25 Questions Only The Hero Of Time Can Answer About These Zelda Characters

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda, the ongoing story of a boy in green questing across a fantastical land in order to defeat a great evil, is without a doubts one of the most beloved video game stories of all time. Even in terms of Nintendo games, a company which has created more famous video game characters than anyone else, Zelda is special, with Link being one of the most recognizable video game heroes of all time. Even with the release of Breath of the Wild which turns the franchise on its head, Link and Zelda remain iconic in the Nintendo lore.

So, for a series so critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike, it would only make sense that the series would feature a multitude of interesting and memorable characters. Sure, every fan knows about Link, Zelda, and Ganon — the trio of characters that soak up most of the limelight in the series and each embody their own piece of the Triforce. But just how much does the average fan know about them? And beyond that, just how much is known about the countless other characters that span the 15+ Zelda games that we've had the pleasure to enjoy over the past 30 years?

Do you think that you know more than the typical Zelda fan? Did you get lost in the Bomber's Notebook in Majora's Mask or obsessively seek out every NPC in BotW? Do your friends ever catch you quoting lines from the games? Then take the quiz, and find out how well you know these Zelda characters!

Question 1

This green-outfitted hero is the main protagonist of the series

Let's be honest, if you're gonna be taking a quiz based on the characters of the Legend of Zelda series, then you should definitely know who the main character is. Over the course of the series there have technically been many different people who have taken on the role as the hero of Hyrule, but either through chance or destiny, they always share the same name. With this character being just as memorable and iconic as the biggest video game heroes out there, hopefully you know their name!

Question 2

What is the name of the first boss you encounter in Ocarina of Time?

Legend of Zelda Gohma

With that easy entry question out of the way, we move on to the first 3D Zelda game. The first dungeon in Ocarina of Time takes place inside of the Great Deku Tree, and it introduced a number of puzzle and platforming elements that would continue on in 3D Zelda games for years to come. The first boss, while easy, is also one of the most memorable in the series. Also known by its alternative title, "Parasitic Armored Arachnid", what was this enemy's name?

Question 3

In the original Legend of Zelda for NES, what does the Old Man say to Link before giving him a sword?

Now we're going back to the very first Zelda game ever made. Originally released in Japan for the Famicom in 1986, and in North America for the NES in 1987, The Legend of Zelda brought the biggest and most epic video game adventure ever seen to gamers worldwide. Every big adventure has to start somewhere though, and in Zelda it really starts when the player enters the first cave of the game. Inside, the Old Man utters these famous words to the young adventurer.

Question 4

In Twilight Princess, what animal is Link transformed into?

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Link

Twilight Princess, originally released for the Gamecube and Wii in 2006, is considered by many to be the darkest entry in the series, even being the first Zelda game to be rated T. Although the more cartoony Wind Waker was met with plenty of praise, many fans were excited to finally play a more "mature" Zelda title. Living up to its dark themes, there are moments in the game where Link is transformed into a ferocious beast. What kind of animal is Link forced to be?

Question 5

What are the names of the two sisters in Romani Ranch?

Legend of Zelda Romani and Cremia

One of the more noteworthy characters that appear in Ocarina of Time is Malon, a farm girl who works and lives at her father's Lon Lon Ranch. She ends up teaching Link "Epona's Song", which is one of the most recognizable songs in video game history. In Majora's Mask however, Link ends up meeting with two sisters in place of Malon, who also happen to run a farm called Romani Ranch. What are the names of these two girls who perfectly resemble Malon?

Question 6

What color is Saria's hair in Ocarina of Time?

The beginning of Ocarina of Time introduces a very sad childhood for Link. Having grown up in the Kokiri Forest among its childlike and supposedly immortal residents, Link is the only one that wasn't born with a fairy by his side. Because of this, Link suffered isolation from the Kokiri people, finding his only true friend in a caring and popular girl named Saria. She probably most stands out as the person who gives Link his first ocarina. She also has unusually-colored hair.

Question 7

What are the last words Ganondorf speaks before dying in Wind Waker?

Wind Waker Ganondorf Last Words (Blurred)

When Wind Waker was first revealed as taking a drastically different visual approach than the previous 3D games, opting for heavily cel-shaded and cartoon-style graphics, many people worried that the game might end up being too "kid-friendly". Fortunately though, when it was actually released these fears were quickly put to rest, emphasized with Ganondorf's brutal defeat at the end of the game where Link impales his sword into the villain's head. What final words did Ganondorf speak before turning to stone right after?

Question 8

What is Ganondorf called during his final form in Ocarina of Time?

Ocarina of Time Ganon

By far the most prominent and recurring Zelda villain would be Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time. Though often going by a different name, the Great King of Evil himself has appeared in many games in the series, in one form or another. In Ocarina of Time he is introduced as the leader of the Gerudo, a band mostly female thieves which has only one male born once every one hundred years. What name does the King of Thieves go by after he transforms during the final boss fight?

Question 9

What is the name of Link's evil doppelganger from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link?

Legend of Zelda II Cover Art

While nowadays it's almost expected to face off against a "surprise" battle with Ganon at the end of the game, the very first sequel in the series surprisingly committed to the idea of a different final boss. And who was that? None other than a shadowy clone of Link himself. After battling numerous enemies, players were forced to face the very sword they used for good. This shrouded figure would later reappear in Ocarina of Time as the Water Temple's mini-boss. What's his name?

Question 10

What's the name of Link's spirit companion in Skyward Sword?

Legend of Zelda Fi

Skyward Sword was met with mixed reactions when it was first revealed to rely heavily on motion control style gameplay. While some game mechanics worked better than others, one of the real stand-out complaints people had were of Link's newest companion, the spirit living in the Goddess Sword. While the character herself was fine, and even had an interesting design, her main issue was that she just wouldn't stop talking. No seriously, she made Navi look like the quiet kid in class. What was her name?

Question 11

What do the The Fishmen in Wind Waker claim to know the whereabouts of?

Legend of Zelda Fishmen

One of the biggest gameplay mechanics introduced in Wind Waker, was the sailing. While some players loved to sail across the sea, taking in the beautiful scenery and discovering the many islands, others found it very tedious and quickly got bored of it. This became an ever-larger issue when the game required you to sail around looking for specific items to progress. This is where The Fishmen came in, friendly sentient fish that would give info on certain islands on your map. What item in particular were they always talking to Link about?

Question 12

What is the final move that the Hero's Spirit teaches Link in Twilight Princess?

Legend of Zelda Hero's Spirit

While the tried and true attacks Link uses in most of his games, such as the Jump Slash and the Spin Attack, are proven to be quite effective, there's nothing cooler than being able to add even more moves to your arsenal. Twilight Princess did a great job of this, with Link learning acquiring a number of new attacks from the Hero's Spirit (who happens to be the Hero of Time Link). What is the final move you learn from this great fallen warrior?

Question 13

What is the name of the upbeat salesman from Wind Waker that reappears in Breath of the Wild?

Legend of Zelda Beetle

Out of all the characters in the Zelda universe, it's hard to find one as happy and optimistic as the wandering salesman from Wind Waker. While he only offers a limited amount of items, such as food and arrows, his friendly demeanor and uplifting sound clips will have you coming back again and again. Even though he made a good impression, it's unlikely that anyone would have guessed that he'd make an appearance in the series' latest edition. What was his name again?

Question 14

Finish the sentence, what does Link's Uncle tell him before dying? "Zelda is your..."

Legend of Zelda Uncle Dying

When you really get down to it, Link is one of the most lonely and mysterious characters in video games. In nearly every single game Link is in, you see him living in some kind of community, but it's rare that you ever see him as part of a family. The first glimpse we ever saw of Link's relatives was his uncle in A Link to the Past. A respected swordsman in his own right, what were the last words he spoke to Link before succumbing to his wounds in the original SNES version of the game?

Question 15

What is the name of Ganon’s alter ego in A Link to the Past?

While Zelda II was an interesting and wholly successful change to the formula that made the original game such a hit, A Link to the Past was a wonderful return to form that managed to take the initial gameplay style of Zelda, and make it even better. The SNES classic focused on a different Link than the previous games, and what seemed to be a different villain as well. It's eventually revealed however that this dark wizard was Ganon in disguise all along, what name was he going by?

Question 16

What interesting quirk does Coro from Twilight Princess have

Legend of Zelda Coro

Coro is one of the first people that Link meets during his journey in Twilight Princess. The kind lantern oil salesman gives Link a free lantern when they first meet, helping him greatly, not only by traveling through dark areas and burning cobwebs, but also disbursing the poison fog covering a large area of the Faron Woods. The mellow Coro is extremely friendly with animals, and is one of the only humans not frightened by Wolf Link. What interesting quirk does he have?

Question 17

What curse has befallen Kafei in Majora's Mask?

Considered by many as being one of the darkest games in the series, Majora's Mask featured a world of people suffering a variety of misfortunes, with Link doing his best to help as many as he can with the limited time he has. One mysterious character that Link comes across during his journey is a kid in Clock Town wearing a Keaton Mask, who has the longest running side-quest in the game. What curse did Skull Kid place on him to keep him from meeting with his love?

Question 18

How old is Tingle?

Kooloo-Limpah! When there's a man running around in a full green bodysuit, shouting made-up magic words, and obsessing about fairies, it's bound to turn some heads. That's why players were a little disturbed when they first came across Tingle in Majora's Mask. Somehow the strange little man managed to keep appearing in later Zelda titles, and even starred in a few of his own games, which were released largely only in Japan. Just how old does this weird character claim to be in Majora's Mask?

Question 19

What's the name of Zelda's alter ego in Ocarina of Time?

While Link manages to briefly visit Zelda as a child in Ocarina of Time, their time together is unfortunately cut short for the majority of the game, after she's forced to go into hiding as Ganondorf seizes Hyrule for himself. Or so that's what Link thought. As it turns out, Zelda was watching and helping Link every step of the way as he sets out to awaken the sages meant to imprison Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm. What name was Zelda going by while she was in her disguise?

Question 20

Which boss in A Link to the Past requires both the Ice and Fire Rods to defeat?

Legend of Zelda Trinexx

Many Zelda fans are used to the linear formula of most of the recent games in the series, in which the weapon used to defeat the boss of a certain dungeon is usually found shortly before fighting the boss itself. Things didn't always work that way. For instance, the boss located in Turtle Rock can only be defeated with the Ice and Fire Rods, which are found in the Ice Cave and the Skull Woods, respectively. What's the name of the monster that must be defeated with these two weapons?

Question 21

Which Zelda character was added to Super Smash Bros., originally as a palette swap of Captain Falcon?

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Super Smash Bros. was a groundbreaking fighting game when it was first released back in 1999, spawning a number of sequels, and many knockoffs in its wake. Comprising an all-star cast of fighters from Nintendo's biggest franchises, it wasn't a question that characters from the Legend of Zelda series would make an appearance as well. However, when one character in particular made their debut, fans soon realized that they were virtually a clone of fan-favorite Captain Falcon, albeit drastically slowed-down. Who was it?

Question 22

What instrument does Link find Ganondorf playing after confronting him in Ocarina of Time?

Ocarina of Time Ganondorf

A recurring theme in Zelda is that it includes characters that are proficient with many different instruments. Ocarina of Time is no exception with this, with Link playing the titular wind instrument throughout the course of the game, and Sheik using a harp to teach him various songs during his temple search. Even big bad Ganondorf himself, the wicked villain who cares only about obtaining power, shows skill in playing a certain instrument near the end of the game. What is he seen playing?

Question 23

Who was Link reluctantly engaged to in Ocarina of Time?

Legend of Zelda Spiritual Stones

When it comes to pairing up characters in video games, no one is safe, and in Ocarina of Time in particular, fans have disputed for years just who they think Link should end up with. While like most instances of this in other games, it's a silly concept which isn't really significant to the main storyline, Link actually does technically get "paired up" with a character during the actual events of the game. Who is Link involuntarily "engaged" to in Ocarina of Time?

Question 24

What is the King of Red Lions' actual identity?

Legend of Zelda King of Red Lions 2

Throughout Link's many adventures, he's been accompanied by a wide range of companions who both give Link helpful advice and usually stick by his side for virtually the entire game. Usually some kind of fairy or magical being, there was one ally in particular who really stood out as being different from the rest. The main reason for that being that he was a talking boat. The King of Red Lions is a great help to Link during his quest in Wind Waker, but what is his real identity, kept secret from Link until the end?

Question 25

What does King Bulblin say to Link after his final defeat?

Legend of Zelda King Bulblin

A massive orc-like creature, King Bulbin terrorizes Link throughout most of his journey in Twilight Princess, starting from the beginning where he kidnaps two of Link's closest friends. Commanding a sizable army of lesser bulbins, the king engages Link in battle several times throughout the events of the game, revealed later to be following orders from Ganondorf. Link encounters the bulbin leader one last time as the hero is attempting to enter Hyrule Castle to defeat Ganondorf. What Does King Bulbin tell Link after this final defeat?

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