25 Game Of Thrones Characters Every Fan Can Name And 25 Only Diehards Will Get

There's probably no better fantasy drama TV series out there than Game of Thrones. According to Wikipedia, Game of Thrones was created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is based on George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels which all fall under the umbrella title of A Song of Ice and Fire (the first novel in this engaging series is, of course, called Game of Thrones).

Set in the fictitious continents of Westeros and Essos, Game of Thrones has a large ensemble cast and a complicated plot. For example, Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, Jason Momoa, Natalie Dormer, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Gwendoline Christie are just some of the actors that have been cast in this engaging TV show.

All of these actors play different characters that have their own agenda. Some of them are looking to claim the Iron Throne, others are looking merely to survive. Things are further complicated by the arrival of the White Walkers, a supernatural threat to mankind who live north of the wall in Westeros and who want to usher in the Long Night.

Everyone who watches Game of Thrones knows the name of the major characters. But who is loyal enough to name them all?

Question 1

Who is the Mother of Dragons?

The blonde-haired character above is one of the show's main protagonists. We first met her in season one of the series. Back then she was a scared little girl who did everything that her brother asked her to do. She even married a total stranger, the leader or khal of a group of people known as Dothraki, under his command. Her marriage to him was short-lived, however, and surprisingly, she wasn't too happy when he passed away: she had grown to love him. Nonetheless, she has since built up her own base of power (the armies of the Unsullied and the Dothraki are all loyal to her, as are two out of three dragons) and is one of the main contenders for the Iron Throne (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 2

Name this honorable character.

Most of us can't imagine Game of Thrones without this particular character. We were first introduced to him in season one of the show. Back then we all thought him to be the illegitimate son of the Lord of Winterfell. However, as the series progressed we learned that he is actually the son of the Lord of Winterfell's sister and the late Prince of Dragonstone, her husband. His parentage was kept secret to protect him. Why? Because he is apparently the male heir to the Iron Throne (Game of Thrones Wiki). He was taken aback when he learned this. Unlike most characters, the man in the image above does not have a thirst for power.

Question 3

Name this courageous redhead.

The red-haired woman in the image above has undergone significant character growth throughout the course of the series. In Season One of Game of Thrones, most of us found her incredibly annoying. All she cared about was marrying into a good family, preferably that of the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. Her wish never came true. But that's just as well for this character quickly realized that most people in power are pretty awful. Nonetheless, she had to endure another unpleasant marriage before she could return home. In the meantime, her father and pretty much all of her remaining family (except for her half-brother, brother, and younger sister) were eliminated (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 4

Name this atypical girl.

This brave girl has gone through a lot since we first saw her in season one. But she hasn't changed all that much, at least not in terms of her personality. She never had any interest in girly occupations (such as sewing). Rather, she always wanted to learn how to fight like a man. Her dream came true, but at a cost. While she managed to narrowly escape her family's persecution, most of her remaining family members were not so lucky: she lost her father, her mother, and several siblings. She then trained under the mysterious Faceless Man and brought justice to those who wronged her family (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 5

Who knows the name of this selfish character?

Most fans of Game of Thrones despise this character. Back in Season One, she was the wife of the 17th Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. Her marriage was an unhappy one which is perhaps why she had an incestuous relationship with her brother. Indeed, it was with her brother that she ended up having three children. After her children all passed away, she assumed the throne. According to Game of Thrones Wiki, she is the 20th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and perhaps more impressively, the first Queen Regnant in the entire history of Westeros. Curiously enough, she doesn't seem to care that the White Walkers are coming and has refused to send her army to participate in the decisive battle.

Question 6

What is the name of this wise man?

This character has had a rather difficult childhood. As most fans are probably well aware, he is a dwarf. He was despised and bullied by his father due to his physical shortcomings. In an attempt to overcome the prejudice that he faces, this character often uses his wit and intellect to charm those around him. What can we say: he's been very successful thus far. In fact, he is one of our favorite characters. He used to spend most of his time drinking and partying but became much more responsible after he fled to Essos and joined the Mother of Dragons (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 7

Who is the leader of the White Walkers?

This hair-raising character is the reason why the final season of Game of Thrones is like one big reunion. According to Game of Thrones Wiki, he is the first of the White Walkers and has existed ever since the Age of the First Men. Indeed, he was captured by the Children of the Forest who turned him into the creature that he is today. Initially he defended the Children of the Forest but then later turned against them. He is the leader of the White Walkers. Without them, life in the Seven Kingdoms would be much more peaceful and serene (there would probably still be wars, but at least our favorite characters would not have to fight against zombie-like creatures that can't be eliminated all that easily).

Question 8

Who is the former Maester-in-training at The Citadel?

This character is a steward in the Night's Watch. However, he never wanted to join the order. Rather, he was forced to do so by his father who made sure that he would not be mentioned in the family's inheritance. This character is not that brave or skilled. However, he is intelligent and well-educated. Furthermore, he has taken the life of a White Walker. At one point during the show this character trained to become a maester of the Citadel which is where he learned that his best friend is the heir to the Iron Throne (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 9

Who is this villain?

The 18th King of the Seven Kingdoms, this character did not actually deserve to inherit the Iron Throne. He was an illegitimate child born to his mother and her brother. Most of us greatly disliked this character. He was incredibly mean. He was also a pretty bad ruler. His reckless actions led to the War of the Five Kings which ended when he met his end: he was poisoned during his own wedding. No one really mourned him, except for his mother who was just as mean and his wife-to-be who was upset at the thought of missing out on the chance to become Queen Consort (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 10

Name this handsome man.

Also known as Kingslayer, this handsome man had an incestuous relationship with his sister. He ended up fathering as many as three children (most inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms are still not aware of this even though it makes no difference now for all the three kids have passed away a long time ago). This man is known as Kingslayer because he once served in the army of the Mad King but then stabbed him in the back during the Sack of King's Landing. He was dismissed from the sword order after he confronted the Faith of the Seven. Once his sister ascended the Iron Throne, she made him the leader of the family's armies. However, he decided to go to the North instead and fight the White Walkers (Game of Thrones Wiki)

Question 11

Who is this supernaturally gifted young man?

When we first met this character in Season One of Game of Thrones he was a little boy who was just beginning to learn about leadership and combat. However, his childhood days of innocence were quickly cut short. He was pushed out of a tower by the Kingslayer after he came across him and his twin sister (who was at the time still the King's wife) kissing (and doing other things). He survived the fall but was left in a coma. When he woke up, he had no memory of what happened. It was then that he started having mysterious dreams. Nowadays he is the three-eyed raven and can see the future (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 12

Name this loyal woman.

The woman in the image above is unusually muscular and tall. She might have been derided for her physical appearance but that did not stop her from training in martial arts. She grew up to be a strong and skilled warrior. Ever since she was a kid her biggest dream was to become a knight. In the earlier seasons she served as a sworn sword to the original Lady of Winterfell. When she passed away, this character made it her goal in life to protect the Lady's daughter. Recently this character was knighted by Kingslayer, thus becoming the first woman knight in the Seven Kingdoms (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 13

Name this power hungry character.

This character is no longer around yet we're certain that true fans of the series will have no difficulty recalling her name. She had a serious thirst for power. For example, in Season Two of Game of Thrones, she married the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands even though she knew that he was actually in love with her brother. Later she married the 18th Lord of the Seven Kingdoms but as he was poisoned during their wedding she then pursued his brother, the 19th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Her desire to be Queen is what led her to her demise. She perished in the Great Sept of Baelor after the 20th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms set fire to it (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 14

What is the name of this cunning man?

Better known as Littlefinger, this character was the Master of Coin on the Small Council under two Kings of the Seven Kingdoms. He was skilled in manipulating people and he owned numerous brothels in King's Landing which is where he gathered information that he later used to his advantage. Ever since he was a little boy he was in love with Lady of Winterfell (who is no longer around) but unfortunately, she did not return his feelings. So he married her sister instead and became the Lord Protector of the Vale. He was partially responsible for the War of the Five Kings and for that he was executed (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 15

Name this man who comes from the Iron Islands.

It's hard to believe that the man in the image above is the same man whom we initially met in Season One of Game of Thrones. When we first met this character, he was pretty arrogant. However, a number of unfortunate circumstances turned him into a completely different person. He grew up in the North but was apparently always loyal to his family. Indeed, he betrayed the man who was almost like a brother to him and instead sided with his father in invading the North. He was punished severely for that: he was captured by the enemy and turned into a passive pet nicknamed "Reek." He eventually returned to his former self and made the trek back to the North (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 16

Who is this?

We first came across this character in season one of Game of Thrones when he championed for another man in a trial by combat at the Eyrie. He won the combat and became a personal guard and enforcer to the man whose life he saved. In return, he was given knighthood and wealth. This character is constantly drafted into various adventures. For example, he was sent to Dorne to rescue the daughter of the 20th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. There he was almost poisoned, but somehow survived. Then he found himself in the middle of a surprise attack orchestrated by the Mother of Dragons. Lately he has been tasked with the elimination of his close friend by the 20th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 17

What is the name of this character?

Before this character passed away she was the Lady of Winterfell. She was originally supposed to marry her husband's brother but he passed on before they could tie the knot. This character was fierce and devoted and was prepared to do anything to keep her children safe. That being said, she was not a fan of her husband's illegitimate child and was rather cold to him (quite unnecessarily since the child proved to be not the child of the King of the North but rather the child of his sister whom he promised to protect). Unfortunately, her life (as well as the life of her firstborn son) was taken at an event that is now known as the Red Wedding (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 18

Who is this bold fighter?

Game of Thrones has many strong women characters and the woman in the image above is no exception. She is a fierce warrior born at Pyke, one of the seven islands of the Iron Islands. After the assassination of this character's father, she claimed the Salt Throne. However, the ironborn chose her arrogant uncle instead. Consequently, he became their new king and this character had no other choice but to flee with her brother and a small group of loyal followers. They then became allies with Daenerys Targaryen but then this character was captured by her uncle. Luckily for her, her brother saved her and she set sail to the Iron Islands to reclaim the throne that she feels belongs to her (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 19

Name this Master of Whisperers.

Also known as the Spider, this character is a eunuch. Once upon a time (back in the early seasons of the show) he was the Master of Whisperers and sat on the King's Small Council. Initially it seemed like he was against the Mother of Dragons. However, after he fled King's Landing it became apparent that he was actually one of her loyal supporters. He believes that she is their best bet to preserve peace in the Seven Kingdoms. As most fans are probably well aware, this character is an excellent manipulator and has an extensive network of spies in two continents (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 20

Name this moral man.

This character is no longer around. He passed away in the early seasons of the show. However, back when he was alive he was the Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North, Lord Paramount, and later Hand of the King to his friend (and the 17th Lord of the Seven Kingdoms). He was happily married to a fierce redhead and had five children. It was also believed that he fathered an illegitimate child but with time it was revealed that he was actually the child's uncle. It was this character's execution that contributed to the sparking of the War of the Five Kings (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 21

Who knows the name of this former smuggler?

Also known as the Onion Knight, this wise, old man is a former smuggler who once served as Hand of the King to the Lord of Dragonstone. He was always very suspicious of The Red Woman (or the Red Priestess as she is sometimes referred to), and for good reason (remember when she burned people at the stake as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light?) Nonetheless, he did find her useful when he asked her to resurrect one of our favorite characters. He then proclaimed the resurrected character the King in the North. To this day he serves as his right-hand man and his main adviser (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 22

Who knows the name of this fiercely loyal man?

The loyal man in the image above was the first person to help the Mother of Dragons to adapt to her new life as a Khaleesi of the Dothraki people. He was once a Northern lord but was exiled from Westeros and spent a good portion of his life living in Essos. At one point during the show it came to light that he was working as a spy for a spymaster in King's Landing, sending him valuable information about the Mother of Dragons. However, once he developed romantic feelings for his Khaleesi, there was no turning back: he stopped sending reports, saved her from an assassination attempt and ignored an official pardon that made it possible for him to return to Westeros (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 23

Who is the Handmaiden to the Mother of Dragons?

This character once served as an interpreter to Kraznys mo Nakloz of Astapor (a slave trader and one of the Good Masters). She was then rescued by the Mother of Dragons and chose to serve her as her handmaiden and her adviser. At one point during the show she developed romantic feelings towards the commander of the Unsullied. The two have a very strong bond. In season eight of the show this character accompanied the Khaleesi to the North. However, she hopes that once the Mother of Dragons successfully claims the Iron Throne, she and her lover can retreat somewhere warm (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 24

Who is the commander of the Unsullied?

The man in the image above is the commander of the Unsullied and a eunuch. The Good Masters of Astapor took him from his home when he was a mere baby and trained him in combat. Indeed, he is one of the best fighters in the Seven Kingdoms. He has absolutely no memory of life before he became an Unsullied. After the Mother of Dragons freed the Unsullied Army from The Good Masters, he served as an important figure in numerous battles, including the liberation of Slaver's Bay. Even though he has spent all his life in obedience, he obviously has not lost his capacity to love. Indeed, at one point during the series he fell in love with Khaleesi's handmaiden (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 25

Name this character.

We first met this character in season one of Game of Thrones. He led a pretty happy life in Winterfell where he resided with his family. Later in the series he was declared the King of the North. However, his reign did not last long. His life, as well as the life of his pregnant wife (a battlefield healer with whom he fell in love at the start of season two) and the life of his mother (the Lady of Winterfell), were taken at an event that is today known as the infamous Red Wedding (Game of Thrones Wiki). Most fans were grief-stricken when this handsome man passed away for he was one of our favorite characters.

Question 26

Name this handsome man.

We were first introduced to this character in Season Three of Game of Thrones. Initially he was a lieutenant in the Second Sons, a sellsword company (i.e., a private army who fights for the highest bidder) in Essos. However, he eventually eliminated his superiors and took over the entire company. He then aligned himself with the Mother of Dragons, becoming her adviser and her enforcer. As the series progressed he also became her lover. However, he was not allowed to follow her when she set sail for Westeros. Rather, she asked him to stay in the Bay of Dragons to ensure peace in her absence (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 27

Who is this?

The illegitimate son of Lord of the Dreadfort, this character was initially loyal to the King in the North. He retook Winterfell from the son of Lord Reaper of Pyke, holding him captive and renaming him "Reek." Following the infamous Red Wedding, he pledged his allegiance to another house and was legitimized by his father. He then married our favorite redhead and the current Lady of Winterfell. However, after her escape he felt like he had no other choice but to eliminate his entire family on threat that he'd be disinherited. His rule over the North came to an end however after he was executed for his crimes by his wife's half-brother (and the current heir to the Iron Throne according to Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 28

Name this arrogant man.

Before this character became the King of the Iron Islands he was the Lord Reaper of Pyke. He is a ruthless and ambitious man. Indeed, he took the life of his own brother so as to take control of the Salt Throne. According to Game of Thrones Wiki, this character is the captain of a longship named Silence, which is the flagship of the Iron Fleet. He uses a two-handed battle axe when in combat. This character is currently obsessed with the 20th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. He is determined to become King but before his wish is granted he has to defeat the Mother of Dragons.

Question 29

Who is this paramour?

This character was from Dorne, a large peninsula in the southernmost part of Westeros. She was the paramour (an unmarried lover of a noble) of the Red Viper of Dorne. After her lover passed away defending another man in combat, this character became preoccupied with the thought of revenge. Unable to persuade her lover's older brother to go to war, she took the life of his ward (and the daughter of the woman who caused her lover's demise). She then usurped power in Dorne and pledged her allegiance to the Mother of Dragons. However, as she sailed to meet her she was captured and delivered to King's Landing where she was jailed in the Black Cells (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 30

Who is this?

When this character's brother was poisoned at his own wedding he became the 19th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Unlike his mean-spirited brother, this character was gentle and kind. As such, it comes as no surprise that many people thought that his reign would be a peaceful one. However, he was not really suited for the role of king. He could not handle the rivalry between his mother and his wife and he evidently found purpose in the religious Sparrows movement. With the help of the religious order's leader he tried to unite the Crown and the Faith. He took his own life after the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, which led to the demise of both his wife and his faith (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 31

Who is the leader of the Free Folk?

This character is a renowned warrior and raider of the Free Folk. He was incredibly loyal to the leader of the wildlings and was brimming with rage when he was executed. Initially he disliked the current male heir to the Iron Throne but over time became great friends with him. Apart from his ferocity and strength, this character is also known for his wit. He might seem fierce but that doesn't mean that he is incapable of falling in love. Indeed, as soon as he saw our favorite female knight (whom he calls "the big woman"), we knew that he would be obsessed with her for life (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 32

Name this redhead.

Unfortunately, this character is no longer around. However, those who consider themselves to be true and loyal fans of the series should have no trouble recalling her name. The fierce redhead in the image above was a woman of the Free Folk. She lived north of the Wall and was proud of it. Indeed, she called anyone who lived south of the Wall "kneelers." She was skilled in survival and was a great archer. She believed that there was no need for war between wildlings and Northerners seeing how both groups were descendants of the First Men. She was the lover of the current heir to the Iron Throne. It was her strong feelings for him that led to her demise (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 33

Who is this maker of swords?

This character is a skilled blacksmith as well as the illegitimate son of the 17th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. He hasn't had an easy life. After he escaped a planned elimination of all his father's illegitimate sons at King's Landing, he ended up being traded several times, once to the Brotherhood Without Banners. He eventually returned to King's Landing before setting off once more: this time to capture a wight that could be used for bargaining purposes at the Dragonpit Summit. Later he joined the ranks of the Mother of Dragon's army. He evidently has a soft spot for the youngest daughter of the original Lord of Winterfell (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 34

Who is the 17th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms?

If you've been watching Game of Thrones from the very beginning (i.e., from season one) then you doubtlessly know that the man in the image above was the 17th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. According to Game of Thrones Wiki, he was a charismatic warrior in his youth. He took the Iron Throne through conquest in a war that was started when the Prince of Dragonstone supposedly captured his betrothed. After the latter passed away, he cemented his rule by marrying the (currently) 20th Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Their marriage was a loveless one however. This character passed away as a result of a wound he incurred while hunting.

Question 35

What is the name of this strange-looking character?

The man in the image above is the Lord of Blackhaven. According to Game of Thrones Wiki, he was initially sent by the original Lord of Winterfell to lead a group of men to apprehend a much-feared warrior known as "The Mountain". Why? Because the latter had done some bad things to the inhabitants of the Riverlands. This character and his men rallied deserters from different armies as well as commoners and formed a resistance group known as the Brotherhood Without Banners. Interestingly enough, this character passed away not once but several times. He was brought back to life by the Red Priest Thoros of Myr.

Question 36

Name this young mother.

The character that can be seen in the image above is a woman of the Free Folk. She is the daughter of a wildling who lived beyond the Wall and who forced his daughters to marry him and bear his children. She is close to one of our favorite characters, a member of the Night's Watch and a former Maester-in-training at Citadel. When the member of the Night's Watch whom she grew fond of had to return to Castle Black, she and her baby went back with him. Currently, this character is at Winterfell (her lover could not abandon his friend in time of need, according to Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 37

What is the name of the Faceless Man in season one?

Season one was the season when we were first introduced to the man that can be seen in the image above. According to Game of Thrones Wiki, back then he was a criminal from the Free Cities who was arrested by the City Watch and confined to the dungeons of the Red Keep in King's Landing. He was chosen as a fresh recruit for the Night's Watch and quickly befriended the youngest daughter of the original Lord of Winterfell. However, once his criminal persona was of no more use to him, he ditched it and shapeshifted into a new person. As most fans are probably well aware, he taught one of our favorite characters how to be "no one."

Question 38

Who is this?

The 997th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, this man is no longer around. His life was taken during the Mutiny at Craster's Keep when his own men revolted against him for not standing up to another man. Before this character joined the Night's Watch, he was the Lord of Bear Island. After his son disappointed him by selling slaves and fleeing to the Free Cities, he took another member of the Night's Watch (and the current heir to the Iron Throne) as his personal steward, with the intention of grooming him for command. Indeed, oftentimes he treated this member of the Night's Watch as his own son (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 39

The name of this character is...?

This character was a squire to the 17th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Soon after the latter passed away he was elevated to knighthood. However, he was wounded during the Battle of the Blackwater. While he was recovering he embraced religion and became a member of a strange religious movement known as the Sparrows. He abandoned his family name and spent his days fulfilling the wishes of the movement's leader. Curiously enough, even after he dedicated himself to the religious order he was still as arrogant and self-righteous as before. He was one of the casualties of the fire that took place at Baelor's Great Sept (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 40

Who is the Red Priestess?

Also known as the Red Woman or the Red Priestess, this character belongs to the religion of R'hllor, the Lord of Light. She was once a counselor to the Lord of Dragonstone and was prepared to do anything to help him win the Iron Throne. After he passed away she revived one of the most selfless characters (and the heir to the Iron Throne) on the show for she believed that he is The Prince That Was Promised. She then served this man until he banished her from the North for sacrificing innocent people to the Lord of Light (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 41

Who is this woman of the Free Folk?

Can't remember this character? We don't blame you. She hasn't been around for quite some time now. That being said, if you're a true fan of the series, there's no reason why you shouldn't pass this question with flying colors! This character was a wildling. Just like the rest of the Free Folk, she also worshipped the Old Gods of the Forest. She lived north of the Wall but due to the threat from White Walkers crossed the wall to the south with a group of other Free Folk. She was captured by the inhabitants of Winterfell and was later betrayed by the Lord of Last Hearth, Smalljon Umber (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 42

Name the Hand of the Queen.

According to Game of Thrones Wiki, this character currently serves as the Hand of the Queen to the 20th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. He is a former Maester. He was thrown out of the order due to his unethical behavior: he used to illegally experiment on people. Before he became Hand of the Queen he contented himself with replacing another character in his position as the Master of Whisperers on the small council. Externally, this character appears to be calm, polite, and pretty much harmless. However, he is very intelligent and secretly ruthless (if his personality was any different, how could he have conducted illegal experimentation on humans?)

Question 43

Name the Lord of the Dreadfort.

Remember this guy? He was the Lord of the Dreadfort. During the War of the Five Kings he served the King of the North. However, they constantly disagreed as a result of various tactical differences. As such, he decided to betray his king at the Red Wedding, allying himself with a different Northern house instead. His house then became the ruling house of the North. He even legitimized his illegitimate son and wed him to the former king's sister. Unfortunately, this proved to be a mistake. After his son's wife ran away and his son suggested attacking the Night's Watch, this character threatened to disown him again. Consequently, his son took his life (as well as that of his wife and his unborn half-brother according to Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 44

Who can name this character?

Back in the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones this character was in an exclusive relationship with one of our favorite characters (the current Hand of the Queen to the Mother of Dragons). Their relationship was pretty secret since the man's father did not approve of it. After her lover was let go from his position as Hand of the King, this character asked him to flee with her to Pentos. Much to her dismay he answered that he couldn't, because his peace is here. So she agreed to stay with him. However, their relationship deteriorated when the man was forced to marry another woman. She attempted to take his life which led to him taking hers in the process (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 45

Name the Lord of Dragonstone.

This character was the Lord of Dragonstone who for a long time was preoccupied with the idea of taking the Iron Throne. He was the brother of the 17th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. When it came to light that all of the deceased ruler's sons were illegitimate, this character declared himself the rightful King. In one of the episodes he attacked King's Landing and breached the city's gate, but was ultimately defeated. He then traveled to the Wall to ask for another character's help but ended up marching on Winterfell alone and was defeated by the enemy (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 46

Who is this healer?

A healer, this character was the wife of the King of the North. They met on the battlefields and could not help falling in love with one another. However, they got married in secret because the mother of the King of the North was against their union: she wanted her son to marry someone who would help their family bring stability to the north. However, the King of the North did not want to consent to an arranged marriage. He wanted love, not the possibility of love. Unfortunately, the happiness of this character and her husband was short-lived: they were betrayed and their lives were taken at the Red Wedding (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 47

Who is this leader of a religious sect?

A leader of a religious sect, this character was the newly appointed High Septon. It was thanks to him that the Faith Militant (the military order of the Faith of the Seven) was reestablished. He exerted considerable influence over the Iron Throne during the reign of the 19th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. This character was very serious and threatening and his methods in attaining followers unconventional. Like many other characters on this quiz, the man in the image above is no longer around. He passed away in the Great Sept, during a fire that was initiated by the 20th (and current) ruler of the Seven Kingdoms (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 48

Who is this man that travels with the Brotherhood Without Banners?

You might not recognize this character at all. Or you might recognize him as the Hound. But to pass this question with flying colors, you need to try and recall his actual name. This man was the personal bodyguard of the 18th ruler of the Seven Kingdoms (who was, quite possibly, our least favorite character in the entire series). He was named into Kingsguard even though he wasn't a knight. That wasn't a wise move though for this character deserted his post at the Battle of the Blackwater. He briefly traveled with another Northerner and then joined the Brotherhood Without Banners (Game of Thrones Wiki).

Question 49

Who is this man that served as the Hand of the King to three Kings?

This character was very impressive, if only because he had many titles. For example, according to Game of Thrones Wiki, he was Lord of Casterly Rock and the Warden of the West. Furthermore, he was also Lord Paramount of the Westerlands and Hand of the King to three different kings. Finally, as if all of the above was not quite enough, he was also the Protector of the Realm. He wasn't a nice man though. For example, he was very mean to one of his sons, all because he was a dwarf. It comes as no surprise that the said dwarf ended up taking this character's life.

Question 50

Who can name this heartless man?

This particular character did not get that much screen time. And he is no longer around. Nonetheless, he was a pretty important character. He was the younger brother of the last prince of Dragonstone and the older brother of the Mother of Dragons. He claimed the Iron Throne but never sat on it. As most fans can probably recall, he gave away his sister to a stranger, a khal and the leader of a group of people known as the Dothraki. This character's sister was petrified at first but eventually came to love the khal and made for an amazing Khaleesi. This character's life was taken by the khal, with Khaleesi's (his sister's) approval (Game of Thrones Wiki).

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