35 Lesser-Known Movies Only Someone With An Awesome Childhood Can Name

Think back to your childhood. Think of all the forms of entertainment you were able to enjoy, but focus particularly on movies. There were made-for-TV films, flicks that caused us all to rush to the theater, Disney classics... and these movies. They were slightly lesser-known but these movies were known by anyone who had an awesome childhood that was filled with onscreen fun.

We have all seen the popular movies from back in the day, but this quiz is not about all of that. This quiz features titles you may have forgotten about or may have not even heard of at all. Many of them star big names. Several are based on books we read in school. And they all bring their own bit of magic and excitement.

How well do you remember all of them, though? We hope you saw them all, because they are all so good, and we will remind you of them now, as you take this quiz.

You will see 35 images. You will read 35 descriptions. You will look at the four movie titles that are listed on each question. Then you will make your guess, as you try to name these 35 lesser-known films, which are about growing up, pets, loss, friendship, magic, sports and beyond!

1What is this movie?

This film has gone down as a classic, and we are starting off easy when it comes to this quiz - because we all surely know and love this one! It may be a themed movie, but it can be enjoyed during any time of the year, with its fun characters, awesome setting and interesting plot. Plus, there are sequels to enjoy, too, but, as usual, the original is the best. So tell us...What is this lesser-known movie from your childhood?

2What is this movie?

Surely this big ol’ dog looks familiar to you. This pup starred in his first film in 1992, in a wild comedy that made us laugh, tear up and wonder what was going to happen next. Plus, just look at this animal: How could you not remember him, enjoy him and want to rewatch any or all of his films - all of which come with their own set of excitement and fun? So tell us...What is this lesser-known movie from your childhood?

3What is this movie?

This movie, from the year 1997, is considered a science-fiction comedy film, since it was all about a wacky scientist, played by the late and great Robin Williams. If you study the corresponding picture, you will get a pretty good hint about what this film is, too. It may not be as popular as some of the other flicks from our childhoods, but it was quite unique and quite memorable. So tell us...What is this lesser-known movie from your childhood?

4What is this movie?

This film, from 1995 was quite magical. It was based on a children's book of the same name, and it was all centered around the main character’s ninth birthday. This young boy got a certain gift for his birthday, and he soon made an interesting discovery about the gift - which is what made this movie so neat; we are pretty sure that all kids watching this flick wanted this boy’s life! So tell us...What is this lesser-known movie from your childhood?

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