35 Hollywood Heartthrobs That Every Girl Can Recognize... Can You?

Do you watch a lot of Hollywood movies and end up crushing on the actors afterwards? Do you get their posters and put on your walls or watch other movies just because they are in it? Whether you crush on them for their undeniable good looks, talents or whatever you will probably do well on this quiz if you took the time to remember their names. A lot of people say they are bad with names but then they always remember celebrity names pretty easily. Well, I don’t remember their names very well but I’m sure you remember them.

This quiz will include top Hollywood actors such as Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Gerard Butler, Matt Damon, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg

Chace Crawford and many more. If you are a big-time movie buff then you should have no problem getting all these questions right. This quiz will also include some young and upcoming actors so make sure you brush up on your Hollywood movies. This quiz will have some hints as well in case you get a bit stuck. Alright so get ready to tackle this quiz on all the heartthrobs Hollywood has to offer!

Question 1

Who is this cutie?

Every girl (and almost every guy) on the planet should know who this is. He has been on Valentine's day cards, in several movies, and on many teenage girl posters taped to bedroom walls. In my mind he is like the 5th cutest guy I have ever seen in movies or pictures. If I saw him in person he'd probably be the cutest guy I have ever seen in real life. I wouldn't mind seeing him at the grocery store just casually on a Saturday night.

Question 2

Another Canadian man

At first I thought the tattoo was a really long dangling earring and I wasn't shocked at all to think that because I feel like this guy would (and has) worn dangling earrings longer than the gigantic hoops I wore in high school. I think a lot of people think this guy is hot. Well, yeah maybe he is hot but he is not good looking to me. There's a difference and if you don't believe me just ask Kevin Malone from The Office.

Question 3

Who is this heartthrob?

Okay so I'm throwin' you a curve ball here. This guy is much less known than the previous men and the next few men. He was married to Reese Witherspoon. They met in the movie Cruel Intentions with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair. Reese and this guy were the two main characters of the movie. I find this guy "pretty" rather than good-lucking. Maybe it is because of his long eyelashes. He might be wearing mascara for all I know.

Question 4

Who's this good-lookin' guy?

This is a picture of him back in the 1990s when he starred in the movie Legends of the Fall. If you haven't seen this movie then you should go see it. Although it's a 3 hour long movie, I have seen in about 4 times. My mom and both my sisters find him very attractive. My second oldest sister, especially, liked him. He was never really my type, but his smile does make you melt. Who's this famous dude?

Question 5

Who is this famous guy?

Okay, so this is a picture of him when he was really young. So I guess he has been in show business a long time because he is really young looking here. I think he might be the most attractive out of all these guys just based on this one picture of him. Maybe that's not a fair decision because I'm not looking at the other actors when they were younger assuming that people look better when they are younger.

Question 6

Who is this adorable man?

Now he is pretty dang cute to me. I can totally see what everyone else sees in him for sure. He was Gale in The Hunger Games which gives him a lot of attractiveness points because it was a pretty good movie trilogy and excellent book series. Plus the beard goatee thing he has going on gives him a bunch of points too. And get this: he's vegan. He claims his vegan diet makes him feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Question 7

Who is this cute dude?

This guy is also from The Hunger Games. His name is Peeta Mellark and he was in all three movies. Peeta is my favorite between him and Gale which makes this guy a lot more attractive in my eyes. I guess any guy who plays my favorite guy in a book will always be relatively more attractive in my eyes. However, that's just me. There's no doubt though, his role in The Hunger Games helped him gain tons of popularity.

Question 8

Who is this hot dude?

Okay so this guy was the rated the best looking actor ever by imdb. Despite his deformed face, I thought he was pretty cute in Deadpool. I think the jokes made me like him. I'm pretty sure any guy can be attractive if he can make you laugh until it hurts. Laughter is a very quick way to one's heart, just ask Blake Lively, she put a ring on it, so something must have worked. It could also be his great personality and looks.

Question 9

Who is this butterfly-inducing fella?

Recently single, going through a divorce with his wife Jenna Dewan, the two met while working on the film 'Step Up' and from then on they seemed to inseparable. The divorce is amicable, so we are happy for them, but also there is a part of us who is not too upset that he is now on the market again! At just over 6ft this actor does comedy almost as well as he grinds it up on the dancefloor. If you've seen 'Magic Mike' you know what we're talking about.

Question 10

Name this attractive guy!

Aww this guy has a heart of gold. Apparently, he frequently visits our troops over seas in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's so surprise that women swoon over this man, he has come a long way from the days of playing Rory's love interest on 'Gilmore Girls', Jess. He is now Jack, Mandy Moore's long lost husband (by lost unfortunately, we mean deceased), on the show 'This Is Us'. On the show he is presented as the perfect husband, and his loss is still being felt throughout the audience and fans of the show.

Question 11

Who is this dashing young man?

This guy is about 26 years old. That's still young, right? To me it is, but honestly, he looks a bit younger than 26 even! Now here's some trivia on him to help you try to get the name: he was born to a Jewish family. He likes to play soccer and baseball in his free time and he was in the movie Perks Of Being A Wallflower alongside Emma Watson and the new Flash, himself, Ezra Miller. Do you know his name?

Question 12

Who is this cute guy?

This guy grew up playing soccer and surfing the waves since he was born in Glenville, California. He is most known for his role in the Fast And The Furious. He, unfortunately, has left this earth and died very tragically in a car accident. His love for speed was what he lived for, and sadly, was also his downfall. He left behind a daughter and many broken hearts. Do you think you can remember his name? Hint: First name is Paul.

Question 13

Who's this attractive guy?

Hey do you remember this guy from his band years? One of his most popular songs was used in a few children's movies. Jimmy Neutron is the one that comes to my mind. Ever since that he has maintained popularity and has launched a solo career as a singer and musician. One of his most famous songs is called Jealous. And as you can imagine the radio played it over and over again until you couldn't for the life of you get it out of your head.

Question 14

Name this cutie!

This young man plays Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries which I'm sure you are all aware of. In his free time he likes to surf the waves and deep sea fish in his free time. He is a health nut as well. He claims that he only eats candy on Halloween. I guess he just doesn't have a sweet tooth at least not compared to me. But he has to keep his good health somehow, so only binging on Halloween is a fair compromise.

Question 15

Now who would this be?

This is a picture of him from his younger years but you should still be able to identify him despite him being much much older. I think he is middle aged now. He starred in Good Will Hunting. That was his most famous movie. I think this photo of him is the most flattering picture I have ever seen of him. He kind of looks like Chad Michael Murray here. By the way, what is Chad Michael Murray up to these days?

Question 16

Who is this 10/10?

I have a cousin who looks just like him. He's my second or third cousin. This is why I feel pretty conflicted saying that he is cute. This man is pretty popular compared to all the other Hollywood celebrities. He's been in the show business for a pretty long time. Not only is he an actor, he's a film director. Throughout his acting career he has won a total of 2 Academy Awards and at least 3 Golden Globe Awards

Question 17

Who might he be?

This guy is 6 foot and one inches. Finally a celebrity that breaks the 5 foot 9 inches threshold. He began his career in an episode of Sex And The City. He's about 43 years old and one of his most famous movies was called Silver Linings Playbook which he played along with actress Jennifer Lawrence. He did an amazing job. He is the 10th actor to receive 3 awards 3 years in a row. He currently lives in New York City.

Question 18

Who is this man?

Okay so this is obviously a picture of him from his younger years. Sorry if that throws you off. Apparently this guy is a huuuuge environmental activist. Upon accepting his Oscar he stated his stance on global warming and warned people of it destroying our one and only home. He has huge solar panels installed in his house and he drives an electric hybrid car. Although he is still criticized as being a hypocrite because of all his enormous yachts, or maybe that's just the influence of Jordan Belfort.

Question 19

Name this good looking man!

Wow. This is awesome. You should know this man already. He's pretty popular in Hollywood. This picture is just...breath-taking. You just don't see many guys with arms like this. I had to pause for a minute once I saw it in the sea of Google images. Where can I find me one of these? I'll take two. This guy is a bit older now but in his youth he was pretty good looking. So do you know who this guy is?

Question 20

Do you know this man's name?

This guy was decent looking way back whenever this picture was taken. I think he is dressed up for a movie or I don't know maybe that's how people dressed back then. This guy is a pretty darn famous actor in Hollywood these days. Lately, he plays a lot of grandpa roles. He was in Meet The Parents and Meet The Fockers. Hopefully those hints didn't give it away too too much. So do you know what this man's name is?

Question 21

What's his name?

I know this guy from the Spiderman series by Sam Raimi. Did you know that Sam Raimi briefly attended Michigan State University? Well, you do now! This guy is not just an actor, he is a director and a producer. He was in Freaks and Geeks and he was in that movie called Milk. He is pretty gorgeous and I would be very surprised if this question isn't answered correctly by a vast majority of quiz takers. Do you know this name?

Question 22

And his name would be?

Oh my gosh his picture was super difficult to find. There were so many encrypted pictures of him. Good luck to you if you want to make him your new high definition desktop background. This guy apparently has a really sexy voice. He plays the character called Nate Archibald in the show Gossip Girl with Blake Lively as Serena. He was also in a movie called What To Expect When You Are Expecting. So can you figure out this attractive actor's name?

Question 23

Do you remember his name?

Dang Demi Lovato looks really good here. She's pretty cool in my book and I guess she is dating that handsome young fellow to her left. He is from the sunshine state otherwise known as Florida. He's from Miami, Florida to be specific. You may remember him from that movie called That 70s Show, as Fez. He is pretty cute I'll admit it. So do you think you know this dude's name so that you will get an excellent score on this quiz?

Question 24

Who is this cute guy?

Well, here is an Italian Stallion. Okay, we know he's actually Mexican, it's just an expression. He is best known for playing Alex Santiago in the hit TV series Resurrection Blvd. He is in his 40s so he is not necessarily young anymore. He was also in Pretty Little Liars and he is from San Antonio, Texas which makes sense that his roots are Mexican. So do you think you can recall his name from any of the movies or shows I mentioned?

Question 25

What's this attractive man's name?

This long haired, gorgeous man is one of the lead singers from the band One Direction. Even though they are no longer together, they are all still making music, separately. This guy here, however, has also branched off into acting. He had a small, but noticeable role in a great film called 'Dunkirk'. Everyone was quite impressed with his work, and definitely very surprised as it was quite unexpected. Do you think you can name this former Taylor Swift boo, and very talented man?

Question 26

Who him?

He is super cute in this picture. The other ones make him look too muscular or too old. He does not look good muscular because it makes him look like his head look a little disproportional. He seems to have a great sense of humour and has really grown a lot from his earlier movies. Here's a hint: he was in High School Musical. He was pretty dang cute in that movie, not gonna lie. And he was also in the remake of Baywatch with The Rock.

Question 27

What's his name?

This may be one of those actors that you had never heard of but once you saw, desperately, needed to know his name so you could figure out what your future last name would be. Here are some fast facts about him: he is 33 years old, he is 6 foot tall, and he was in the Divergent movie series. He was born in England (yay accents). He is not only an actor, he is a musician as well. So do you recall this man's name?

Question 28

Name this actor!

I swear this guy seems like one of the nicest guys in the world to me. I think he is a really great actor and that he is very good looking in that boyish, high school kind of way. He was in Hacksaw Ridge and he was in the Spiderman series. I had forgotten all about his cute face and am now very happy to add him to the list. Hopefully he is not that forgettable for you so you can answer this question correctly.

Question 29

What's his name?

Oh my gosh wow could I possibly forget this guy. He has the accent and those devilish good looks. He was in Phantom Of The Opera and many more movies. He is currently 49 years old and he is 6 foot 2 inches. He usually plays the role of a man facing a difficult situation. I guess he has that kind of face, a “life is hard” kind of face. So do you remember what this European actor's names is?

Question 30

What's this guy's name?

I love him. I don’t know what it is about him. I think it is his voice and his accent that make him super appealing to me. I really liked his acting in the movie Bridesmaids. He was that super cool, yet kind of nerdy police officer who was really sweet and kind. If you know your brit TV then you would have also seen him in the IT Crowd, and Moone Boy. Do you remember his name from any of his roles in movies?

Question 31

His name is...?

So this lovely young man is from Vampire Diaries. Hopefully you have heard of him from somewhere so that you can get this question right. He is French, English and Scottish. He was in the movies Black And White and Changing Hearts. He is also another actor in Hollywood that is 5 foot 9 inches. This question should be kind of easy given the answer choices so you can count that as your hint. Do you remember this man's name?

Question 32

What's this lovely guy's name?

Awe Jacob... You would most likely recognize him as the alpha from the werewolf pack in the vampire movie Twilight. Bella didn't choose him, but we know a ton of other girls who would. He is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and he is about 26 years old. Oh yeah and he is 5 foot 9 inches. I would have imagined him way way taller. He can afford to be a bit shorter, I mean during the movie we were pretty much paying attention to just his upper torso.

Question 33

Who is this cutie patootie?

Alright, alright, alright. We bet you would get this one quite easily. This guy has come an incredibly long way since his rom-com days where it seemed like he was in just about anything that required a beach babe. He was on a very popular TV show called True Detective and it very much revitalised his entire career, and took him into serious roles. He then went on to win an oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers's Club. Did we give away too much?

Question 34

What's his name?

This guy seems like he never ages. He attended private schools while growing up. He was a model at 7 years old and he went to Los Angeles and was casted as Alex Rider who was the main character in the movie Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker. That has been his biggest, most popular movie so far. He is about 29 years old. So do you know any movies or shows he might have starred in? I'll also give you a hint. He's not Zac Efron.

Question 35

What's this gorgeous man's name?

Okay so his most recent movie is The Greatest Showman, and of course, Logan, but if you didn't see any of the Wolverine or X-Men movies, you may actually know him from Les Miserables. In his free time he likes to play piano, wind surf, play golf, and play his guitar. He is an Australian actor, singer, multi-instrumentalist, a dancer and a producer. I'm sure you can remember this man's name. He is pretty famous in the United States, especially for his superhero role.

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