35 Movies Every Mom Probably Knows By Heart. Name At Least 50% Of Them!

The movie industry sees special movies catch on and develop lasting legacies for many years to come. Family films have the best chance to reach such a status with everyone able to appreciate the magic in them. Studios like Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks and others create films that dominate the box office and live on following it. The movies here not only find success in the movie theater, but the interest it creates causes everyone to find out it. Word of mouth is a huge reason why quite a few films caught on with such success.

The mother of a household is typically the person to hear about these movies. Children having a strong desire to see the next big movie will see them begging their parents to take them to the theater for it. There is also the instance of kids loving a film so much that they continue watching it many times once on television or owned at home. Basically, it makes it impossible for a mother to not add many family movies to her memory. We will test your knowledge when it comes to these specific films. Moms know these movies by heart. Good luck attempting to name at least 50% of them!

1What is the name of this movie?

This movie was a recent success for Disney with a new story instead of another sequel. The movie introduced a new character that set sail on an adventure to save her people. Bravery helps her go on this journey with an unlikely character. It led to massive success at the box office. Disney now has another top character that is still marketed heavily due to the demand because of this movie. What is the name of the film described here?

2What is the name of this movie?

The film franchise of this character saw quite a few movies made. This story followed the ogre along with his love and his friends throughout each film. It was a breakout hit when the first movie entered theaters many years ago. The franchise created multiple movies, spin-offs, video games and other fun fixtures in pop culture. This main character’s unique look is one that most moms will remember their kids asking to see this movie at point. What is the name of it?

3What is the name of this movie?

The recent film franchise shown here features an endearing character winning over the hearts of many viewers. It is about a bear trying to find a home living with humans. The adorable bear struggles to fit in, but he has a charm that gives him the opportunity to win over their hearts. Two films have been made in this franchise with reports of more coming in the next few years. What is the name of the family film shown here?

4What is the name of this movie?

This classic animated film is one of the most beloved movies in Disney history. It features many memorable characters and an emotional story that touched the hearts of all demographics. Mothers teared up watching this movie while their kids fell in love with the characters. The characters of Timon and Pumbaa are shown here with many fans enjoying their scenes in the film. Quite a few quotes and moments from the movie are still relevant today. What is the name of this film?

5What is the name of this movie?

One of the biggest family films in recent memory is shown here. Disney found another gem with this movie setting box office records. The success from the film is still going strong today with merchandise of the characters dominating the industry. A sequel is coming out soon to continue the story that featured characters like Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven. Countless mothers have been asked to watch this movie or buy merchandise involving it. What is the name of this film?

6What is the name of this movie?

Another Disney property found historic box office success with the movie shown here. It featured the Pixar studio under Disney dominating the movie industry as the highest-grossing animated film of all-time. Viewers of all ages wanted to see this hit film following years of anticipation. The first movie in the franchise came out over a decade ago to huge success. It featured adults that saw the first one as kids, new young fans, parents and everyone in between coming to see it. What is the name of this film?

7What is the name of this movie?

A classic family film that has lived through multiple generations features the story of a young boy being left on his own when his family goes on vacation. He is forced to fend for himself against burglars with many elaborate tricks set up to stop him. The movie was released in the early 90s and various generations of kids have seen it growing up as it remains popular today. It is considered one of the top holiday related films of all time. What is the name of this movie?

8What is the name of this movie?

One of the top film franchises in animation has seen this specific character break out. These characters first emerged in multiple Despicable Me movies. They were so popular that the studio decided to give them their own spin-off film. It became a phenomenon in the toy industry with kids begging their parents to get them some version of these toys along with wanting to see the movie. The branding for this movie certainly found success. What is the name of the film?

9What is the name of this movie?

DreamWorks found success with this animated film to dominate the box office. The main character Hiccup is on a journey to stand up against tradition and go against his family’s lifestyle. It forces him to make huge decisions and allows him to make unlikely friends along the way. This movie was one of the biggest successes for the DreamWorks studio. There’s been a Netflix television series, a sequel and another upcoming major motion picture to follow in the franchise. Which movie is it?

10What is the name of this movie?

Pixar has delivered quite a few major hits thanks to the unique stories with fascinating characters. Viewers just get hooked by most of the Pixar stories to make it a huge success. This one was one of the early hits for Pixar with a group of unlikely heroes trying to help a lost young girl in the worst possible place to be. Hijinks ensue as the main characters get into a lot of trouble along the way. What is the name of this movie?

11What is the name of this movie?

The Disney movie featured here is one of the rare ones to take place in Hawaii. It features a lonely young girl adopting a pet that she wants to become her best friend. The assumed dog she gets turns out to be an extraterrestrial that is being followed. Two unlikely characters end up forming a bond that helps them both in difficult situations. It became a standout hit that led to other television projects. What is the name of this film?

12What is the name of this movie?

This hit film was a Pixar classic that dominated the box office. Many viewers related to the story of both the main characters when a father tries looking for his lost son in the ocean. The sea animal tale features many twists and turns with an overall emotional story. Both parents and children had tears in their eyes at the end of the film. It sparked a sequel and a lot of other success. What is the name of this movie?

13What is the name of this movie?

Will Ferrell saw one of his breakout roles come in a family film. The film featured him playing an elf attempting to find his long-lost family in New York City. He struggles to fit in the new world and hilarity ensues. Viewers of all ages enjoyed this movie as one of the most beloved family films for the holiday season. Ferrell would start getting more major roles in movies following this hit. What is the name of the movie described here?

14What is the name of this movie?

The recent movie displayed here found some success at the box office. It features a couple of younger DC superhero characters trying to create their own legacy. The story stems from a popular television series aimed towards a younger audience. Viewers were treated to a major movie about the characters that received tremendous reviews from critics. It was considered a success on all fronts given the unlikely concept being approved. What is the name of this 2018 film described here?

15What is the name of this movie?

The classic movie here has been a beloved one by fans of multiple generations. It features a giant alien robot landing in a small town and making friends with a lonely young boy. Both form a bond that sees them attempt to protect each other from various threats. The story ranges from silly to funny to emotional leading to a roller coaster ride of emotions. It has continued to find new fans throughout the years as an iconic family film. Which movie is this?

16What is the name of this movie?

Pixar created another unique story with a group of unlikely friends flying to the wilderness in the name of adventure. Humans, dogs, birds and many other creatures interact in the form of friendship, hostility and everything in between. The movie touched the heartstrings of their audience at the beginning leading to many families having a great cry together. Lighthearted moments followed suit to take the viewer of a memorable journey. What is the name of the Pixar movie described here?

17What is the name of this movie?

One of the top Disney films was remade into this live action movie with a young boy playing the main character from a classic book and animated movie. He embarks on a journey forming friendships with various creatures in the jungle. Unfortunately, there are also those that want to harm him. Friendship and family became the overall relating emotion of the story. It inspired Disney to go through with more live-action style films based on the animation. What is the name of this one?

18What is the name of this movie?

The movie displayed here developed a cult following with many families falling in love with the story. A young boy attempts to deal with grief by bonding with other friends and a very helpful robot. Many major moments featuring heartache, redemption and friendship takes the viewer on an emotional ride. There are also many lighthearted scenes that provides laughter and smiles. The movie lived up to the expectations of countless families giving it a watch. What is the name of it?

19What is the name of this movie?

A recent hit animated film features a lovable koala bear trying to save his theater from going out of business. He makes an unfortunate mistake when promising more money than he has to the winner of a big contest. It leads to many characters in the film coming together for the competition here and forming a bond along the process. They did a great job creating separate characters that were established before uniting. Which of the following movies is this one?

20What is the name of this movie?

One live action movie based on a popular cartoon saw a few major celebrities get roles in the two films in the franchise. Megan Fox, Stephen Amell and Will Arnett have lead roles as the main humans shown. There are other heroes involved that have super powers and attempt to use them to help others in trouble. Many longtime fans were disappointed with the results of the movies, but younger audiences fell in love with the story for the first time. What is the name of this movie?

21What is the name of this movie?

The movie shown here featured two characters having an unfortunate spell change their lives in difficult ways. One of the characters believes the other is a princess leading to him getting her involved in his troubles to start the major story of the film. It was a huge hit with many young viewers falling in love with another Disney project. The journey unfolds with the two characters attempting to get free. What is the name of the movie described here?

22What is the name of this movie?

The successful franchise shown here featured the story of a couple of zoo animals traveling all around the world. These animals are voiced by major celebrities like Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith. It helped them find huge success with three movies in the franchise along with many other television and DVD projects. The adorable animals became favorites of a young audience wanting to see every new release. What is the name of the animated movie described here?

23What is the name of this movie?

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis found success with a hit Disney film in 2003. Lohan was a major star at the time, and Curtis was already an established top actress. It made perfect sense to cast them in the movie about both a mother and a daughter switching bodies. The story has been used in prior films and television episodes, but the movie gave it new success. Both characters having to understand each other was the lesson that many families appreciated when watching together. Which movie is it?

24What is the name of this movie?

A recent smash hit for Pixar featured a young boy learning more about his roots. He has a passion for music but is forbidden to play it by his family. His journey takes him to many places he never thought he’d visit in his wildest dreams. Audiences of all ages cried together during the emotional moments in this touching movie. It looks at deeper themes like love, loss and the importance of family. Which of the following movies is the one described here?

25What is the name of this movie?

This movie features a very beloved tale of a young boy taking the ride of his life to visit the North Pole. It is based on a hit book and lived up to the expectations from many viewers to check it out. The ride takes him on a trip of self-discovery that allows him to understand the wonder of life. Many young viewers begged their parents to take them to this one. It was a great instance of all ages enjoying the final product. Which movie is it?

26What is the name of this movie?

The movie featured here showed the story of a young girl struggling with her family moving to a new place. Many characters within her struggle to accept the new surroundings and the depression that comes from losing her former life. Quite a few unique emotions show her difficult journey to accepting the new home. Her parents have a tough time understanding what she’s going through. The character finds a way to acceptance and appreciating the good things in life. Which movie is it?

27What is the name of this movie?

The movie here features a princess held captive by a villain using the princess’ powers to her advantage. This character has magical hair that provides the gift of eternal youth. The villain uses to remain young and refuses to let the princess explore life. A prince helps her escape leading to a wild journey to understanding the world and get away from the villain. It was a new modern story using an established Disney tale. What is the name of this movie?

28What is the name of this movie?

This family film was inspired from a highly successful book series for young readers. It led to the story unfolding on the big screen to success. The franchise saw this talented cast get three movies to tell different stories from various books. Another movie was made with new actors and writers, but it failed to live up to the success of the one shown here. This one thrived thanks to staying true to the books. Which of the following movies is this one?

29What is the name of this movie?

The family film here is one that thrived in the box office with audiences of all ages enjoying it. It featured a metropolis where different animals interact and live together in the community. A rabbit makes history as the first of her kind to become a police officer. Her toughness is put to the test with a huge scandal coming out that could ruin the harmony created with the animals co-existing. The movie was praised for its story about inclusiveness. Which film is it?

30What is the name of this movie?

A chameleon is the animal character starring in this film. It initially received huge interest due to the surprise of Johnny Depp choosing to voice a lead role in an animated movie. The chameleon struggles with his identity following years of living as a domesticated pet. He must become a hero in his new surroundings after standing out as a sheriff. The film found success as a top family film in 2011. What is the name of this animated movie?

31What is the name of this movie?

The movie shown here was one of the biggest animated film hits of the time when released in 2000. It featured the story of chickens wanting to gain freedom after spending their lives on a farm. A chicken pie making machine coming to the farm makes the desire to leave stronger than ever. The chickens try to learn how to fly from a rooster that joined the farm. Many awards were won by this film. What is the name of the movie described here?

32What is the name of this movie?

A surprise hit for the animated film world came when this movie found success in the box office. Many stars lent their voice to the film with names like Emily Blunt, James McAvoy, Jason Statham and others. The movie was a comedic one loosely based on a memorable play. Unlike other adaptations of the play, there was little serious about this film as they went for the laughs and endearing moments. What is the name of the movie described here?

33What is the name of this movie?

Ben Stiller found major success as the lead character in this popular film franchise. The movies featured him playing a security guard that gets introduced into a world wilder than he ever imagined when taking the job. It created some of the biggest box office successes for films with the family friendly PG-rating. Family members of all ages could enjoy this movie franchise together. The film showed just how many people will come to see a movie that appeals to all ages. Which movie is this?

34What is the name of this movie?

Time traveling is a major aspect of this movie featuring a young boy struggling with his past, present and future. The main character loses an invention of his at a science fair by someone with dangerous motives. A kid from the future appears and takes him to his world as they attempt to figure out everything. The main character struggles to accept a difficult moment from his past this is the biggest part of his journey. Tears are shed by many viewers. What is the name of the movie?

35What is the name of this movie?

The movie shown here was inspired by a very popular children’s book. It featured a young man coming up with many unique inventions to change the world. Most of his ideas end up being a failure until one finally works in a major way. It impacts everyone in his town and makes him a local hero. Unfortunately, his invention grows too big and puts his friends and family in jeopardy. He is forced to step up as a leader. Which movie is this?

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