25 Questions Only A True Fan Would Know About TBBT’s Sheldon Cooper


Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory? If you have you're at the right place because it's safe to say that you were instantly drawn into a love/hate friendship with its quirkiest character Sheldon Cooper. This also means that you've become a true fan of the show, and you'll know everything there is to know about Sheldon Cooper. If not, stick around anyway because this quiz will make you want to investigate further.

Sheldon, who's played by Jim Parsons, isn't the only star of TBBT. The show is actually centered around himself, his roommate Leonard, and their friends Howard, and Raj. Penny has also been a prominent cast member since the show first aired. Despite the popularity of the show and all of its characters, Sheldon does have a way of stealing the show. In fact, it's his constant sarcasm and peculiar behavior, which has resulted in Parsons getting his own spinoff show based on his Sheldon's life as a child. It will be called Young Sheldon and will air immediately following the season 11 premiere of The Big Bang Theory, on November 2nd.

Meanwhile, you've been left with a gaping hole in your Thursday night TV schedule. Plus, you're missing your weekly dose of Sheldon. We're here to partially fill that gap with 25 Questions Only A True Fan Would Know About TBBT's Sheldon Cooper. Are you a true fan? Let's find out...

Question 1

Why does Sheldon Despise Christmas?

The fact that Sheldon doesn't celebrate Christmas is known from the very first holiday episode. It is implied that this is just another personality quirk. Although, the reason isn't fully explained until an episode in season 5, The Santa Simulation. During the episode, the guys are playing a Christmas version of Dungeons and Dragons, with the goal of saving Santa Claus. This triggers memories from Sheldon's childhood, and leads to the true reason that he doesn't celebrate Christmas. Which of these reasons is the true reason that Sheldon despises Christmas?

Question 2

What does Sheldon mean when he uses the catchphrase "Bazinga!"?

Sheldon Cooper began using the catchphrase "Bazinga!", starting with season 2, The Monopolar Expedition. He used it three times throughout the episode. Sheldon used the phrase regularly after that. One of the funniest examples was when he was struggling with a physics problem, and ended up in a ball pit in the middle of the night. Leonard was called to retrieve Sheldon, who hid in the balls and kept popping up and saying "Bazinga!" as Leonard was trying to catch him.

Question 3

What word does Sheldon Cooper use to refer to a sex?

All fans of TBBT know that dear, sweet, annoying, and even childish Sheldon is squeamish when it comes to physical contact with everyone. Although, he does begin to let his guard down as the show progresses. However, in the beginning he doesn't have any desire to engage in a relationship, period. Much less one involving extracurricular activities, if you know what I mean... In fact, he's so put off by the idea that he refers to these activities in an unusual way. What word does he use to refer to sex?

Question 4

Why didn't Sheldon want to donate his sperm at the High IQ Sperm Bank?

The pilot episode for TBBT starts off with Sheldon Cooper and his roommate, Leonard Hofstadter attempting to donate sperm at the High IQ Sperm Bank. After determining that they are indeed at the right place, Sheldon tells Leonard that he "can't do this". Leonard suggests that he can because he's "a pro". Sheldon goes on to explain his reasoning for not wanting to donate his sperm. They reach the decision to leave together. Why didn't Sheldon want to donate his sperm?

Question 5

At the very first indication that Sheldon and Leonard had any type of agreement, what was it called?

In season 2 episode 6, Sheldon brings up an agreement that he and Leonard have put in place. The agreement stipulates certain things that Leonard must do in specific disaster situations. It also regulates Leonard's preferences that are different than Sheldon's, such as bathroom rules, guest arrangements, and takeout options. This agreement is brought up often following this episode, but is referred to by a different name thereafter. What was this agreement called by Sheldon, the very first time it was brought up?

Question 6

What song is used to soothe sick Sheldon?

In The Pancake Batter Anomaly, Penny goes out of town an reveals that her relatives came down with the flu. Sheldon becomes sick and insists that Penny take care of him. One of his requests was for her to rub his belly, while singing the song his mom sang him whenever he fell ill. The song is repeated in other episodes. Sheldon also sings it to soothe his friends when they have fallen ill. What song is used to soothe sick Sheldon?

Question 7

What college did Sheldon Cooper's diploma say he graduated from?

It's sort of obvious that Sheldon is a genius, although he is lacking common sense and moral capacity. As a child he was a prodigy and graduated to college at only 11. He graduated from college at fourteen. From there he also went on to be a visiting professor in Germany. Where he attended college was never mentioned on TBBT. However, Howard does hold up his diploma in The Parking Spot Escalation, which does have the name of a college on it. What college did the diploma say he graduated from?

Question 8

Which sentence best describes Sheldon Cooper's mother?

Mary Cooper is Sheldon's mother on TBBT. She is kind, nurturing, loving, but at times she can also be strict. She first appears in The Luminous Fish Effect, when Leonard calls her because Sheldon gets fired. She comes and comforts him, but also insists that he apologize to get his job back. She usually comes when Sheldon needs to be put into place. Her beliefs are very different when it comes to Sheldon and the rest of the cast of TBBT cast. Which sentence best describes Sheldon's mother?

Question 9

What was Sheldon Cooper's "deal" during the first couple of seasons?

Sheldon never showed any desire towards women, nor men until he met Amy Fowler. He avoids contact and is an extreme germaphobe. It is never concluded that he has any urge to alleviate himself other than in the first episode where Leonard implied that he was "a pro" at the High IQ Sperm Bank. In The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem, Penny asked what Sheldon's "deal" was in regards to relationships. What was Sheldon Cooper's "deal" during the first couple of seasons of TBBT?

Question 10

What did it take for Sheldon to decide that he wanted to get to know Amy Fowler?

Amy was introduced to Sheldon in the season three finale. Howard and Raj had secretly put his information into a dating site. Up popped Amy Fowler and Howard and Raj blackmailed him with a dirty sock, into going to meet her for coffee. Sheldon was set to prove their plan couldn't work, and that a dating site wouldn't be able to find someone to suite his personality. Once he met Amy she said something to change his mind about her. What did it take for Sheldon to decide that he wanted to get to know Amy Fowler?

Question 11

How did Sheldon communicate with Amy after they first met?

It turned out that Amy and Sheldon had a lot in common. Amy revealed that they were both duped into dating. (Amy had an agreement with her mother to date once a year.) This made it apparent that Amy wasn't into relationships either. When Amy is brought back up by Sheldon during the Season 4 premiere, he explains that like he does a friend, they "communicate daily", but she is "not his girlfriend". How was Sheldon communicating with Amy after they met?

Question 12

What temperature must the thermostat remain at all times according to The Roommate Agreement?

The thermostat setting that Leonard agreed to in The Roommate Agreement is mentioned twice in TBBT. The first time was in The Staircase Implementation when Leonard and Sheldon argue over Leonard's desire to turn it up to 73, which is 2 degrees higher than the agreed setting. The second time it is mentioned in The Justice League Recombination when Sheldon is annoyed, yet agrees to let Leonard turn the thermostat down from the agreed "winter" setting of 72. What is the actual temperature that The Roommate Agreement states the thermostat must remain on at all times?

Question 13

What deems that a girl is living with Leonard?

In The Vartabedian Conundrum Sheldon was trying to point out that Leonard's new girlfriend, Stephanie had moved in with him. After Leonard denies this fact, Sheldon points out the facts by bringing up "Cohabition Rider" in The Roommate Agreement, which explains how rules will change in the event that a girl comes to live with Leonard. It also explains three actions that deem Leonard has a girl living with him. Which of the options is one of those things that deem a girl is indeed living with Leonard?

Question 14

What makes Sheldon Cooper break a ton of rules from his Roommate Agreement?

All true fans know how particular Sheldon can be when it comes to his schedules. Everything including takeout is done on specific days, and he even has a set bowl movement schedule. Sheldon is also mostly strict on himself when it comes to The Roommate Agreement. However, he finds himself breaking all of the rules when something snaps one of his schedules in The Werewolf Transformation. This makes him feel that schedules and rules no longer matter. What makes Sheldon Cooper break a ton of rules from his roommate agreement?

Question 15

Why did Stan Lee call the police on Sheldon?

It's rare that one of Sheldon's heroes ends up enjoying his company. His heroes are usually the actors who play various superhero characters. In fact, his method of meeting his heroes is a bit alarming, to say the least. True fans know that Sheldon might be annoying, but they also realize that he would never physically hurt anyone on purpose. However, it wasn't entirely his fault that Stan Lee called the police on him. Why did Stan Lee call the police on Sheldon?

Question 16

What is Sheldon's response after he goes all the way with Amy?

The buildup was nearly six years in the making. Actually almost ten if you count the four seasons before Sheldon met Amy. In The Opening Night Excitation, Sheldon finally gives Amy what she's been wanting. They had come so far since Sheldon's beginning statement of their relationship, when he explained they would have a baby "clinically". Fans held their breath waiting for Sheldon to cleverly back out, but no. It happened. What was Sheldon's response after he finally made it with Amy?

Question 17

Who does Sheldon Cooper wish his mother was more like?

Sheldon's mom, Mary means well. She's loving and kind, but can meddle and be a little strict. His mom tends to baby him when he needs it and give him a push when necessary. She's also a devout evangelical christian, and her views differ drastically from Sheldon's scientific views. This aggravates Sheldon sometimes. Sheldon loves his mother, but he also wishes she were more like another character's mom from the show. Who does Sheldon wish his mother was more like?

Question 18

Which superhero appears to be Sheldon Cooper's favorite?

Sheldon and his friends love superheroes. Sheldon is especially partial to DC Universe superheroes and is always wearing superhero T-shirts on TBBT. He collects comics, loves RPG, and any comics or memorabilia that he can get his hands on. He was moved to the point of hugging Penny when she gave him the gift of a napkin with Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock on Star Trek. Considering that Sheldon loves all superheroes, and so many other things too, but which Superhero appears to be his favorite?

Question 19

What did Sheldon agree to do for Raj to get the Green Lantern?

Sheldon loves superhero memorabilia, possibly more than he loathes contact, new settings, coitus, and everything else that bothers him. This is made apparent in The Psychic Vortex, when Raj is able to bribe Sheldon into doing something completely out of character. The bribe gift was that Sheldon got his Limited Edition Green Lantern, Lantern. The collectable was so special to Sheldon that he carried it with him all night. What did Sheldon have to do for Raj to get the Green Lantern?

Question 20

What is the real reason Sheldon knocks three times before entering a room?

Sheldon has a ton of quirks. It's never explained that his quirks are due to an illness. Although, Sheldon does state "I'm not insane. My mother had me tested". He doesn't understand sarcasm, or humility. Everything has to be done on a very precise schedule. He has to knock three times before entering any door. Sheldon doesn't like change, doesn't like to be touched, and has to sit in his own personal spot. What is the real reason Sheldon knocks three times before entering a room?

Question 21

What is the name of the podcast Sheldon Cooper does with Amy Fowler?

Sheldon and Amy have a YouTube/podcast show that they air. The show appears in several episodes, including one where Amy and Sheldon had broken up. Sheldon had expressed the show's importance in requesting Amy to be there anyway. The show isn't very popular, although Sheldon is able to get an appearance from celebrities, like Will Wheaton. At one point Sheldon cancels the show, only to bring it back because a single commenter claimed it would be missed. What was the original name of the show?

Question 22

How does Sheldon really feel about Howard Wolowitz?

Sheldon isn't accepting when it comes to any relationship including friendships. However, he does have his friends Leonard Hofstadter, Raj, and Howard Wolowitz. He doesn't call most of them his friends and it is difficult for him to add any new people into his surroundings. Howard appears to be less of a friend to Sheldon because he often downplays his profession and feels his Masters degree in engineering is less meaningful than the others science doctorates. How does Sheldon really feel about Howard Wolowitz?

Question 23

What does Sheldon buy when he and Amy terminate their relationship in season four?

In The Zazzy Substitution, both Sheldon and Amy show just how hardheaded they can be. They fight after Sheldon takes offense to Amy saying that theoretical physics is "cute" compared to her field, neurobiology. Sheldon pushes for her to take the remark back, but to no avail. Amy and Sheldon both come to the joint decision to terminate their relationship, only Sheldon seconds it. Let's just say she dumped him. Sheldon finds himself lonely and fills the void. What does Sheldon buy when he and Amy terminate their relationship?

Question 24

Why does Sheldon Cooper want Leonard to check him for after sitting on Penny's "new chair"?

In The Infestation Hypothesis, Penny acquires a new chair. Sheldon visits Penny because Leonard needed time with Priya. He compliments Penny on how comfortable her "new" chair is. She responds that she got it "off the curb" and "paid a homeless guy to help bring it up". Her answer freaks Sheldon out and he runs home to shower and asks Leonard to check him for something. He later insists that she remove the chair from the building. What does Sheldon ask Leonard to check him for?

Question 25

What is the first clause that Sheldon attempts to invoke on Leonard when Ramona refuses to leave?

In The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem, a girl named Ramona approaches Sheldon about his work, but she is also interested in him. Sheldon is oblivious to this, of course, and gets reeled into a date to discuss his work over dinner. However, Sheldon can't get her to leave, once Ramona gets into the apartment. When she falls asleep, Sheldon wakes Leonard up and begins invoking clauses from The Roommate Agreement to get Leonard to make her leave. What's the first clause that Sheldon attempts to invoke on Leonard?

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