Poison-type?

This Grass/Poison-type is another from the first generation that could be evolved through the use of a special stone, but it still provides a special case. Using a Leaf Stone will evolve it, but the second generation saw it get another form it could evolve into by using a Sun Stone. While this Pokemon may look drowsy and unaware of its surroundings, the drool coming from its mouth isn't drool at all. It's a special nectar it secretes to attract prey. For any players that love using various status effects, this Pokemon would make a strong team member. What is its name?

Question 43

What Pokemon does Machop evolve into?

This muscular Pokemon evolves from Machop at Level 28 and comes with a special belt that holds back its energy and strength. The Pokedex states that without this belt, the Pokemon's strength would be nearly unstoppable. And that's before it has even evolved into its final form. But even with the belt, it is believed that this Pokemon never grows tired. Similar to how Haunter evolves into Gengar, this Pokemon can only evolve after being traded to another trainer. Its evolved form spouts two extra arms, all the better to pummel its opponents. What Pokemon does the Fighting-type Machop evolve into?

Question 44

What is the name of this Rock-type?

And here is yet another Pokemon that can only be acquired through trading. It is the final form of Geodude, who was seen frequently in the anime series on Brock's team. Its body resembles a boulder, but it is much stronger than that. The Pokedex states that it could be blasted with dynamite and not take any damage from it. For trainers who wanted a Pokemon that could deal heavy physical damage to their opponents, this Rock/Ground-type is just the right choice. Funnily enough, this Pokemon is actually capable of shedding its skin like a snake. What is its name?

Question 45

Who is this Poison-type?

Poison types allowed the team designing the looks of Pokemon many opportunities to form some of the grossest creatures they could think of. This particular one is essentially a sentient pile of sludge and is one of a few Pokemon that was created in part by humans. These Pokemon began to form when sludge caused by pollution in streams was exposed to the moon's X-rays. It smells incredibly foul and can cause people to leave their homes, as was seen in the anime. In the games, they are often used by Team Rocket due to their poisonous attacks. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 46

What Pokemon does Goldeen evolve into?

Goldeen has appeared on the anime series many times as Misty had one on her team. However, its appearances in the "Super Smash Bros." series may have made some think she's rather useless as she only flops around in those games. At Level 33, Goldeen evolves into this surprisingly strong Pokemon. They usually reside at the bottoms of streams or rivers. They tend to hollow out boulders with their horns and use them as homes. It can learn many fantastic Water-type attacks, but teaching them an Ice one would be a smart move. What is the name of the Pokemon Goldeen evolves into?

Question 47

What is the name of this Ground-type?

If trainers find themselves traveling through dry locations devoid of water, they are sure to stumble across a few of these little Pokemon. However, they still like to spend most of their time buried deep underground and only come out to find food. They are usually very shy and immediately dig holes when confronted. Another way it can escape is by using Sand Attack, which lowers the accuracy of its opponents. It can only evolve once. But when the Alola region was introduced in the seventh generation, an Ice/Steel-type version of this Pokemon was also introduced. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 48

Who is this Bug/Grass-type?

This Pokemon resembles a crab, just with a giant mushroom on its back. Both its big pincers and this mushroom come in handy when dealing with enemy Pokemon. The Pokedex states that this mushroom is actually a parasite that has taken control of the bug underneath. It sucks all the Pokemon's energy and makes all of its decisions. However, the larger the mushroom grows, the more powerful its attacks become. It can learn supremely powerful attacks like Solar Beam, Mega Drain, Skull Bash, and Growth, which raises the Pokemon's special attack levels. What is the name of this Bug/Grass-type Pokemon?

Question 49

What is the name of this Grass/Poison-type?

Being the second stage of a Pokemon's evolution may be a bit more forgettable given that they aren't the first adorable version trainers come across nor are they the final form players use most. While this Pokemon doesn't have any legs, it is able to float slightly above ground. Being that it's a Grass/Poison-type, ones found in the wild will often spray other Pokemon with poison powder to paralyze them and then spit acid at them. Also, coming into contact with a Leaf Stone will cause this Pokemon to evolve. So trainers don't have to spend too much time leveling these up. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 50

What is the name of this fossil Pokemon?

At a certain point in the original games, players can learn about a group of ancient Pokemon that have long been extinct. However, obtaining one of their fossils and bringing it to a lab will restore the Pokemon so players can add it to their team. This snail-like Pokemon came from one of those fossils, making them incredibly rare. Its thick shell protects it from attacks and its many small tentacles help it swim and walk along seafloors. It's a Water/Ground-type, which means it can learn a variety of attacks. It can also evolve once. What is the name of this Pokemon revived from a fossil?

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